Warm and Cozy Week 3: Let go

This week felt like a rocky ride. I have to refrain myself from getting annoyed. Gun Woo continues to be an arse because of Ji Won. Loving her is just absurd. Good thing Oppa and Hae Shil keeps my heart happy. And even if Gun Woo annoys me, his sweetness sometimes makes up for it. But if he lets go of his childish love, this will truly turn things around for good.

Episodes 5 and 6 Highlights:


The date. It was bad enough to see Ji Won there, and for Jung Joo to join them made matters even worse. It pissed me more when Gun Woo told Jung Joo to leave. Fudge. His smile prompted me to launch a thousand ships, aiming to kill him. No, just kidding. Gun Woo wanted to spend time with Ji Won, leaving Jung Joo no choice but to head out.

Mayor Hwang saw Jung Joo from a distance and wondered why she’s out walking late at night. He even showed concern since she’s out drinking alone, saying further that it’s dangerous and she could easily slip if she’s not careful. EEEeeee. Our Mayor is slowly falling and I think I’m loving this feeling. Jung Joo joined the elders and Mayor Hwang, drinking the night away.


Gun Woo might be in Ji Won’s presence but his mind is wandering, worrying about Jung Joo. She refused to answer any of his messages. Its a delight to see Ji Won dismayed and disappointed, since our Gun Woo isn’t focusing much on her. He even called a designated driver to fetch and drive her home. I love the look of disappointment on her face. Haha. Gun Woo should have done this earlier, then I wouldn’t be so pissed.

I’m warming up now. To continue on with the happy, Oppa and Hae Shil showed up next. The diving school started to accept application for those who are interested in learning how to dive. Oppa’s ego played a part here, considering himself as an ironman, he won’t easily be shaken. Haha. Of course, Oppa is wrong,


Oppa and Hae Shil are wonderful together, I just smile and enjoy them more. Oppa is arrogant and Hae Shil isn’t impressed. They compliment each other nicely. Oppa needs a woman like Hae Shil to keep him in touch with his surroundings, and learn more about others. He is intelligent but he is ignorant about what truly matters in life. Its good to have Hae Shil around to show him that life isn’t as easy as he thinks. I love the fact that he has already fallen for her! He doesn’t have enough willpower to avoid it. So good!!

Ji Won held a welcome party at Warm and Cozy together with her colleagues. I want to highlight this because it showed me a good picture of Ji Won and Gun Woo’s messed up relationship. Ji Won’s direct answer is piercing when her colleagues asked about Gun Woo. Stupid boy, he knows this already and yet he still allows himself to be hurt by it. Pabo!


Jung Joo heard and seen it all. Gun Woo looks pathetic, but it stings to see him hurt. Jung Joo felt his pain even more so she bravely confronted Ji Won. However some people naturally have a stone heart who is deaf to hear reasons. Gun Woo is a fool for harbouring feelings for this type of person. I know that we have flaws and love accepts that. But what I still don’t understand is why Gun Woo likes Ji Won. There’s a limit for being stupid, and I’m frustrated that Gun Woo hasn’t reached his limit at this point. He even had the nerve to use Jung Joo!

This isn’t a favourite scene. The thought that led to it, the reason behind this act is something I really detest. Ji Won entered just in time to see Gun Woo aiming for a kiss. Looks like she expected this to happen already based on her reaction.


Gun Woo peered over his shoulder and watched as Ji Won leaves. Then he stepped away from Jung Joo. It’s a relief that they didn’t kiss. A kiss is important, I thought show will ruin it with wrong motive. I can forgive easily, especially since Jung Joo gave him a headbutt plus kicked Gun Woo’s shin too. Nice to have a woman who has the guts to do the right thing and speak out. Surely her words will mean more one day. I hope Gun Woo remembers it.

Jung Joo contemplates to herself, she asked if the thought of her liking Gun Woo scares him. Me thinks, its the possibility of falling out of love for Ji Won that seem impossible for him. Anything outside of Ji Won might scare him, you know the thought of something unfamiliar.

The the-not-quite-lovers continued their arguments late that night when Gun Woo offered to cook rice cakes for Jung Joo. He is really stupid, and numb. He still doesn’t know that for Jung Joo, his sweetness is like an arrow that pierces her heart. It’s like a bait, and she’s about to get caught if she’s not vigilant.


Gun Woo made an enemy out of one ajumma who is among the judge that will grade Jung Joo’s application as a lady diver. He needs to make amends, or else he’d ruin Jung Joo’s aspiration. Mr Gong suggested some tricks to capture the ajumma’s heart but Gun Woo doesn’t know how to do any of it. Good thing Ajumma had a dilemma with her grandchildren and Gun Woo was there to save her. He used his own skills to appease ajumma by cooking a sumptuous meal at Warm and Cozy. Sweet.

