Warm and Cozy Week 2: Together

I find myself laughing at some parts this week. I had fun recapping. We are in for a slow and steady ride. I don’t mind this kind of pacing. I mean, who is in a hurry? Gun Woo is definitely showing some sweetness that leaves me wanting for more. Though I’m also getting frustrated and angry because he is stupidly in love with the wrong woman. But I’d rather enjoy him more because where else can I get a guy who is rough along the edges yet gooey and soft within?

Episode 3 & 4:

WCy WCaa

Jung Joo went to see Gun Woo to borrow a ladder. On her way in, she noticed that the resto is always empty when she visits. She was surprised they even get reservations. Poong San explained that when Boo Mi Ra blogs about Warm and Cozy there will be sudden increase of customer who calls for reservation. Jung Joo read Boo Mi Ra’s article mentioning that Gun Woo met his first love on his birthday in Jeju when he was 19. OMO. Is she his first love? This will sting.

Gun Woo brought the ladder to Jung Joo himself. He noticed that she’s a bit pale and checked if she’s sick. Aww. Is that genuine concern you have for her? He doesn’t want her to eat instant noodles so he promised to cook for her instead and prepare for a party later that night. Sweet. Gun Woo even volunteered to fix the roof as well.

WCac WCad

Then suddenly he received a call and abandoned everything! He became excited that Mok Ji Won will visit. I dislike it when he acts this way. He even went as far as stealing Jung Joo’s employee award just to buy champagne for that woman! Underserving. Then she’d just drop him like a hot potato the moment another opportunity came her way. I’m irritated just seeing her on screen.

WCae WCaf

Jung Joo went back to the restaurant to give the anchovies she bought for Gun Woo. She entered and saw a beautiful setting and a delicious spread of food. Romantic much. She thought that this must be Gun Woo’s party for her. When she saw the strawberry chocolate heart-shaped plate, she grabbed one and ate a piece of it. Hahaha. So cute. But her flattered heart stopped when Poong San told her the food was intended for Mok Ji Won, Gun Woo’s first love. Oh this sting hurts.

WCah WCag

Gun Woo arrived at the resort to get the champagne even if Ji Won already called him to say she won’t be able to come. Lo and behold, Ji Won was there at the lobby. Liar! Gun Woo called Ji Won just to confirm but his call was REJECTED! That is a sign. Dude, enough already! You better end your love to that woman this instant.

Jung Joo returned to her home and saw the unfinished roof. Yes, let’s curse Mok Ji Won. Then it started to rain. She went to get her jacket at Gun Woo’s house. OMO, she still has the key to Gun Woo’s heart? I mean, house? Evening came and the rain hasn’t stopped. Jung Joo hasn’t eaten dinner and decided to get her anchovy from Gun Woo to cook noodles with.


Jung Joo saw Gun Woo sleeping and became angry even more. They had a heated argument. I hated Gun Woo for throwing those coins! He doesn’t know the value of money the way Jung Joo does. To throw it away like that is such a disgrace of character. Jung Joo walked away angrily. She came back to her house and saw the roof about to fall. The storm became harsher and the wind was strong enough to blew the roof away! Literally she doesn’t have a roof over her head. Where to live now?

WCak WCal

It’s raining harder and Gun Woo became concerned so he went out to check on Jung Joo. He saw her struggling to save her roof. Good thing he arrived just in time to catch her. They are totally drenched in the rain. Both returned to the restaurant to dry off. Jung Joo was still in shock, and cried when everything settled in. Just to ease her pain, Gun Woo cooked for her. Awww. I would love to have one bowl too, please.

So here’s a tip. Drink with a guy until he’s drunk to voluntarily get free lodging or contract. Is this a trend? Haha.  I know they are tipsy at this point and the offer is so hard to resist. Gun Woo is just the sweetest offering what he has now without hesitation.


Let’s steer away from the OTP for a while. Oppa Jung Geun lied that he has quit smoking. As a punishment, he slipped from a stone ladder along the shore and struggled to swim back. And then.. OH MY HEART! Why is Whitney’s song here?? And why use, “I’ll always love you” of all things?? I think I drowned from laughing. Good job, it’s the best scenario to meet the one you’ll love, always. Now I get the song. LOL. Hae Shil, the diver Ajumma, saved Oppa and he looked ridiculous riding the bike behind her. He even got pissed that Hae Shil didn’t accept any payment for helping him and saving his life. This is what help truly means, Oppa.

Gun Woo returned to Seoul and met Ji Won. She told him that she’d be working with the PR Department of Oppa Jung Geun’s hotel. This means, she can visit Gun Woo’s restaurant everyday. Gun Woo became excited again thinking that his chance finally came.

The Warm and Cozy resto is owned by Jung Joo now. But since Ji Won will be in Jeju, Gun Woo returned as well. He made a deal with Jung Joo and he will start working as a chef for the restaurant. Business started in a good note after this. Customers just kept on coming until it was filled with diners.

Later that night, Gun Woo and Jung Joo had trouble with sleeping arrangement. Jung Joo simply won’t allow Gun Woo to sleep with her, or anywhere near her. Haha. I love that she even warned him that she might do something horrifying to him. She’s more dangerous compared to him?! LOL. Gun Woo had problems sleeping until Jung Joo finally gave in. A little sympathy goes a long way.


They begun the morning arguing until they settled for space and living allowance. Gun Woo suggested a 80-20 share, in favour of Jung Joo. He can’t demand more, you know. After humbly conceding, they both went to the market to buy fresh goods for the menu. Jung Joo suggested to cook noodles instead of using expensive ingredients. She would even get the seashells herself just to cut down the expenses.

