In Time With You Episode 2: Timing Is Everything [Recap Rewind]


*This recap was originally published on September 28, 2011.


So my assessment last week was right but only partly so. It is true that You Qing refuses to fall for Da Ren because he told her he would never fall for her but I guess it’s one of those things that romances show us – love is uncontrollable. So even though she doesn’t acknowledge it, her subconscious does which is why her mind drifts to him when she thinks about potential mates.

I’m still annoyed at her for fervently holding on to something he said so long ago but on the other hand, we are all scared of rejection. This episode had cute OTP moments that showed just how involved they are in each other’s lives. I must say that from episode 1, I thought it would be one-sided but it’s clear that You Qing also cares a lot for him and shows it in her own way.


So Maggie (whose face and voice have begun to annoy me), makes a mistake at work and sends someone’s luggage to the wrong destination. We get to see a lone bag waiting to be picked up and You Qing’s voice-over tells Da Ren that she sometimes feels that way.

You Qing gets some coffee and after leaving the coffee shop, someone calls her back because she forgot her bag. He noticed she’d left it on the floor because he’d been staring at her beautiful shoes. Say what? Instead of hearing alarm bells, it’s cougar time for her and she finds the young boy attractive. He looks like he could be a member of Teen Top so let’s just say I don’t share her excitement.

As she’s seducing the kid with her eyes, one of her co-workers calls her Jie (sister) which jolts her back to reality and reminds her (and him) of her age. It’s Henry’s current girlfriend, Lala, and she’s come to get her opinion on some of her designs. And even though she asks her to stop calling her Jie, she doesn’t.

Then we get to see that the jailbait dude is now an assistant at You Qing’s company and he gets introduced to his new boss who is none other than…

Back at the airport, Da Ren is dealing with his own Ge (brother) label. The annoying Maggie in her horrible voice calls him Da Ren Ge even after he tells her that he should be addressed as “Supervisor.” She’s trying to be cute, but she’s just annoying.  There’s some more work drama with some famous guy doing the whole “Do you know who I am?” schtick, but I don’t really care about that. The point is Da Ren is very supportive and Maggie likes him more and more.

He takes his team out to dinner and after it, Clingy Maggie shares a cab ride with him. After some small talk, she reminds him of his promise to take her for a private dinner.

He drops her off and we learn that the cab driver is the same one with cancer from last week. Since he’s now all philosophical, he asks Da Ren that if he had only one chance to be with someone, would it be Maggie?

You Qing is working late and in walks her assistant. She’s just gotten off the phone with her mom who’s advising her to sell some mutual funds and needs her seal so he offers to help her search for it. His attitude can be described as eager but it’s easy to see how a horny woman might misconstrue it.

Da Ren goes home and we get to see what his family is like. His mom is a widow and his sister is rebellious and making her life hell. He speaks to his sister to smooth things over and it appears that she’s just mad because even though her father is long since dead, Mom keeps blaming him for numerous things. Da Ren explains that it’s just her way of keeping his memory alive. Before he leaves her room, his sister tells him that he’s pitiful because he’s destined to be tortured by the women in his life. Ouch.

Speaking of a woman in his life, he goes to his bedroom and calls You Qing. I think it’s cute how they show the little animation thingamabobs when they are talking to each other on the phone. Kind of showing us how they are thinking of the person at the other end of the line. She says she was also about to call him, but it’s related to work. He jokes that she only calls when she needs something and the reason he’s called is to boast about getting closer to winning the bet now that Maggie is interested in him. I bet he wants her to get jealous.

Anyway, she’s looking for her seal during the call and her mom comes to her room to help. Then she’s on the phone playfully scolding Da Ren for not visiting for a while. It’s cute because now we see that he’s got a nice relationship with his future in-laws.

You Qing joins her father in the living room and when she’s done with the call, so does her mother. As a 30-year-old still living with her parents, a lot of their conversations revolve around her love life, and after her mom mentions a slew of past boyfriends, concluding that she’s too picky, she settles on Li Da Ren. Her mom doesn’t understand how she’s letting him slip away because as far as she can see, he’s 10 times better than her ex-boyfriend, Ding Li Wei, who broke her heart. Our heroine gets mad and reminds her parents that she and Da Ren will never be more than friends then storms off. But according to her father, she’s really upset that her mother had mentioned Ding Li Wei.

