In Time With You Episode 3: Looks Can Be Deceiving [Recap Rewind]

* This recap was originally published on October 8, 2011.


To be honest, I already knew Nic was gay from the synopsis but he sure is foul. But come on, You Qing. When a guy tells you that he was staring at your shoes (and not your butt), shouldn’t that give you a little hint? Poor gal. Not to be stereotypical or anything….

Anyway, it’s been (and still is) a crazy week so sorry for the delay in posting the recap.


You Qing gets another sign of aging – one of her friends is getting divorced. She meets and consoles her.

Da Ren gets a different kind of call. He’s been doing such an excellent job that he’s just been promoted! Cause for celebration, right? Well, not if your name is Li Da Ren. It’s all doom and gloom for him but I suspect it’s largely because he doesn’t want to relocate. Also, he’s not really a go-getter so perhaps he’s not a big fan of change. He calls You Qing to talk to her about it but she’s swamped at her store’s shoe sale.

After the sale ends, the ever wonderful Nic buys some flip-flops for his boss because he knows her feet must be tired from standing in heels all day.

And to show how wonderful he is, he even gives her a wake-up call in the morning. So she lies in bed and tries to figure out why he’s being so sweet to her. But boy does it feel nice to be pampered. When she calls Da Ren,  he’s too busy to talk. The assistant that always makes time for her is beginning to look better and better each day.

The airport is in chaos because some flights have been delayed due to inclement weather.  I’ve always wanted to be able to say “inclement weather”  without irony so thank you, In Time With You,  for giving me this rare opportunity. Moving on. Anyway, after all the angry passengers have been taken care of,  he gets a little shut-eye and who swoops in with a neck pillow to do a little pampering of her own?

Work’s ended and when You Qing steps out, she meets rain. Other employees get picked up by their boyfriends but since she’s single, she either has to get wet or wait till the rain stops. Lala is waiting and Henry also swoops in with an umbrella to save her. They offer her a ride, but since she has her pride, she refuses. And just as they try to insist, Nic swoops in with an umbrella and saves her. Me thinks that our girl is being a tad too sensitive about aging and being single. It’s really not that great of a deal to not have a guy to save her from the rain. Besides, since this is a drama, getting caught in the rain would mean that she gets sick and that would lead to loads of Da Ren – You Qing time. So what’s not to love? Anyway, Nic’s actions make her heart flutter.

You Qing’s siblings and their families are at her house when she gets home. We get to see that her brother and his wife probably come over whenever they need to restock their home with food and new clothes. You Qing and her older sister are talking about how their brother is a bit of a loser and when they start to talk about men in general, You Qing mentions Da Ren. This makes her sister’s ears perk up a bit because she’s always suspected that there was something going on between them. Join the club, Sis.

At work, Nic is still being a little too close for comfort and saying inappropriate things like how her perfume smells nice so You Qing remains in a state of confusion. Is he an overeager assistant or interested in her? And either way, is he crossing the line?

You Qing and Da Ren meet for dinner and she tells him how her heart is being swayed by the young guy. He wonders how she can be so taken by him when she’s not known him long. The length of time doesn’t really matter because for her, it’s all about a “moment.” This gets Da Ren curious so he asks about her exes and wants to know when the moment was in all those relationships.

She tells him and from what he can see, there’s nothing special about those moments since they never amounted to anything great. They start to eat when Maggie calls asking where he is. He tells her that he’s with a friend and she asks to join them. Really? How relentless can a person be? After a bit of teasing, You Qing tells him to invite her to dinner with them.

She arrives and immediately starts off on the wrong foot with You Qing by calling her the dreaded Jie. At dinner, she acts like a five-year-old which further grates her nerves. I do find it interesting that when she asked them when their friendship began, You Qing said college while Da Ren said high school. But it makes sense because they weren’t really friends in high school. I hope they eventually show us when You Qing began to soften around him and finally accepted him as a friend.

So they talk about their friends whose relationships have ended and You Qing takes a shot at Maggie for being young. To be honest, 5 years younger isn’t that much of an age difference. Anyway, as they talk, Maggie keeps interrupting them stupidly and starts to rub herself on Da Ran and basically it’s just too much for You Qing so she goes to the restroom for a break.

She looks in the mirror and starts to rant at Maggie for being annoying then she looks at her reflection and asks herself why she’s mad. After all, isn’t Da Ren like every other man who likes young, pretty girls? Then she thinks of her young boy and how he told her that whenever she’s stranded, he’s only a phone call away.

