Warm and Cozy Week 5 & 6: Promise

Is this promise meant to be broken or fulfilled?

Hong Sister’s writing is a hit or miss, even for me. Warm and Cozy is giving me mixed emotions, and I’ve found myself reaching my limit. But I am not blind to see the sparks and the romance this K-drama offers. Amidst the craziness of Gun Woo and his journey to finally admit his love for Jung Joo, drama gave me moments that broke my heart and root for another man. Although we know that Jung Joo already gave her heart long time ago, it’s just now that the owner finally accepted. It took almost forever (Note: 12 Episodes).

After all this, where are we heading?

Episodes 9 to 12 Character highlights:


Mayor Hwang“I’ll come by again and again, to bring these to you. Then I hope you eventually feel affection for those flowers and spur you to join me to go see these flowers someday.”

I’ll say you’re referring to your heart more than the flowers. He’s more attractive now than when I first saw him. Anyhow, at this rate we are going, I know his love for Jung Joo will just be in vain. Even if he already introduced his whole clan to her, nothing could change her heart now. Sad. Even though this is the facade his hope is still up, thinking he has a chance. Sweetheart, you’re in deep trouble.

The scene at the theatre and when he saw Gun Woo sitting beside the drunk Jung Joo pierced my heart. I screamed at him [while watching raw] the moment where he got up to leave Jung Joo alone in that tent! It was a mistake to leave especially knowing that someone would come and take his place. True enough minutes later, Gun Woo arrived and sat beside Jung Joo. Mayor Hwang stood in a distance to breathe a sigh of regret, carrying a bag of medicine in his hand. Aww. Its a common sight as we watch his heart shattered. I adore Mayor Hwang because I fondly remember Pil Joo in him. I’ve learned my lesson well from PJ and so this second lead flu will go away soon.


Jung Joo – I want to personally burst all of her balloon-filled heart for Gun Woo and give a renewed heart that beats only for Mayor Hwang. It’s better for Jung Joo to burst her own bubble thought and get herself out of the reverie. Her imagination is way beyond expectations and just for laughs. These scenarios confuses me at times. Just when I’m already swooning, the feeling is destroyed because it’s not true. It makes me want to push the OTP to the opposite direction. However, Jung Joo is indeed Gun Woo’s twin, she’s also stupid and oblivious. No wonder she easily gives in to Gun Woo’s whim.

But no matter what Gun Woo did, she’d happily cook for him still. She isn’t ashamed to admit that she has fallen for him upfront. What a feisty woman! Her heart is in full control. The illness issue gave way for her to know the sweeter and caring side of Gun Woo. His sincerity and genuine concern made her fall for him even more. Who can blame her? I can’t, because I’m also stupid to love Gun Woo.

Gun Woo

I’m still on the fence with you, dude. But for the love of Yoo Yeon Seok, I’m still swooning over your sweetness and dream that I’m the one doing the pinky swear sealed with your kiss. Hashtag delusional. In moments where I feel frustrated and I would suddenly question the man that is Gun Woo, I’m thrown in a place where I’d prefer Mayor Hwang in a heartbeat. But since you have proven your worth in Week 6, I can forgive you again.


Gun Woo is messed up because he was so used to playing love like it’s a game with Ji Won. Ji Won expects Gun Woo to become her “ideal” chaebol. I see money, not love. When Jung Joo entered his life, he eventually realised that love isn’t a game where there is a loser or a winner. You just give in, not to lose but to simply love more. Mayor Hwang served as a trigger for his feelings to be ignited. His jealousy made him question himself and he saw Jung Joo’s feelings for him more. For Jung Joo she wants him to be the man he wants to be. What a way to turn things around! Truly, you cannot change a person to become someone they are not, or worse to change someone to your own liking. Gun Woo has found a gem in Jung Joo. This is where I start to see his potential. The stagnant, selfish, childish Gun Woo is slowly vanishing.

Gun Woo was doing things for Jung Joo behind her back. First was with the lady diver ahjumma, and the past week it was Jung Joo’s Mum that he voluntarily helped. If he didn’t care about Jung Joo much, he wouldn’t bother going out of his way to do all these. It is the sweetest gesture a man can do, especially because it is kept hidden that makes the intention pure.


Hae Shil and Oppa Jung Geun

Love is definitely on their side. They are the sweetest couple in this drama. Indeed love doesn’t grow old, and they show it so well. I don’t mind seeing them in a lovey-dovey state all the time.