She goes to bed and has one of her dreams again. This time it features Da Ren calling her out because they’d be late for class. Class? Haven’t they graduated? But Dream Da Ren hasn’t, and she frantically starts searching for her book bag. I wonder what it means when you can’t find things in your dream. Just when she starts to freak out about not finding it, she hears Da Ren’s voice telling her to calm down. Then she wakes up and still hears Da Ren’s voice. What da hell? Oh, he’s downstairs with her mom.

Despite his resistance, her mom plays matchmaker and tries to convince him that it’s okay for two friends to become lovers. They quickly change the subject when You Qing joins them and we learn that he’s come over to set up her mom’s facebook acount. It’s their day off and after a few moments, her mom leaves them alone. From behind the computer monitor, Da Ren stares at her face then down to her chest and smiles. And he starts to look at her breasts like he’s got some major plans for them. LOL. Perv. She notices him and he quickly looks away. Because her mom had mentioned dinner, they go grocery shopping.

They pick out some stuff together then separate so that she can pick out some feminine products. He comes over and talks about sanitary pads with her which just shows how comfortable they are with each other. They separate again and after she’s done, she joins him just as he’s sending a text message to Maggie.

This gets her curious and she wants to know all about this girl he’s dating: what’s she like, what does she do, how old is she, have you held hands? Kissed? He tells her everything but even when they are walking home together, she’s still talking about his new girl, wondering if it was love at first sight for her. He confesses that sometimes he’s not sure if he’s misreading her signals because she calls him Ge. Does she like him or is she just kissing his ass?

She starts to rant that people like her want everyone to know that they are younger and why can’t they wait till they are 50 to address them as Ge or Jie? And that’s exactly when a neighborhood girl calls her Jie.

After they drop off the groceries, Da Ren has other plans so he leaves and You Qing tries to occupy herself by doing things like surfing the internet and laundry. When she calls the office to check up on things, her young boy assistant, Nic, answers.

With Nic on her mind, she lies in bed and thinks about all the single men around her. One by one, she dismisses them for different reasons till she arrives at Nic. He’s too young, she can look past his job but when it comes to looks… he’s hot!  So why is he 5 years younger!?!?  After lamenting that, her mind drifts to Da Ren. He fits her criteria – his age is fine, his job is fine and so is his appearance.

She jolts off her bed and lets that sink in. Then shakes it off because he will never love her. Girl, are you serious? Still holding on to something he said AGES ago?!?!?! I do blame her but I also understand her dilemma. Her mind tells her that he would be right for her but her heart cautions her against it because the feelings will never be reciprocated. DRATS!

Da Ren and his mom watch their mom’s friend’s play. It’s about a pair of friends who’ve been writing letters to each other for 40 years. A seesaw is the most important prop in the play and is the physical representation of their emotional connection. His mom is touched by the story and weeps. Later on, when she scolds her friend for such a sad ending, Da Ren leaves them alone. I think this is his mom’s love interest.

He then looks at the seesaw and thinks of You Qing. So he calls and asks if there’s leftover food at her house.

He goes over and she grumbles and complains as she warms up the food for him before handing it to him. So cute. He takes his plate to the dinning table where her father joins him. Soon after, so does her mom. They’ve heard that he’s dating and offer advice. “Timing is everything” her father emphasizes because if you wait too long, the fire will burn out and they’d end up just friends like our couple. LOL. Dad, why are you embarrassing them?

Her parents go to bed and You Qing sits across from him and starts picking out the veges from a dish. He smiles and at first, I thought she was a picky eater but it turns out he’s the picky one because she hands the plate to him when she’s done. HOW CUTE!!!!

