Throwback Thursday: Bottom of the 9th with 2 Outs (2007)

I’ve first watched Su Ae and Lee Jung Jin in a drama entitled April Kiss and was completely enamored by their chemistry though they weren’t the end game. All is bright in dramaland because they were paired again in the 2007 series Bottom of the 9th with 2 Outs (aka 9 Ends 2 Outs).

Happiness! Let’s savour their tandem and fall in love with their character once again.

Note: TBT is meant to bring back past drama favourites or an opportunity to watch dramas that went under my radar. Please be advised that spoilers are part of the content. Happy reading!

Series Review:


Hyung Tae and Nan Hee know each other like the back of their hands and grew up as the best of friends. Both are living life differently – one is in advertising and the other a frustrated writer. The world surely knows how to make things possible in love. One of the best K-drama set up is having two people who managed to face the ups and downs of life then decided to step aside love until they are old enough to notice it has always been present.

Before we go deeper with that, let’s deal with the story’s side dish. Jung Joo (Lee Tae Sung) is a 22 year old baseball player who became Nan Hee’s boyfriend. I literally laughed at how childish he is, and very much your typical boy toy. He is young with raging hormones. Not to mention, he has a jealous streak that drives Hyung Tae into nuts. Clearly he has yet to discover reality and since first love in this series is also a highlight, he’d have to experience one heartbreaking era of his life to become a man. I enjoyed Jung Joo but happily moved on when the story finally focused on Hyung Tae and Nan Hee.


Going back to the main dish, even if Hyung Tae and Nan Hee grew up together, they realised that there’s still so much to learn when they ended up living under one roof. Hyung Tae discovered more about a woman’s psyche. All the mood swings made him wonder, since guys are less complicated beings. Just to lessen the arguments with his bestie, he started to write the things he doesn’t know about her and adjusts to it. Slowly, he saw Nan Nee in a very different light, most of the time a darker shade at that! Hilarious. Poor Hyung Tae. But he managed to be the sweetest thing to have in Nan Hee’s bitter life.


When two people live together we get a lot of hijinks and endless quarrel. For them, accepting each others habits and manners was hard, especially when you are with the exact opposite of yourself. Acceptance is key, once they learned this they begun to enjoy living together harmoniously. I fell more in love with Hyung Tae as each episode pass. Imagine living with a woman everyday listening to her rants and endless stories! He was so patient and understanding, giving Nan Hee comfort, ready to be with her with open arms, ears and heart. I would love to come home early everyday to be with him as well.

The turning point of their relationship was when Hyung Tae became Nan Hee’s speed dial number ONE. EEEEeeeee. But the HS flashback gave more meaning to their blossoming relationship. Right from the start it has been Hyung Tae that Nan Hee sees and he was her legit first love! Awww. I love the mirror scene, in her reflection she sees only him. Its great to discover love that was kept hidden for a long time. Bonus! They feel the same for each other. However, timing got in the way.


It takes two mature people to deal with the kind of relationship they have. Crossing the line betweeen friendship and love is more than taking a risk. For them it is life threatening because they treasure each other like their own, without one their world is lifeless. Their relationship has the kind of depth I admire. They can talk about everything without filter. It is so honest, its refreshing to see a dynamic like them. I love most of their conversations.

Watching Hyung Tae and Nan Hee together felt like watching a newly wed couple show. Maybe this is why marriage is designed for two people to live together. Both made me realize a lot of things. The feeling of coming home after a tiring day at work, a meal prepared for you or simply the fact that someone is waiting, what a great feeling that is!


They both have seen each other at their worse state. Inspite of all the trials, their love for each other has grown into the kind that will last for a lifetime. I have read that “Friendship that have stood not only the test of time, but the test of change are surely best.” This drama proved that.

Favourite scenes:


  1. Lamp – Hyung Tae bought it to aid Nan Hee whenever she is writing. So sweet!! Love has a way of making you think less of yourself. Hyun Tae even provided a neatly little space for Nan Hee to do her writing, uninterrupted most of the time. No wonder Nan Hee had a great time writing in Hyung Tae’s home. She felt the freedom to take her time and do what she loves without fear. It felt so relaxing to have a space like that.