So after dinner, she and Maggie exchange no words as they wait outside the restaurant for Da Ren. When he arrives, they do their couple thing and offer to give You Qing a ride but she’s not going to be the single girl left behind. No, not this time. Today, she too has a sexy, young thang to show off.

She and Nic take a walk home and she tries to explain to him that she’s not seeing Da Ren. Nic doesn’t seem the least bit bothered about being called even though it’s clearly not work-related.  Or that she was with another man even though she seems to think he should. Then he starts to “pamper” her again by saying that she works too hard and needs a vacation so sometime soon, they should go on one together. WHAT DA HELL? He starts acting cute but when she offers to refund his cab fare, he gets mad because his male pride has been hurt. WHATEVER. That’s a classic gold digging move.  You pretend to not care about your mark’s money and reject his or her presents. Then one day, your mother has been kidnapped and you need $1 million for her ransom so can he or she please lend you the money? Yes, Nic, I know your game.

Somewhere else in town, Maggie is playing her own game. Her place is swarming with cops and she learns that a robbery had taken place. She asks Da Ren to follow her in for safety and pretends to be scared when in fact, she’s trying to seduce him. She makes him spend the night to protect her (like anyone believes that Da Ren can fight a burglar) and then in an annoying baby voice, tries to make him sleep with her on her bed. When he refuses, she wonders if he’s gay. No, he’s not gay – he’s just not that into you.

If he’s not gay, why does she always have to make the first move? BECAUSE HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU! But now that his sexuality has been questioned, he doesn’t resist when she climbs on top of him and kisses him. Argh! This ho gets to kiss him first. Ugh.

Not that it actually makes him kiss her back or sleep with her. LOL. He’s funny. I love the dead fish gaze he’s got. She rests her head on his arm and when his phone starts to ring, she tells him not to answer it. But he does anyway. It’s You Qing and he steps out of the room to take the call.

She’s surprised he hasn’t already called to get her verdict on Maggie, which is why she did. Even though he’s been passively accepting her flirtations, he still doesn’t know if he should just make a move and You Qing is shocked that he’s still thinking that considering they already are a couple. She also wants to know what Da Ren thinks of Nic and all he can say is that he’s young and good looking. When she then asks him how far he’s gone with Maggie, he lies that they’ve only held hands and that just happens to be when Maggie makes her presence known.

Now You Qing knows that he’s spending the night with Maggie and has a fit. LOL. She’s mad that he’s talking to her about making moves when he’s already spending the night with her. LOL. After hanging up, she’s still upset and wonders why she’s kind of devastated by this development in Da Ren’s relationship.  She convinces herself that it’s just because she’s competitive and doesn’t want to lose the bet.

At work, Da Ren contemplates ending his “relationship” with Maggie by text (WTF?) because his sister advised him to do it if his heart really wasn’t in it. He starts to write his break-up text when Maggie runs to tell him that her mother has been in an accident. So clearly, it’s not the right time. To be honest, as this point, I think his girl is crazy. I won’t be surprised if she lied about this and was the one who even sent a burglar to her house. Psycho.

At work, after learning that she’s got an unwelcome promotion (what’s with these two?), You Qing overhears some coworkers gossiping about her relationship with Nic. Ever since she offered him cab fare, Nic has been giving her the cold shoulder, but now that her coworkers are talking about their age difference and saying that she makes him work late, she’s now determined to throw caution to the wind and go after a guy who seems interested in her. You Qing, forget his age, but shouldn’t you stop dating people you work with?

Anyway, she’d initially refused when her boss suggested she take Nic with her on her trip to one of their stores, but now she waltzes in to his office and in front of everyone, tells him he will be going on a business trip with her.

Later that evening, as she packs her bags for her trip, she wonders if she should take some sexy lingerie along. Nasty girl. lol. But decides against it because it’s a silly thought.

Da Ren calls and they go to the woods (??) to chat. It’s nice and scenic but aren’t you guys scared of some psychos or maybe a random bear? Anyway, they talk about relationships – which appears to be their favorite topic – and when he talks about unwittingly falling in love, she takes it as proof that he slept with Maggie.