They talk about their friendship and she complains that whenever he starts a new relationship, he’s MIA. He takes offense to that because he feels he’s always there when she needs him. They bicker a bit and after dinner, do the dishes together. He says that they need to be friends for life otherwise, they’d both be lonely and she agrees. HELLO, if you become a couple then you won’t be lonely either, you freaks! He starts to think along those same lines and wants to say something but chickens out.

He learns that she’d overheard her mom’s suggestion that they date but she dismisses it. It’s funny (or sad) because it looks likes he’s struggling and really wants to take their relationship to the next level but doesn’t know how to broach the subject even when the perfect opportunity presents itself. Such a scaredy cat.  After cleaning up, they sit and enjoy some tea together and he tells her about the couple in the play and she says that having that kind of relationship would be great. Well, blind bat, YOU HAVE IT! He tells her that even after all that, they didn’t end up together and looks a bit heartbroken about it. lol. Bro, if you don’t want to end up in that situation, say something.

She then sits next to him and asks how long their relationship has lasted. 14 long years.

These two apparently can’t sit still or be apart for a few seconds because even when she’s in the restroom doing her business, he still has to sit outside and talk to her. I think turning 30 has really made her think of the future so she tells him that when she’s a senile old woman, he should still be there for her. Why did she think of that? She’s worried that he’s going to get hitched soon and has already begun to feel lonely. She tells him about thinking of all the single men around her and not finding a suitable one.

This gets him curious about her criteria although the truth is that if they’ve been close for so long, he would already know. But I shall ignore this because it’s a drama. But anyway, she tells him and adds that she also wants someone that she can talk to about anything. He thinks about it and says that it sounds like he’d be a good fit – his job is good and they’d have the kind of conversations she wants. A moment of awkwardness quickly passes but the topic ends because she thinks he’s teasing.

They talk some more and he tells her not to worry about being alone because she’ll find someone. Besides, in the worst case scenario, he’ll stay with her at the retirement home. She smiles and when he asks if she’d do the same, she says no. 😀

The next day, You Qing goes to work and sees that her potential boytoy has cleaned up her office. She’s not happy because there’s a method to her madness and he explains the filing system he created. His closeness keeps getting to her and when he leaves, she sees that he’s left a cute note for her. As his boss, she takes him around the store and shows him the ropes but he keeps giving her what, from her perspective, looks like “the eye.” She gets slightly flustered because of this.

Later on, when they are taking a break, she asks him why he’s taken the job since with his credentials, he can probably get something better. He explains that he intends to be a branding manager so he wants to build a solid foundation – especially under her. She’s flattered and tells him he will go far.

At work, Da Ren notices that Maggie isn’t feeling well and she tells him she’s got her period. OKAY? Who does that? Can’t she just say she’s got an upset stomach? While she’s taking some rest, he comes over with tea or coffee and gives her some chocolate saying that he heard that it helps alleviate the pain. Not for me but I suppose it works for others. She thanks him, saying he’s a good guy. He’s just being the boss, he explains.

Later on, he sits next to her on the bus and she’s still going on and on about being sick and her tells her he will take her out for a meal soon. She’s happy and leans her head on his shoulder. I understand going for what you want, but why is she throwing herself at him like this? UGH.

With her head on his shoulder, You Qing calls and wonders why he’s speaking softly. He explains that someone is sleeping next to him but since she isn’t, she speaks up. Way to mark your territory. After hearing her voice and confirming that he’s with the girl, her attitude changes and she seems just a tad jealous especially as she wants to meet later and he says he can’t. She wants to hang up but he tells her to tell him why she called. She talks about Nic, saying that he’s cute, treats her well and most of all, even though he’s younger, he doesn’t call her Jie. So what should she do? Should she go for it despite the age difference? He tells her that if she thinks he’s worth it, she should. After all, it means the guy’s got great taste. AWWWW. It must suck to encourage the girl you like to date other men.

After the call, the irritating Maggie starts talking but I am ignoring her. Basically, she confirms that You Qing is just a friend and then says some nonsense about being happy regardless of if he’s lying to her about it or not.