I thought Gun Woo will continue to shower abundant sweetness. He was supposed to wait for Jung Joo until her interview finish, buy her some diving gears, and meet Jung Joo at a cute place that serves shaved ice. All of these were ruined because of Ji Won and her dreadful scheme. Poor Jung Joo, she waited in vain. Though Gun Woo arrived to meet her, he still chose to spend time with Ji Won. Damn.


Oppa just arrived on time for his interview as a male diver. After this, he waited outside the school for Hae Shil and decided to ride along with her. A cute but awkward moment ensued as they were riding together. Oppa was too defensive and its cute. But Oppa got wounded, literally and figuratively. He was kinda sentimental here. That is what love is. You get hurt, and sometimes you bleed too. I think Hae Shil wouldn’t easily forget him after this. Their side story is shaping up nicely.

Ji Won and Gun Woo arrived back in Jeju around 9 in the evening. To be honest, I love this scene! Gun Woo hurriedly left her to carry all the bags on her own. Haha. He was excited to be home with Jung Joo and happily reports his shopping spree. But Jung Joo wasn’t in the mood he expects. She even told him not to stay at Warm and Cozy anymore, asking him to leave.


Personal Thoughts:

What an ending. Somebody is caught by surprise. This is interesting.

Gun Woo is experiencing a lot of “new” things because of Jung Joo. Their relationship is developing in a turtle pace.  since Gun Woo is a childish riot who is just too preoccupied to notice Jung Joo, he isn’t a keen to her emerging feelings for him. It is slowly coming to surface now. She’s actually spilling it already, hinting him that if he’s not careful, she’d fall in love with him completely.

This is where Jung Joo’s boundaries starts to come in. She knows well that she likes Gun Woo. Who can blame the girl, the guy is naturally sweet. But you know as an outsider, Gun Woo and Jung Joo have a lot in common. They both like someone who isn’t worthy of their devotion. Gun Woo is annoying at most because he’s so stubborn and immature. But I can see that he’s beginning to change because of Jung Joo. Look at what he did with the ajumma and her grandchildren. Gun Woo is beginning to get out of his comfort zone for the benefit of someone else.

Gun Woo isn’t aware that he likes Jung Joo. He is showing hints that he’s getting there. He worries about her, he gets jealous of Mayor Hwang, he listens to her advice (example is the car) and he thinks about her often, overshadowing Ji Won at times. I don’t know if these are substantial enough but small hints matter.

Love is a battlefield. I’m irritated seeing the tag of war between Ji Won and Gun Woo. They seem to disrespect love, and paint an ugly colour on it. I’d like to see it end, ASAP. They’ve been playing the game for so long, aren’t they tired of it? Whenever Ji Won appears, frown line is inevitable on my face.

Good thing, Oppa and Hae Shil are present to make me happy. Even Mayor Hwang is making me enjoy his scenes more. I’m really hoping to see changes next week. Gun Woo is yet to make me fall for him to deserve Jung Joo’s heart. I wanna see progress that will convince me that love is present. I wanna see Jung Joo happy and in love.




  • Whatever says:

    Thanks for the review. It is a fun read. And yes, can’t wait till Geon Woo move away from his infatuation with Ji Won. And I agree…so far Geon Woo hasn’t developed into a man who is deserving of Jung Joo but when he does, eventually, likes her, there is no doubt he would go the extra mile, or more, to make her feel special and happy.

  • bmore says:

    I’m afraid we are stuck with the back and forth with Gun Woo and Jung Joo for a few more episodes. Only 6 episodes in, it’s way too soon for the good stuff. They have to make us suffer for it! And we are also going to have to get by the ‘secret’ that she is not dying. Unfortunately, I see a lot of his feelings, so far, are coming from his pity and worry for her due to that secret. So he will probably have an additional time period where he has to come to grips with the fact that those feelings aren’t just pity and worry, but something more…and he’s so dense, it’s going to take him at least 2 1/2 episodes to get by that!! 🙂

    So we will have to endure the torture of those two for a while, but, in recompense, they are giving us Jung-Geun and Hae-Sil! I wish we could see more of these break the mold romances of older couples. (though people in their 40’s are hardly what I call older nowadays anyway) And one day have hugs and kisses for them too! You don’t die when you turn 40! Someday these 20 and 30 somethings are going to figure that out…in about 10-20 years!!!! 🙂 🙂

  • Nik says:

    I can’t shake the feeling that this show would be just as entertaining and just as cute if Jung Joo moved back to her little shack and restored on her own, without Geon Woo. We could see her trials and tribulations and expand upon her relationships with the locals. Jung Joo starting her business and her meeting a guy with those cute new relationship hiccups. But I hate seeing her with some freeloading man-child. I love Jung Joo and have high hopes for her but I can’t/won’t let myself ship her with Geon Woo. He just doesn’t deserve her and she doesn’t deserve him.

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