“Producer”: Cha Tae Hyun Colors His Lips Pink While Having Drinks With Gong Hyo Jin

If Cha Tae Hyun is in a show, then, you’re almost (certainly) guaranteed he’ll be put through some ordeal a la Punk’d for laughs, and he always delivers.

In the latest Producer stills, his character, Joon Mo has beer and squid snacks with his producer colleague, Gong Hyo Jin‘s Ye Jin. The two are veteran producers in the entertainment division of a broadcasting company, also making them friends for (20?) years. Joon Mo is responsible for the variety show 1 Night 2 Days while Ye Jin runs Music Bank.

Ye Jin, whose face is flushed from the alcohol buzz, seems a bit irritated and appears to express her opinion strongly with hand gestures as she talks to Joon Mo. Meanwhile, Joon Mo has netizens wondering (and laughing) as to why he has put hot pink lipstick on his lips. What could possibly have come up in their conversation that would lead to this? LOL. Chalk it up to alcohol? Maybe we’ll have our answers on May 15, when Producer premieres on KBS.




Source  |  Newsen



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