WCao WCap

Jung Joo worked her butt off to get some sea nails by the shore. Instead of buying, she picked them out for free since Gun Woo almost emptied her wallet. With the help of Mayor Hwang, Jung Joo learned to pick out the shells properly. Gun Woo cooked a delicious sea nail noodle dish and Jung Joo decided to open the restaurant during weekends. Since Gun Woo’s dish was so tasty, the noodles will definitely sell. Jung Joo didn’t know that the resto is far from the tourist area.


It’s the weekend, yet there were no customers even during lunch hour. Since the demand is low, Jung Joo decided to sell the sea nails she had collected. She brought a container full of it and carried it alone. Can someone help Jung Joo please? This woman carries more than she can. On the way, Poong San called to inform her that they have 3 customers. Instead of feeling elated, Jung Joo cried for help since she’s tired of carrying a heavy load. Thank goodness Mayor Hwang arrived just in time before she spilled everything. Poong San was left confused after Jung Joo dropped the call. I guess this will alarm Gun Woo later if Poong San reports this.


We have more bonding time with Mayor Hwang and Jung Joo. He helped her buy some abalone to appease Gun Woo. When Jung Joo saw a large and expensive abalone, she didn’t buy any knowing it will be served for Ji Won. Good job gurl! I have no space for Ji Won so I’d rather not spend time talking about her rudeness. Anyhow, Jung Joo cleaned a mess she didn’t even make. I’m frustrated. Doesn’t she know her limits?? While cleaning, her former Manager and co-employees saw her. This is a cause for a misunderstanding and she felt belittled.

WCat WCau

Oh, look who we have here! Gun Woo arrives and totally swept Jung Joo away like a prince riding on a different horse. He made Jung Joo exultant among her former co-employees. Gun Woo mentioned that she is his boss now. He invited them for dinner at his boss’s restaurant. Aww. He’s not a Knight in shining armour instead he’s a true friend who came just in time of need. You’re winning me over when you are like this, Gun Woo. Continue to be this awesome.


They are more harmonious after a fight. So I guess we need more fights from them! Haha. Earlier, they fought badly, exchanging hurtful words. Now, they are starting to understand each other better. I’m liking it. Gun Woo is naturally sweet. He’s a different person when he cooks. If you are passionate about something you really love, it shows! Gun Woo served a sumptuous meal for Jung Joo’s guests. Everyone enjoyed and feasted over his cooked dishes. It’s tempting, I feel hungry just looking at it.

Mayor Hwang decided to visit Jung Joo after getting abalone from an Ajumma on the way. Mayor Hwang arrived at the restaurant and he was surprised to see the employees of Sunghan Apparel. The Mayor became hesitant but took their photo nonetheless. And we have the big reveal right here. He was busted! Hahaha. The Manager recognised him as the model of their brand.


I’m loving this side pairing. Jung Joo inspires change in Mayor Hwang. He even opened himself to give Gun Woo a chance. Now, they share a secret too. Cute.


After serving the guests, it’s time for some sweet loving. I mean, it’s time to relax, enjoy the night breeze with some food and good company. EEEEeeee, Is this a date?! It feels like it. Just when I thought we’d enjoy a sweet night.. the set-up is for a different woman! Why drive us towards something irritating! Damn. Why break my heart like this. I detest!

Personal Thoughts:


Gun Woo, stop wearing your heart on your coat.. I mean sleeves. It’s so obvious that your love for Ji Won isn’t going to prosper. When will you realise she’s not the right one?! I hate that your sweetness is poured onto her. Undeserving. I’ve used this word repeatedly already. So next week, I hope it won’t appear.

We were able to take a peek at some past events. Meeting Ji Won at the time when Gun Woo was vulnerable isn’t a strong foundation, IMO. I doubt if it was love. I guess this is the reason why after a heart break, we should avoid falling in love because we could get caught by the wrong one. Dude, Ji Won isn’t the one that made your 19th birthday special. I’m sure of it. Now, Ji Won just had the 360 degree turn like I predicted. She’s showing interest in Gun Woo just because she saw another woman with him.

WCax WCay

I’m really enjoying the show when its giving warm feels. Just like when Gun Woo shows genuine concern for Jung Joo. Though I know its triggered by the thought of her being terminally  ill. Nonetheless, its because of this that we get so see another side of him. Can we have more of this please? Gun Woo becomes manly whenever he thinks of Jung Joo’s condition. Comparing this with the way he acts around Ji Won, I preferred the former.

I love it when Gun Woo and Jung Joo are just having a conversation. I feel the warmth just listening to them. They are sharing more personal topics and it feels so organic since they are comfortable with each other.

I feel like Jung Joo is taking care of a baby. A very delicate, sensitive, crazy, stubborn child. Heh. Gun Woo has a physique of a man, but he is so childish. It’s not a good combo. My head aches and I’m angry whenever he act’s like a child who got a gift and throws tantrums when things don’t go his way. Jung Joo is a poor victim of his rants. Though their arguments are meaty. Gun Woo needs to hear it and I’m glad Jung Joo is throwing it all to him as hard as she could.

However, I can’t stay mad at Gun Woo for too long because I’d be back swooning over him, loving his sweetness. Aish, Why do you make it easy to hate then love you more in an episode? I am Gunwoofied. Jung Joo and Gun Woo still have a huge gap to fill. I won’t mind enjoying the feeling, I mean filling they’d put in to make them love each other along the way.


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  • Renu says:

    I have become a fan of second lead Kim Sung Oh, I have seen him only in villian roles. I didn’t know that he would crack this role so easily. They look good together lol. Well I like Kang So Ra’s role. She is hard working, strong and never knows how to give up. I felt bad for her when Male lead sold her golden key and took all the money for gas. That was her hard work. Sigh! Even though he has a soft corner for her, sometimes he acts like a child. Good drama so far.

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