  1. Mother-daughter-hug – I’m a goner for this kind of warmth and love. I admire Nan Hee’s mother so much. Mother knows best. Sometimes we overlook what our parent has to say because they don’t want the same things we do, or say what we expect them to. But as I hear Nan Hee’s mother more as she disapprove her relationship with Jung Joo, the more that I appreciate her advice. There’s more to life than just love. More importantly, having a mother who will be there is truly a blessing in life.


  1. The vacation – an ode to “A midsummer night’s dream”. Hyung Tae made his confession here. What a brave man he truly is! What I really enjoyed about this scene is the hand holding. I felt the electric jolt upon seeing their fingers touch and intertwine. They have waited for a long time and it finally happened. It’s a thrilling few seconds that is worth repeating to the nth time.


  1. back hug – how sweet it is to be hugged by you?? I felt like singing that! haha. Anyhow, Nan Hee is preparing to leave any moment but Hyung Tae is nowhere near ready for it. Nan Hee’s questions for Hyung Tae are piercing. She always leave Hyung Tae to answer all of it for her. The hand holding plus the back hug encapsulated the love that is so eager to be expressed yet fear is a stumbling block. And timing. Timing, why are you sometimes cruel??

Favourite Line:


I don’t think I ever had the courage to do anything like that before. I knew I’d lose so much if I were to tell you I liked you. But I liked being with you. I thought we’d be able to take things slow and have a deeper relationship. It felt different to hold your hand. The jokes I’d say had meaning. It was so cool that could happen. I liked that a lot. I couldn’t do that with anyone else but you.

Awww. Sweet. I really love all the conversation they had. It is just so honest. Raw. True. It feels good to hear it being said from a guy with so much boldness, assurance and happiness.

It takes a different amount of courage to do this and a different level of friendship to understand. I’m glad to watch Nan Hee and Hyung Tae depict a kind of relationship that is worth having in a lifetime.


Nowadays, It’s hard to find a drama that will truly stick to you and can make you feel great having spend time watching it. Getting to know the characters and falling in love with them is one of the best things about watching a K-drama.

Until the next TBT!!


  • houstontwin says:

    I also loved Bottom of the 9th! I saw it a few years ago and was struck by the emotional honesty of the writing Of course, the actors were awesome too.

  • Rachel says:

    One of my favorites. It felt very fresh and realistic, and they had amazing chemistry. I’m enjoying these reviews of older dramas. Thank you.

  • trotwood says:

    I cannot tell you how much I love this show. It is the go to show for me when I need a pick me up. I actually showed someone her apartment when I said I was willing to get even a tiny apartment in Seoul for my sabbatical. I even have a favorite episode bookmarked (episode 16) to be able to watch (the opening esp) for when I get out of a meeting where I want to kill people. Five minutes of them is all I need.

  • hipployta says:

    One of my favorite dramas. I actually rewatched it last year, on a whim because I saw it on Dramafever, and still enjoyed it again after all these years

  • Anvesha says:

    Sweet drama. I still remember that one line where he says something like I fell in love with the you that was slowly falling in love with him.. I think it’s this drama lol

    Anyways, it was very realistic for the relationship and how it progressed. I watched some other best friends/ lovers drama after this but this is one of better ones.

    • leila108 says:

      Hi Anvesha!! If you like BFF turned lovers story, try watching “In Time With You” (Taiwanese drama). It’s one of the best in this category too 🙂

  • Mrs. Handtowel says:

    I squealed when I saw this post! Luff, luff, luff this drama to pieces! Off to marathon this for the 4th/5th time…

  • oozzeee says:

    Hyun tae-ahh!!!!

    Bestfriends turned lovers is my top catnip and this show encapsulated everything..

    And their conversations are my favorite parts of the show.

    • leila108 says:

      Ditto, even the piercing conversations is love 🙂

      It’s refreshing to hear two people being honest about how they feel without holding back anything. The consequences of falling for your best friend was presented and executed well by the OTP. The awkward stage was there but love and respect overpowered the fear of failure usually attached in this risky relationship.

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