Song Joong Ki is Back! (plus press conference video)

As of this morning, Song Joong Ki  has completed his military service and has been discharged. Upon discharge, he was greeted by fans and the media, where he expressed his thanks to his fans for their support through out his service. It feels like ages since these eyes have seen him LOL. Though his last works were done in 2012, I can still remember his performance in Werewolf boy, one must appreciate an actor who can convey a variety of emotion without uttering a single word. Of course, I should not fail to mention his role in Innocent Man which I am surprised I enjoyed since I am not enamored with the melodrama genre. We had to make due with these parting gifts, but now the wait is over.

This week, he is slated to begin script readings for his new drama Descendents Of The Sun in which his leading lady will be Song Hye Kyo. The drama will be a love story between a UN soldier played by Song Joong Ki (so we might have to get used to him being in fatigues, not that I mind) and a doctor (Song Hye Kyo) who are stationed in a foreign country due to a UN peace keeping mission. Through their hardships the couple learn to care for another and fall in love. Hmmm sounds like a romantic thriller or in the least fall in the romantic-action drama, regardless I will most likely watch it, how about you guys?

In the mean time you can check out his discharge videos

Press Conference

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  • paloma says:

    These eyes are very happy to see him as well!! T-T

    I will most definitely be anticipating his drama!

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