“Ex-Girlfriend Club” Episode 8 Clip: The First Kiss

I haven’t yet seen the episode but apparently, in the past, Ji Ah left a video for Myeong Soo where she explained that despite leaving him to marry another man, she still loved him. Soo Jin sees the clip.

In addition, she sees Ji Ah wearing the red Kara t-shirt she returned in the previous episode and there’s also something about Myeong Soo coming to Ji Ah’s rescue when she sets a pan on fire, hurting himself in the process.

In other words, Soo Jin is unhappy with his relationship with Ji Ah and thinks he still loves her so he kisses her to disprove her theory.

Credit: tvN


  • trotwood says:

    AAAAHHHHH! And this looks like it is the end of the episode, too. I haven’t even been able to watch this week’s episodes and now I am anxious for next week’s. Why didn’t I wait, so I could marathon the whole thing?!?!?

  • winy says:

    the song of the last 2 episodes

  • heartoppaya says:

    Its not in episode 8, the kiss. In the 8th episode it was all about dating each other until the last moment when Soo jin recovers a hidden video. She gets upset. But at the end of the episode she keeps silent. The kiss happens in ep 9, which is yet to air…. Dammit! I thought we’d get a kiss this episode.. Thankfully they aren’t going to drag it too much….

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