She’s wrong and all he’s trying to say is that he’s ready for a relationship but all she hears is, “I slept with Maggie!”  Nothing he says, no explanation he gives can convince her that they didn’t sleep together. LOL. One of the reasons he is dating Maggie is because she is “not too bad” and his sister had told him that dating someone for that (and not for love) is wrong and that both would be better off without the relationship. So he tries to advice her to date him because she thinks he’s Mr. Right and not because he just thinks that she’s “not too bad.” But considering she’s in a testy mood, she misinterprets his words. She yells that the only reason he doesn’t love her is because he’s blind and can’t see her great qualities but she’s better than “not bad,” okay? LOL. I think she must have some kind of esteem problem which is why she cares so much about what other people think of her and she’s been so affected by something he said back in the ’90s. And him saying that he can’t love her makes her think she’s lacking as a woman.

You Qing and Nic are in Taichung on business and he’s being his usual self getting her coffee, paying her compliments and shielding her from rain with his umbrella. He offers to buy her dinner as a man then takes her hand as they walk through the city.

Now she really needs to understand why he seems so into her, but she doesn’t have the courage to ask him straight out. Instead, she asks if his mother didn’t raise him with affection. LOL. Their age difference is only 5 years – not 25! He laughs and explains that being with her makes him feel good. Her heart flutters again.

He invites her to his room for a drink and she obliges but only after she’s changed into her sexy lingerie. He liquors her up and just when he tells her that he wants to protect her, there’s a knock at the door. It’s his boyfriend mad that he’s been ignoring his calls all day. I’m guessing the guy lives in that city (since Nic knows it so well) otherwise, did he really chase him all the way from Taipei?

Anyway, that boyfriend is one vicious, nasty piece of work and after referring to You Qing as a lonely woman, he yells at her for being stupid enough to fall for Nic’s scam. His M.O. is to move up the ladder by preying on older women. Apparently, at the ancient age of 30, how could she even dream that a younger man would be genuinely interested in her? When it’s not like all the young girls in the world are dead. Well, screw you, Gay Boyfriend. How about you shut up? Even if she were 90, she can still be with a younger man. Never heard of the 100+ woman who married a 30-something year old guy? It happens, asshole! Besides, what’s so great about a younger man? Most of them are broke!

Anyway, so You Qing leaves in tears. She’s devastated and feels like a fool for falling for his game. So she calls Da Ren who at that moment is getting ready to cook for Maggie. She laments to him, saying that she’s not even  a good as “not bad,” crying about being gullible to fall for the ruse and to actually believe that she was worthy of getting pampered.  As far as she can see, she’s delusional about her sex appeal and it only makes sense that he will never love her. (Groan. Not this again).

He listens to her and an hour and a half later, when she’s back in her hotel room, he asks her to answer the door. Huh? Which door? She hears a knock, opens it and guess who’s standing at the other end with a phone to his ear. AWWWWWWW! How cute is he?

Earlier on, when she’d met with her divorced friend, she’d held a mirror up to her face and now it’s his turn to do the same. He tells her to look at her reflection but she shoves the mirror away because she’s can’t. She’s just too ashamed. He wanted her to take a look at the person she’d been dissing for the past hour but perhaps it’s alright if she doesn’t take a look because the mirror doesn’t even reflect the beautiful person only he sees. The one who will drop everything for a friend. The one who doesn’t mind being used by her family because she finds joy in being needed. The beautiful You Qing who will still find good points in someone who’s hurt her terribly. How cute and sweet is Li Da Ren? You guys had better make some babies right now! Oh my gosh, I am melting.

He tells her to stop being so hard on herself and after she wipes her tears on his clothes, she thanks him for being her mirror.


Quite interesting. The gay guy show lots of interest in the woman he wants to like him and the straight guy shows no interest in the woman who likes him. Maggie suspected that Da Ren was gay because he never took the initiative while Nic took the damn initiative by the horn and he’s the gay one.

I think you can definitely see how our couple might never have been on the same schedule. When Da Ren is in a relationship, You Qing gets really jealous and wants to get into one too. Even though this time, she can mask her jealousy with competition (because of the bet), I feel this happens every time. On Da Ren’s part, while he’s in a relationship, his heart is never fully in it (especially as his heart is elsewhere) so at some point, he wants to end it. However, he starts to end it around the time You Qing begins a new love and this is why their timing never matches.

As for Nic, he wants to use older women without giving up the goods? Dude, if you’re going to be a boy toy, you have to play your part. That’s all I have to say about him and his dumb ass.

I think it’s funny that even Da Ren’s coworkers tease him about the whole Da Ren Ge thing. lol. Maggie is so embarrassing.

