“Heard It Through The Grapevine” Week 10 – Catching Up

We finally have some movement in this drama, the last few weeks had me disappointed, the episodes were kinda meh and nothing fired me up to write about it. I felt like Bom and In-Sang had been shoved to the background, the story was suddenly about Bom’s sister, Noo-Ri along with Young-Ra. It eventually worked its way back to the Han family but my interest suffered. Now it’s back! *cheers*

In her snit over the valedictorian, Jee-Hoon, not dating her daughter, Young-Ra learns he’s dating Bom’s sister. She’s so angry that Hyeon-Soo is possibly being treated the way she herself was treated by the Han family that she decides to exact revenge – in the form of flirting with Attorney Han and making Mama Han believe they’re having an affair. Her brain works very simply, she’s not a smart lady and it doesn’t appear to cross her mind at all that her own daughter will be hurt by this or that her current husband will use this to divorce her (although it doesn’t appear that bothers her at all).

It works. One phone call to Attorney Han, asking to meet and insinuating she wants to do things with him they didn’t do in the past is all it takes to get him excited. He too, rushes forward, without any thought of his wife or family. Their first meeting is a joke: Attorney Han is lost in the past, closing his eyes to listen to music while Young-Ra rolls her eyes at his arrogance. The second meeting in a park is hilarious, he offers to give her a piggy-back ride because he thinks her feet might hurt.

It was obvious Young-Ra was only doing this to make a fool of him and to incite Mama Han but it did leave unanswered questions in my head. We know how Attorney Han feels, Young-Ra was his first love and in K-dramas, that’s a huge deal. A man’s first love is someone he never gets over and spends the rest of his life thinking about. But what about Young-Ra? Was she really in love with Attorney Han back then or was it all about marrying into a rich family? No clues are given, we’re left to guess. It’s easy to see she considers him a pompous, arrogant ass NOW but did she have any true feelings when they were younger?

It didn’t take long for Secretary Yang, Secretary Min and Secretary Kim to figure out what’s up. Attorney Han driving himself somewhere or not allowing Secretary Kim to escort him inside meeting places was enough for them to figure out he’s cheating. The hilarious, over-the-top scene of him trying to disguise himself in a public bathroom made me realize he really is an idiot. Does he not know the slightest changes in his daily routine will be enough to cause suspicion?

He throws caution to the wind even more when he shows up at one of the little get togethers with his wife’s circle of friends. The reason is because Young-Ra has stopped answering his phone calls and texts, which to anyone else would be a signal that she’s just not that into you. (LOL) That’s not an idea that would ever enter his brain so he crashes the weekly meeting in search of her but she didn’t attend. It’s fairly obvious to Mama Han and her friends exactly what he’s up to and why he’s there.

While all of this is happening, In-Sang is approached by Secretary Min. A bit of background on this: Secretary Min’s brother was framed by HanSong as the “money guy” during the battle between DaeSang workers and management. HanSong worked n the background to deposit money into her brother’s account and frame him (like he was trying to hide the money). This worked in DaeSang’s favor, her brother was the culprit and the case closed, without the workers being paid what they were due. All orchestrated by HanSong.

I’m still on the fence about this. On one hand, I understand her wanting to clear her brother’s name and bring justice to her family. She’s fighting a huge battle against this network of lawyers, prosecutors and judges who will do anything to protect themselves and their money. On the other hand, involving Bom and In-Sang in this isn’t really going to help since neither of them have any power. She did say it was enough for her if they brought it up to Attorney Han and embarrassed him. The idea that his kids know what he did was enough for her but I think she was also counting on In-Sang’s fierce sense of justice to right this wrong his father did.

Attorney Han comes home, all happy from seeing Young-Ra and even bursts into song while in the shower. *facepalm* He tries to hurry Mama Han to bed, he’s in the mood but she’s not having it. Can’t say I blame her, he’s excited because he spent the afternoon with another woman but wants to use his wife to release that excitement? No way, buddy.

He’s shocked when she turns her back to him, he can’t fathom that she’s refusing him. They get into a fight in bed, he grabs her hands so she head butts him. ROFL! They both end up with an icepack on their face. The next morning, Mama Han acts like nothing is going on, she’s in a great mood while Attorney Han fumes. At work, Secretary Yang makes it clear she knows what he’s doing but is very disappointed to learn the woman he’s seeing is Young-Ra.

