Lee Min Ho’s next movie is “Bounty Hunters”

Lee Min Ho will begin filming his next movie Bounty Hunters in August, which makes me wonder if he will be appearing in a drama anytime soon, but then again he wouldn’t be the first actor to do a movie and a drama in a year. Bounty Hunters is a Korean-Chinese production, and it is most likely that his female lead will be a top Chinese actress.  Bounty Hunters is an action comedy directed by Shin Tae-Ra who directed the action comedies My girlfriend Is An Agent and its drama remake 7th Grade Civil Servant.

Lee Min Ho character is expected to be intelligent, cute, silly, charming and of course skilled at martial arts. There is no detailed summary out, but we should probably expect a side of Lee Min Ho we haven’t seen since City Hunter, or at least expect that level of stunts. I admit, I wasn’t particularly fond of   7th Grade Civil Servant, but the movie My girlfriend Is An Agent was a fun watch. I am hoping for the best with this one and will give it a shot when it comes out approximately sometime late this year to early 2016.

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