Years from now, will You Qing be able to pinpoint when that “moment” was for her and Da Ren?

Anyway, now that Da Ren and You Qing are all alone in a hotel room, what will happen? I guess we’ll find out next week.

Till then!


“In Time With You” OST, Track 7: “DIAN QI JIAO JIAN AI” by Pei-Yu Hong


  • tumbleweed says:

    Eh, I don’t think You Ching’s *that* overly sensitive about her age. It’s actually true that there’s a vast difference between a 25-year-old and a 30-year-old in the dating world. A lot more guys will chase after 25-year-olds, but not so many after the 30-year-olds. Plus, for any women who want to have kids, the biological clock is always ticking. Women (not all) tend to get more sensitive as they get older and their families tease too much about their “expiration date,” and most of their friends get married and have kids. 30 seems to be the age of “panic” for a lot of women. Even some of my 25-year-old friends are already panicking over “the clock running out.”

    • msclockwatcher msclockwatcher says:

      To be fair, I am speaking from the perspective of someone who currently lives in the U.S. where the pressure to get married by 30 is not as strong. But even I started to hear some crap about marriage once I graduated from college.

      But I guess what I am saying is that a woman can only feel as bad as she lets herself feel. You Qing allows what other people think affect her too much (not just Da Ren but even co workers and her ex) which is not good.

      Being 30 and single is not the worst thing in the world regardless of what family, friends etc might say. It might not be easy to tell them to screw themselves but sometimes, it is necessary. Especially when you realize that family will never be satisfied. Once you’re married, they will ask where the baby is. After the first child, they will ask about the second one. You have two boys? Why not try for a girl? You’re a doctor? “My friend’s cousin’s hairdresser heard that X specialty is really lucrative. Have you thought of switching to that?” It never stops. lol. Which is why it’s easier to just let it get into one ear and come out the other.

      And yes, the dating pool is different for a 30-year old woman but many have healthy dating lives and with people getting divorced, the pool isn’t so small these days.

      So for me, I think she needs to ignore what all those people say and think of the wonderful person that Da Ren sees and not get affected by other people and their relationships. If you’re single, seeing other people happy and in love might make you feel a little envious but it’s nothing to feel desperate about because in the end, it makes it easier for others to prey on her (gold diggers, those who want a green card and other assholes).

      That’s why for me, I think she should think about the great things that come with being older and experienced both in her personal and professional life instead of the negatives.

      • tumbleweed says:

        Actually, now that I think about it, I don’t think she really cared much about finding someone to be in a relationship with until the bet started. She’s not unhappy about being 30, just aware of the passage of time and a bit nostalgic. She’s also quite jaded about men from previous bad relationships. (You’re right, though, that you have to let other people’s comments about the sort of things you mentioned to go in one ear and out the other).

        I think the “not too bad” conversation went awry both because Da Ren didn’t really think before he brought it up (it’s awesome that he can speak his mind to her, though), and You Ching wasn’t in the best of moods. He has a habit of mis-speaking/not thinking before he says things to her (and often says them to her when she’s in a bad mood). You Ching has a habit of misinterpreting his words, too… but if I was feeling testy, I probably would have misinterpreted what he said, too. It’s cute that he wanted to share his pearls of wisdom with her, but he could take his own advice, too 😛

      • smiles says:

        Hi – speaking as a 30 plus single woman, i never really understood the term “biological clock ticking” until 30 – something happens when you hit the big 3 0 – suddenly time becomes a factor that just wasn’t an issue before.
        30 is by no means old, but suddenly you become aware that if you want to have children, time is literally running out – which is a shocking, alarming and ever present problem. But i agree with you, You Qing does worry too much about what the people around her think and it does effect her in a negative way.

        Anyway, thanks for your recap you made me lol many times whilst reading it!

  • leila8mae says:

    my favorite scene of the episode would have to be Da Ren leaving Maggie the night of the faux burglary.

    and clock I really love this line of yours : “the mirror doesn’t even reflect the beautiful person only he sees” sweetness ♥

  • angeleyes says:

    Your recap was funny! …”You guys had better make same babies now! LOL!!! :)))

    This episode shows that Li Da Ren truly loves You Qing more than a friend! He was sooo damn sweet. Really, if I was a butter, i would have literally melted! :). sigh… I just love him. Sadly the “Li Da Ren” type of guys don’t exist anymore or if there are still guys like that, they would be in the “endangered species” category, near extinction! Lol!