Back at the office, You Qing watches Nic and tries to think up ways to hit on him. He disappears and when she’s wondering where he went, he comes to her office to confirm that she won’t be working late. He usually doesn’t leave till she does but he’s busy tonight so he can’t stay.

Then we are back to that Maggie again and now they are having dinner and Da Ren orders her beef because it enriches the blood. This makes her tell him that it’s dangerous that he understands women so well because it will make her fall for him. He thinks she’s a bit rash,  falling for someone without getting to know them first but then he thinks back to You Qing’s father’s comment and how he and You Qing ended up in the friend zone and says that perhaps things moving quickly isn’t so bad after all.

You Qing is watching the play and with the lovers sitting on the seesaw, the woman starts talking about how having something means you can lose it. Then You Qing starts to imagine that the conversation is between her and Da Ren. She laments, saying that the fact you can lose something you once possessed makes it preferable to not have it in the first place. Then the male, who is now Da Ren, asks her if she knows why he doesn’t love her. Why? Because possession is the beginning of loss. Haven’t you heard that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? But I can understand them.  Sometimes, the pain from losing something you once cherished makes one regret ever having it in the first place. And their case, if they never love each other, they will never lose each other.

She cries as she watches it and when the play ends, she stays seated – lost in thought – as the theater empties and who do we learn also watched the play? None other than Nic. He says that if he’d known she liked such plays, he would have invited her to see it with him. He has a different take on the whole possession is the beginning of losing thing because losing something at the end doesn’t mean it was never worthwhile. It doesn’t change the past.

They are about to go for some drinks when Lala calls her crying so they separate and she meets with her.

Basically, this bitch had a fight with her boyfriend (You Qing’s ex) and is asking her for advice. Is she freaking kidding me? She wants to know if You Qing thinks her ex is worth dating. The reply is that if you treat all relationships seriously, regardless of the outcome, one will always learn something about themselves from it. At that moment, another beer is more important to Lala than that pearl of wisdom.

It’s another day at work and Nic has left another note saying how nice it was to run into her. Cute. Her mom calls to remind her about her seal so she empties out her purse for a thorough search. There’s a rip and she finds things that had been hidden in the lining, things that reminded her of her past relationships.

And as if it wasn’t already bad enough, Henry shows up to ask her to help pick out a gift as a peace offering to Lala. Those two deserve each other. She picks one for Lala and another for herself. He offers to pay for hers but she refuses because she wants to use her own money to create a brand new story for herself. A new bag means no memories of old boyfriends.


Hmm… this young boy. I am sensing a Justin from Clueless situation. Anyway, I really liked episode 2 because we got to see lots of our OTP and their great chemistry. The drama has a mellow, relaxed feel that I enjoy and it’s clear that the director is trying to be creative and artistic without going over the top.

I’m guessing the angst will really begin once her ex boyfriend, Ding Li Wei, comes into the picture. I do think it’s interesting that after all this time, Da Ren is at the verge of exposing his feelings. What I mean is that even though he pretends they are just friends, he doesn’t feel that way and we see him struggling with himself as he tries (and fails) to express how he truly feels.

Timing is everything and other than their time passing by a long time ago, it also feels like the clock is running out on them. Almost like if Da Ren doesn’t say something soon, they will never get their chance. And as for You Qing, she feels like there’s no hope for them because she thinks her feelings will never be reciprocated. As with all romances, there are misunderstandings caused by a lack of communication. I bet that if he knew that was their main obstacle, he’d clear it up instantly. The only problem is that doing that would make him vulnerable which is why he likes to do a bit of fishing to figure out what she’s really thinking like he did last week.

Anyway, I hope we get more and more OTP interaction in the next episode.

Till then!


  • Thank you for the recap…YT deleted parts 4 thru 6 so I haven’t finished the episode yet. *sigh* Our couple…I’m already cringing from the thought of when he does approach her and straight up kisses her, which she stops, and when she calls him to the airport while worrying over Sunny’s character and breaks his heart from the preview. Why does 11 more episodes seem so long?

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      You’re welcome. The vids are back up. A part of me thinks that airport scene might be a flashback scene but I’m probably wrong.