I think Oppa is trying to shoot his own drama in Jeju. Good thing, its sweet and enjoyable to watch him fall in love with Hae Shil. I’m feeling a lot better just having the two of them onscreen. I can’t talk about Oppa without Hae Shil, so I’d rather give them their own space. After 30 years, Hae Shil loves again and Oppa finally found a woman to share his life with. Nothing can go in between them. Oppa’s sister didn’t even match Hae Shil’s wit and tenacity. So, how can her past matter?? They are mature enough, I hope things work out for good.

Personal Thoughts:

In Episode 9, I felt why I love Yoo Yeon Seok. He has the kind of intensity that makes me feel a heartache like no other. He just looked at his injured hand and I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I felt his heart crushed in that very moment. Every time he comes near Jung Joo, I turn into a puddle of goo. Gun Woo’s struggled this week. I thought it was ineluctable but gone is the childish Gun Woo. *hurray!* If the percentage will be like 100 balloons, I think only 20% is left as Baek choding, and this is slowly bursting away. I know that the childish Gun Woo is cute, but the manly Gun Woo who tries to hold on even when he’s already hurting, that’s the man I want to see more.


But all of this changed come Episode 10. The 20 balloons refused to pop!! I’m back being frustrated at Gun Woo. I’m swinging back and fort, I’m not enjoying this feeling anymore. Where is the drama heading?? I know there’s charm in being a man-child but I guess I’ve hit my limit with him. I just want him to love Jung Joo differently and not treat her the way he would with Ji Won. It’s a sincere wish. No more child play. It took forever before Gun Woo reached the point where he admitted he likes Jung Joo for real.

Then again, he’d be back in the same stupid state come Episode 11. I feel like we’ve been circling in his childish love forever. Gun Woo allowed Jung Joo to like him but he did not reciprocate any of it. It is bad to lead a woman’s heart to like a man who has no intention of pursuing her in building a relationship with. But as the whole picture come into full view, I understand why Gun Woo is the man that he is. All this time that he only has his eyes on Ji Won, playing along with her mind games, love isn’t the central focus. In fact there’s no love, it’s just the thought of having Ji Won that mattered to him. She became the reason behind the Warm and Cozy because he was hoping to have her by his side. He was waiting for her all this time, but she never came. This is a clear sign, but Baek choding is stupid. Jung Joo came and we saw how Gun Woo slowly changed. When Ji Won finally visited the restaurant our man is waiting for someone else already. The transition is messy, and it didn’t transcend smoothly as I would want it. Good thing, the characters really gives the right feeling in my favourite scenes or else, I already bow out.


Gun Woo’s father is back in Episode 12 that hinted of an inevitable problem that might affect Gun Woo’s family. His father killed Hae Shil’s husband 30 years ago. Hae Shil is dating Oppa now, and Gun Woo thinks he’d cause them trouble if his father shows up. IMO, I don’t see how Dad’s comeback will affect anyone. Though Hae Shil may react differently, then again Oppa has nothing to do with Gun Woo’s father so I take that it wouldn’t change her love for Oppa. She’s a tough woman, and Oppa won’t let her go easily. Gun Woo thought about these consequences and decided to leave without even asking Oppa for advice.

Separation is in the midst. Will it be significant if Gun Woo and Jung Joo separate now? This separation comes from an external conflict that has nothing to do with the main couple. However if this will give Gun Woo an added depth in his character, I’ll go along with it. I just hope the last four episode will have better execution.

Make it work, Hong Sister’s!!


  • Mitta says:

    Hmm…I don’t regret dropping this show after a few epis. Based on what I saw in that first few instalments and your description here, Gun Woo is just not the ideal kdrama lead man that makes me want to cheer him on. The angst meter would have made me curse inwardly at the computer screen and raise my blood pressure to an undesirable level. Better leave those emotions for a more worthy show. 🙂

    • leila108 says:

      Mitta, Gun Woo is a hard pill to swallow. I love Yoo Yeon Seok, and I think he’s doing the best he can to make Gun Woo lovable. Gun Woo is testing my patience right now and I don’t know how long I will last.. I’m still crossing all my fingers that the last four episodes will be better.

  • MysteryMel says:

    Hae Shil and Oppa Jung Geun relationship is the real story. Hongs are having fun at our expense using every cliche from their drama works. Something about that mature & seasoned love that works. The other kiddo’s cannot be taken serious. Over soon, I can only hope they provide a good landing we can swallow and not break-up the couple of the year: JS&JG.

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