    The scene in the restaurant with Da ren, You Qing & annoying Maggie was so funny. And that scene wherein You Qing was crying in front of the glass door, looking at her reflection, really made me cry. I felt her pain! (Ariel was sooo great in this scene!) This drama has really are a lot of reflections & metaphors about life. Every episode has it’s own life’s little lessons.

    I’m anxiously waiting for the next episode.. You’re right, what will happen to You Qing & Da ren
    now that they are all alone in a hotel room? Speak up & have some courage Li Da Ren!

  • tessieroo says:

    Thank you for the recaps! I feel like not too many people are paying attention to this drama which is a shame, I’m enjoying it very much. Ariel Lin seems much more matured and confident in her acting AND she looks gorgeous.
    Can Maggie be anymore annoying & needy? None of my guy friends would be able to stand her whining and clinging for 2 seconds. (LOL)
    Please continue to recap this one!

  • Erika says:

    Thank for recap.being waiting for it.I’m 30,single and happy.parents nag,friends asking the old question but I just go with the flow.moment of worries?of course thats why I love this drama but not panicking,god will give hubby in time.hehe.

    • Emeldy says:

      Well I am nearing 30’s… Yap, late 20’s (If you are or have been through that age you know what i mean). Honestly i am scared, but something tells me when i turn 30 i will be alright, still single and probably much happier than i am right now. Yes, i am getting the heat right now. Marriage, Careers…. I dread attending weddings.

      Love watching this drama….. Its so real and You Qing dilemma is so familiar. And i hate birthday as well. I had my high school friend, who sort of indirectly approached me few years back (Oh Yeah! you know when your best friends want to be something more than just friends). I knew him so well and all his secrets. I just could not let go of THE one mistake he did in high school. Fast forward, now he is married and doing well in his job and our friendship ended as well. No i don’t regrets and he was definitely no Li Da Ren.

      Coming back to this drama, i am obsessed with this drama and Bolin Chen (I have watched most of his work by now)… Love your comments on Li Da Ren. Li Daren fighting burger had me laughing so bad. He definitely not a toughie but ohhhhh hell, he is the sweetest thing ever. Li Da Ren got to be anybody’s dream guy. I will pass over any number of good looking chaebols for a guy like Li Da Ren.

  • Gabitis says:

    Absolutely love this show. And your recap 😉
    Cant wait for next episode.
    Thx again

  • Iviih says:

    Hi ^^ thanks for recapping this drama, and LOL-ed at your rants ^^

    Thanks everyone who shared your stories/thoughts.

    I feel bad for You Qing, is not only her age that makes her that sensitive, but I think because all her past relationships didn’t work that well and since she isn’t close to get in one relationships so soon, now that she is aging, she is more and more scared of not finding the right guy, scared of not finding someone who will love her… someone she will love more than Da Ren.

    I know she might be a little insecure but I like it. Feels so real, maybe it’s because she and I have some things in common.

    I know getting older isn’t the end of the world, but it is scary for some people, is not the age itself that is scary, but the loneliness – and I feel this way too, even thought I’m still 20!

    Btw, You Qing and Da Ren reminds my friend. She had a best friend too… she really liked him, but couldn’t confess because she didn’t want to lose his friendship… the guy was the same, he also felt something more than a friend would for her, but just like her, he didn’t want to spoil their friendship.

    So after many time passed, both got to know each other fellings, and afraid of their friendship end/ruin, they decided not to be lovers, not to give a step forward in their relationship (becoming lovers – dating), but even thought they did this to protect their friendship, because of their awareness about each other, it ruined their friendship, because both knew how they felt…- they were too awkward to continue to be friends, but also never dared to date or took a step forward, end of story: they are nothing nowadays, not friends nor lovers… they are now just like strangers.

    I wonder if You Qing will really be able to still be his friend like she was after Da Ren confess, even thought she stops him from confessing, she knows what he was going to say – there is no way to go back – to just ignore his feelings…

    I know will have too many drama before they getting together… hehehe

  • daydee123 says:

    I love reading your recaps (and other comment) as much as I
    I love watching this drama. So, thank you gals. You make it easier for me to wait for sunday .
    I’ll wait for eps 4 recaps (impatiently. ^_^)

  • lilyrose says:

    love dis series.cant wait to finally finish d whole series.& tnx 4 d recap guys!

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