      Yeah, 11 episodes seem long and as you said, the thought of what Da Ren will soon be going through if very unpleasant 🙁

      • Yay…I went back and finished the episode. *sigh* That play scene when she imagines it’s the two of them is just…*sigh* 11 more episodes once a week is so long.

        Also can we talk about that fact that I hate Maggie? She is just throwing herself at the man. She has the nerve to be happy if a guy is lying about having a girlfriend because he’d be lying for her…and thinks it’d be more fun to fall in love with a bad guy? Where was this girl when common sense was being handed out? She has stalker/side chick written all over her. When Da Ren was like, “Are all young girls strange like this now,” I was totally with him because that’s just weird. Isn’t she supposed to be 25?

        Enough about that weird girl. I have to see Love Sick because my OTP is going to make me wait too long. Both in love…and both say nothing.

  • Erika says:

    Aw.thanks for its hard to find it at youtube..having recently watch PTB,seing da ren makes me wants to knock his head.I understand why you qing not letting her heart breaks because its da ren who stated he doesn’t love her (may not)and show it by never cross the friendship zone.why they have to play it once a week?thats too long.

  • Linda says:

    Thanks for the recap! I like the creativity of this drama and the relationship between the two leads. The main lead needs to gain some courage and I’m excited to see how this develops.

  • Lizzie says:

    The young guy is so fishy… I wonder what he is up… I’m worried…. what he will do? Because I saw the long preview, and YQ say something about being tricked/used…

  • cts says:

    Who’s the actor playing Nic?

  • vasou says:

    Thank you for the recap. I m already lovin the series even if its only at ep 2. I can understand the heroin, even if what he said was too long ago. When you are getting hurt, no matter how long time ago it is, you never forget. And da ren is sooo coward. But then again, I also understand him. Risking a friendship is not that easy. If it will develop like 9 ends 2 outs, I will love it even more!

  • angeleyes says:

    Hi. wonderful recap of episode 2. Actually, I’ve watched episode 2 around 3x already, and reading your recap and comments was so spot on to what I was thinking and feeling while watching this episode. Can’t help but smile & laugh because I had the exact observations & sentiments such as yours. Lol!
    Honestly, I’m careful not to be bias because I really love Ariel Lin. I’ve watched most of her dramas especially the ISWAK series & I’m not even from Taiwan. For me, she’s just an amazing actress. In this drama, she showed another facet of her acting skills, very subtle yet powerful acting. Just icing on the cake i guess for a drama that can really stand on its own merits.
    Anyways, I am loving this drama because it gives me a good vibe while watching it. Very simple plot but the scenes & dialogues are heartwarming. Like a good book, it touches your heart, makes you think and you never get tired of it. And yes, I would rather believe that “It’s better to have loved & lost than never to have loved at all.” I hope Li Da Ren musters some courage! Love him! 🙂 Hope the next episode will be as great or even better. :)))

    Btw, Nic (David), acted in one of Ariel’s music videos, correct me if I’m wrong. Just can’t remember what song. Thanks and God bless to you… 🙂

  • leila8mae says:

    Can I just say that THIS IS the best drama this season!! SERIOUSLY!! it is so DAMN GREAT.. i’m crying buckets..

    I’m just in awe of the leads acting and chemistry.. and to think it is just the second epi! my heart is already breaking.. I’m dreading to see the airport scene.. i think THAT’S going to be the death of my weak drama heart..

  • daydee says:

    I actually watched this episode 4 times, but still I find your recap so refreshing, so beautifully written.
    The scene when You Qing picked something like spring onion, really touch my heart. I though she was a picky eater too, but iit happen to be Da Ren the picky one and she was just helping him. It just so sweet. Btw, she got nothing to do after all. ^_^

    anyway, I really enjoy your recap.

  • hipployta says:

    Let me tell…I didn’t realize this was the original post so I was about to comment TO MYSELF that it’s on Dramafever now lol

    I really did enjoy this drama…still hoping the Korean remake is good too

  • Abi says:

    The cab driver is really the director who loves to cameo

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