Attorney Han sends jewelry to both his wife and Young-Ra – the same item from the same store. Whoa, total rookie mistake, he’s never cheated before! In-Sang learns what his father is up to from Min-Jae and Hyeon-Soo learns what her mother is up to when she sees messages from Attorney Han to her Mom on Young-Ra’s phone. Hyeon-Soo phones Attorney Han to snap at him but what’s so odd is the guy shows no shame at all. NONE. He’s just angry that all these “kids” seem to think they have any right to interfere in the adults lives.

Mama Han sends the entire house out, Bom and In-Sang get a free evening with her family while the servants all get the evening off. Her idea is to ignore Attorney Han and show him how empty his life will be if he doesn’t behave himself. They have another huge fight that results in Mama Han almost yanking out all of his hair but the servants suddenly rush in to stop it. Mama Han scolds them for interfering in private matters and I agree with her here. They had no right to stick their noses in this but I realize they’re trying to protect the family along with their jobs.

Mama Han brags to Bom that she won the battle. Ummm…why does she think that? Does she truly believe ignoring him, fighting with him or scolding him is going to make Attorney Han suddenly stop seeing Young-Ra? This guy believes the entire world revolves around him, he can say and do anything he wishes and no one – most certainly not his family – has the right to question him. Mama Han is wrong, he’s not going to stop just because of a few harsh words from her or anyone else.

Hyeon-Soo confronts In-Sang, showing him the text message Attorney Han sent to her mom. In-Sang seems to think the adults will handle this but Hyeon-Soo basically threatens him. She tried getting Attorney Han to back off but he’s not and her dad has just been waiting for a reason to divorce her mom. If he doesn’t stop, Hyeon-Soo threatens to make it public. I don’t think that’s In-Sang’s fault – you need to be yelling at your mom, she’s the one who started all of this. Young-Ra doesn’t care one hoot if her hubby divorces her.

This is where things got very odd to me. Instead of trying to talk to his father privately about Young-Ra, In-Sang barrels full speed ahead to prove HanSong did some illegal maneuvering behind the scenes in order to allow DaeSang to avoid paying the workers. These two things have nothing to do with each other but maybe in In-Sang’s mind, if he’s able to embarrass his father with the truth of HanSong’s actions, he thinks that would stop him from continuing to see Young-Ra? I dunno, I didn’t get it.

This just angers Attorney Han to the point of trying to beat the hell out of his son again and almost firing Tutor Park. It also has the opposite effect on Mama Han, which I understood. I get it, she’s trying to protect the kids from losing all respect for their father. She doesn’t realize they already have until she overhears Bom and In-Sang talking and hears her son asking why she’s staying with his father. He blames her for this, she’s the reason his father doesn’t know his place, she lets him get away with everything. He has a point but it’s certainly not something any mother would wish to hear.

This week began with Attorney Han being even more arrogant, telling Secretary Yang she has no business lecturing and demanding she handle things. In other words, he wants her to stop In-Sang and Bom from further investigating the DaeSang/HanSong matter and find out who is behind it. Mama Han buries her head in the sand and takes his side. Attorney Han yells at In-Sang, calling him a coward who should know his mother won’t forgive him. WUT? I can’t with this guy, he’s SO arrogant.

At HanSong, Secretary Min talks to Attorney Yoo, Attorney Yoo knows Jee-Hoon has been pulled into this matter and agrees to allow him to review the case. She will back him up secretly. The thing is, if there were nothing to this case (in other words, HanSong truly did nothing illegal) why would all of these people be interested and involved? Do ALL of them hold some type of grudge against HanSong, Attorney Han or DaeSong? I’m confused why they’re all so eager to jump into this mess.

At home, Mama Han is back to being cold to Bom and refuses to see her grandson. That’s too much for me, she’s being a major beotch by taking out her anger on a baby. Hyeon-Soo confronts In-Sang again, she’s angry he’s trying to be some kind of hero and protect his family. He’s angry she told his sister, Yi-Ji their father was cheating. Hyeon-Soo seems to want more from him but he snaps at her to mind her own business and not contact his sister anymore. *heh*

The Seo’s discuss Chul-Sik’s case and figure out who Secretary Min’s brother is. They wonder if Chul-Sik has been meeting her regarding that case. It’s very odd to me that they’re talking about this now, wouldn’t this issue have come up when they learned who Bom was marrying? Or maybe it’s because they were unaware that HanSong was secretly involved in Chul-Sik’s case. Secretary Jang pays a visit to the Seo’s on the pretext of gifting them with expensive alcohol but it’s really just to probe into how much they know. Ugh, I can’t stand this woman or her sister, Secretary Lee.

Jee-Hoon tells Noo-Ri what In-Sang has done by bringing this case up, swords will be pointed at Bom and her family. I think it was his way of warning her, her uncle and her parents but it ends up making Noo-Ri angry that she might lose her connection to high-society. Ugh, I’m not liking her right now. Noo-Ri confronts her Uncle, did he really do that to In-Sang and Bom? The Seo’s are frantic with worry about what will happen to Bom if she’s blamed while Chul-Sik cries that the workers have suffered and done everything they could think of to fight for their rights up until now. Just one word from In-Sang and suddenly HanSong is scrambling.

Attorney Han calls the kids to his study and orders them to beg for his forgiveness or he’s throwing them out of the house. Mama Han steps in, refusing to even let them apologize and orders them out no matter what. In-Sang tells them both they can’t do that since the house is owned by a corporation in which he has shares. LMAO! I’m dying! Attorney Han must have transferred shares to both of his kids names in order to avoid having to pay huge taxes.

Hyeon-Soo sees a divorce petition from her father to her mother which infuriates her, she and her mom have another fight. Young-Ra tries to recover some cash from her investments with Jae-Won but he’s reluctant to let her, saying he can’t give her that much cash that fast. Whoa, has this guy been possibly scamming these women with fraudulent investments? *blinks* Young-Ra plans to hire Attorney Han to fight for her rights in the divorce. Ummm, he’s an idiot if he takes her case.

He’s an idiot, he agrees to take the case and sets up a meeting with Young-Ra at the HanSong super secret, special club. (LOL) All hell breaks loose when Mama Han is also set to meet with him at this club and the times get mixed up. Young-Ra arrives at the club first and unable to stop it or delay it, Secretary Kim and Secretary Lee watch helpless while the two women confront each other. Secretary Yang informs Attorney Han the two women have come face-to-face and suggests he go up to meet them. He refuses. So…who’s the coward?

While he cowers in his office, sure that his life is over, Mama Han and Young-Ra try to have a calm conversation but neither woman is sincere. Young-Ra tries to imply she only contacted Attorney Han because of her impending divorce, she’s a failure. Mama Han finally resorts to throwing ice-cubes at Young-Ra and tells her to look for someone else to handle her divorce. Young-Ra wonders where Mama Han is finding this sudden strength which tells me she must have been a wimp before now.

While Attorney Han is preoccupied with this meeting between his women, Secretary Min and Jee-Hoon sneak into Attorney Yoo’s office to update her on the case. Jee-Hoon brings forth the information that Chul-Sik tried informing the company about the accident risks but the company didn’t act on his warnings. Attorney Yoo thinks they’ve hit the jackpot with this point. On her way out, Young-Ra learns In-Sang betrayed Mama Han but she doesn’t know exactly what happened. Attorney Han finally goes to meet his wife, they discuss “correcting” the kids properly.

Secretary Lee rushes home to warn Bom she better not disobey Mama Han for a while, the case her uncle stirred up has the Han parents livid. Bom informs her it’s out of their hands now. Mama Han’s circle-of-friends discuss how horrible it is to have your own children turn on you. Mama Han lays down the law, which takes the entire house back to the days when her MIL was in charge. The kids have to give morning greetings at 7am, the servants must wear the proper uniforms. Bom and In-Sang will also have a book reading with Attorney Han each morning and Yi-Ji is ordered to lose 10 pounds.

Yi-Ji puts up a fight almost immediately, yelling at her dad when he gets home that evening. She wants to go study abroad, In-Sang and Bom want to go with her. *heehee* The ridiculous ritual begins the next morning, with Mama Han ordering Yi-Ji to smile. (LMAO!) Yi-Ji again snaps, calling her parents hilarious and ridiculous. Bom and In-Sang walk her out, patting her back and telling her she did a good job.

Secretary Yang meets Tutor Park, trying to talk him into following Attorney Han’s orders and coming back to work. In reality, she wants him to be someone she can rely on behind the scenes. Why is it when she smiles, I get creeped out? Secretary Min and Jee-Hoon decide to meet with Chul-Sik at the Seo family store. Secretary Min tells Secretary Jang that she’s decided to date Chul-Sik which shocks Secretary Jang, although she doesn’t let it show on her face. She immediately rushes to tell Attorney Han about her meeting with Tutor Park and that Secretary Min is dating Chul-Sik.

Jee-Hoon walks Noo-Ri home and finally meets Chul-Sik himself. He discusses the case, telling Chul-Sik if he files an individual case, they can bring up the issue of him informing the company about the safety issues and risks. Noo-Ri expresses her concern for her uncle but is told everything will be all right. She tells her parents about the lawsuit, begging her father to stop it. Mr. Seo is devastated, for Bom’s sake, he should stop his brother but for his brother’s sake, he should support him.

The Han servants discuss their own employment contracts. Butler Park’s wife just signed it when Secretary Jang started going on about health insurance and benefits, they suddenly want to see a copy of the contract. LMAO! Suddenly everyone is wondering if their contracts with the Han family are legal. The kids do their morning reading with Attorney Han but he’s not satisfied that they’ve learned anything and tells In-Sang to meet him at HanSong after his classes.

Mr. Seo begs his brother, Chul-Sik to stop this lawsuit but it’s already been submitted to the courts. Mrs. Seo suddenly gets interested and excited when she learns Chul-Sik’s lawyer is Jee-Hoon. Attorney Han learns about the lawsuit and snaps at Secretary Yang for not stopping it, wasn’t she supposed to be watching them? He’s furious until Jee-Hoon comes to ask his permission to take Chul-Sik’s case. Attorney Han is suddenly all for it, he’s positive Jee-Hoon has no chance of winning.

In-Sang shows up per his father’s request but meets with Jee-Hoon first. Jee-Hoon isn’t sure what Attorney Han wants him to teach In-Sang, isn’t he just doing this because he’s angry with his son? In-Sang doesn’t care and asks about Chul-Sik’s case. Jee-Hoon admits Attorney Han doesn’t know everything but also warns him the case will be hard to win since it would mean major changes to HanSong and Korean society.

In-Sang finally goes up the club to meet his father, they sit in silence, not even looking at each other while drinking wine. In-Sang wants to leave but Attorney Han makes him stay for an hour, for “appearances”. Hyeon-Soo talks to Jae-Won about her mom, she’s worried Young-Ra might take up with Attorney Han again. Jae-Won is only worried about his investment.

Jee-Hoon shows up at Jae-Won’s and tells them about his new case: it involves Hyeon-Soo’s family too since the defendant is DaeSang Group. Hyeon-Soo seems surprised that In-Sang is going against his father and seems to believe it’s because of Bom. That’s not it, shouldn’t she understand his nature by now? He’d be doing this no matter who the defendant was.

In-Sang is finally freed from the fake meeting with his father and meets Hyeon-Soo on a playground. She’s full of questions, how can he attack her family like this? In-Sang points out the lawsuit is not only about DaeSang, it’s mostly against HanSong. She’s angry he’s lecturing her but he’s had enough and starts to call her a cab. Hyeon-Soo smacks him with her purse but he yells that he’s a married man. Suddenly, Hyeon-Soo blurts out that she knows all about her father’s slush funds – that’s what In-Sang’s father did for her father.


First, let me apologize to those following my recaps for this drama. It always surprises me that people are reading my thoughts. (LOL) Second, my interest is back 100% and I’m all fired up again but I’ll admit this drama is extremely hard to follow. You can’t miss a single word or conversation or you’ll miss something very important.

I’m never been on the Han’s side, these people truly don’t see how hypocritical they are but it could just be that they’re that unwilling to look at themselves in the mirror and admit they have any faults. For Mama Han to think if she goes back to the way her MIL did things, everyone will “fall into line” is ridiculous and short-sited. You can’t control how people think or feel by waking them at a certain time or making them wear a particular uniform.

The entire household is aware of Attorney Han’s cheating and are also now aware that there might be some illegalities in the DaeSang settlement with the union workers. I don’t know yet if any of them are aware Attorney Han himself might be behind the slush funds or the unfair settlement, In-Sang seemed shocked when Hyeon-Soo dropped that little bomb. That tells me In-Sang is aware his father (HanSong) is involved but it never crossed his mind that his father might do something illegal. More on that in a second.

Do I trust Secretary Min or Jee-Hoon? I’m not sure. I think Secretary Min is out to prove the charges against her still-unseen brother were false, she wants to clear his name. Jee-Hoon seems to be in it just for the interesting points of law it raises, he’s eager to make changes in the old-boys network of HanSong, as is Attorney Yoo. Remember, back in episode 9, Attorney Yoo accused Attorney Han of discrimination and threatened to file a lawsuit if he assigned cases bases on gender. Is she the only female Attorney at HanSong?

While I somewhat agree that it wasn’t the greatest idea to involve Bom and In-Sang in this case, I also don’t believe they would have allowed themselves to become involved if they weren’t sure laws had been broken, laws designed to protect everyone – not just DaeSang or HanSong but also the “common” man on the streets. They’re both fairly idealistic but I admire their passion for the law.

Was the slush fund Attorney Han’s idea? Was he directly involved in the workers settlement and is any of it truly illegal? I keep using the word illegal myself but I’m not being fair because I don’t know for sure! I am very eager to find out.


  • bmore says:

    I struggle with this show too. Not with not being interested or fascinated. I can hardly wait for each episode and am glued to my screen for each hour. I too struggle with understanding what is going on. So much is left to the watcher’s imaginations or seeming presumption of an understanding that we don’t all seem to quite grasp. There is a young man who has been doing recaps via a WordPress account I have also been reading and he has also had some great insights into the psyche behind these characters as well as the cultural aspects. Because you need all the help you can get to try to wring every bit of understanding of this very complex drama. I am happy to have the info that the subs are better on Soompi TV so will definitely give that a try from here on out! So happy to have this to read and refresh my memory. So much going on every single week, and I never know if that one thing I missed is going to end up causing me even more confusion. Anything that will help, because we still have a long way to go! And just where is it going?

  • Rachel says:

    Thanks for the recap. Yes, it’s very complex. Some plot points are implied, rather than shown directly. One thing I find frustrating is that there is very little action, because it’s always thwarted by someone finding out before anything really happens. Of course this happened more than once with the Daesan case, and even with the affair. I think it would have been more interesting if they had actually *had* an affair. As it is, it seems like a big fuss about nothing. Well, of course Han was incredibly disrespectful to his wife. What an ass! For a little while I started to think he had some good points, but now I am back to hating him again.

  • Beez says:

    First – so glad you’re back recapping this.

    Second –

    “I keep using the word illegal myself but I’m not being fair because I don’t know for sure! I am very eager to find out.”
    I may not know the laws in Korea, but “the haves” shafting “the have-nots” just so they can keep money in their fat pockets -money that rightfully should go to the injured workers- stinks everywhere!

    Third – I will forever scorn Mama Han’s stupid high-handedness in her treatment of Bom’s family (denying them often visits with the grandbaby) BUT her bashing Papa Han’s nose and pulling on his precious strands (ROTFLMAO) made me have sympathy for her during her teary breakdown. Mama Han – FIGHTING!

  • Thenewstandby says:

    a few episodes ago we learned that the workers were injured, so losing their jobs wasn’t the worst of it. Secretary Min’s brother is still severely injured and it sounds like he may be incapacitated, which makes sense why she is working long and hard for his justice. Bom’s uncle, also has wounds on his arms. It was mentioned that he always wears sleeves. Basically this case isn’t just about money siphoning and a big layoff, but a work disaster that harmed and left people disabled and disenfranchised while 2 big corporations made money off of covering it all up.
    That’s why In Sang is confronting his father as an immoral man in this matter and then naturally pointing the finger at him for cheating on his mother. Like if you’re enough of a monster to do this you don’t qualify to lead this family anymore. That’s why the rebellion has shaken the Han household to its core.

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