High Society: First Impressions

Let’s enter the realm of High Society that depicts the world of the rich and the poor plus the irony behind the facade. It’s interesting to see how the leads live their own life and achieve their dreams. Amidst the turmoil of their circumstances, two people found love. But is it a real one??

Things are getting better in Week 2. So before we deal with Week 3, let’s get to know the characters further and look back at previous events that made me happy enough to continue giving this show a chance.

Week 1 and 2 Highlights:


Yoon Ha: Does having a lot of money mean you don’t lack anything??

Jang Yoon Ha (UEE) is working as a part-time employee at an upscale food market. She’s a chaebol and doesn’t need to work a day in her life but she finds true value in working hard for her own money. Her family isn’t an ideal one to have – wealthy yet wrecked, complete yet divided. She’s the youngest and the least favourite among the four siblings. Yoon Ha is bold and she never succumbs in her parents will and go against it. She’s a rebel but has the softest heart. She is very close to his older brother, Kyung Joon (Lee Sang Woo). She has found a confidante in him and a true family. With just two of them, I feel they are complete.

Yoon Ha doesn’t disregard the importance of money. She needs it, everybody needs it. But more than acquiring wealth, its her happiness enveloped in a dream that’s more important. What’s her dream?? To love and be loved not because of her riches. She’s determined to find that one man who can accept her as is. This is where Joon Ki comes in.


Joon Ki: You can never be happy when you are poor.

Choi Joon Ki (Sung Joon) is a Deputy Manager of a Grocery owned by the Yoo Family. Joon Ki is snotty and he’s using a woman to become rich. He isn’t content with what he has and works hard to live a more comfortable life compared to his poor parents. He has the talent, the intelligence and the attitude to be a successful employee but it seemed that his hard work is just in vain. I find that there’s a contradiction to his attitude. He is mysterious and I know that what has been shown to us is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s much more to uncover. I don’t even see his heart yet. One thing is for sure, a man who loves his mother is a gem.


Yoo Chang Soo (Park Hyung Sik) is Joon Ki’s best buddy. Chang Soo is filthy-rich and conceited but I find him adorable and interesting especially paired with Lee Ji Yi. They have the type of contrast that has potential to enrich each other in the long run. He’s the typical rich boy who loves to play more than work. Ji Yi complements him well and he finally see reality in her. Chang Soo is always caught off guard hearing Ji Yi’s banter. Obviously, he is totally smitten by her charms.

Ji Yi: You shine more when you encounter problems.

Lee Ji Yi (Lim Ji Yeon) is the bestie of Yoon Ha. She’s a hard worker who struggles in daily life yet finds happiness in small things. She’s cheerful and has no time to add drama in her love life. Ji Yi is special and there’s nothing complicated about her. Even the way she deals with things. She apologises when needed, she’s blunt about her crush, she has no time to be a Cinderella, and she makes the best kind of friend you’ll ever need.


The story became interesting when Yoon Ha and Joon Ki started to interact more. At first Yoon Ha didn’t care much about Joon Ki. Since he is her bestie’s crush, she didn’t pay attention to him. One day, Joon Ki had an argument with Yoon Ha that led him to share his childhood that he never told anyone. He’s also starting to show little hints that made Yoon Ha feel otherwise. I love the scene at the samgyeopsal restaurant where her co-workers held a company dinner. Joon Ki poured her some water and refilled her side dish without being told. It felt natural to see Joon Ki do it! *giddyheart* He is being a gentleman but we know better. How can we simply ignore this gesture?? It’s cute and sweet. Of course their so-called love story blossomed from there.

I felt that their relationship was rushed and didn’t really had a foundation to merit a break-up that’s heart wrenching. It’s too early. I mean, the build up towards the break-up was a bit lacking. Then again, this provided an honest conversation between Yoon Ha and Joon Ki. At least Yoon Ha admitted about her chaebol status, we don’t need to go around in circles with that. Anyhow, who are we to question if they choose love for the moment? Well, I can’t wait to see more of this!



Personal thoughts:

I like it! I find the world of Yoon Ha so interesting and worth digging more into. I never thought that the youngest child would be the black sheep because usually they are the favourite. I guess Yoon Ha is too strong to be one. She goes against the flow and I find that very endearing. She knows that the value of money comes from earning it using her own strength. I love her depth, how she views her life and live it in her own terms. She’s independent who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, she never allows anyone to mistreat her and she’s fiercely incorrigible.

Joon Ki is mysterious and I think his view is tainted wrongly. His parents are poor and he thinks that finding happiness and contentment staying like his parents, is something he’s not aspiring to be. He wanted to be rich and he thinks being born poor is a disadvantage. There’s a misconception of what being rich and poor truly means for him. I hope someone will knock his head because life is not all about the money or success. That aside, I want him to gain the respect he deserves at work not just because he’s the best friend of a chaebol that he works for. He has the potential to be successful using his own abilities. He can built his own empire if he wants to. Then again, money is needed for it. The heck, he can make it happen!


I see where Yoon Ha and Joon Ki’s world collides. Both have strong personalities that rub each others pride. I already love the conflict I’m seeing. Yoon Ha’s acerbic wit penetrates him. I honestly think he is attracted despite knowing the fact that she’s rich. I like that all secrets are out in Week 2. All I hope to see now is where the truth will lead them. Yoon Ha have fallen in love with Joon Ki already, but does he have the right motive to love her back? Or he’d just continue doing so with his plan in mind? Well, if one is born a chaebol, getting married isn’t easy especially when a background check is on speed dial. I hope the hurdle we’d deal with is more than this kind of conflict.

What’s interesting about the world of the wealthy presented here isn’t the money or how lavish they live. It’s actually the emptiness they have despite of the alluring wealth. The problems surrounding the Tae Jin group isn’t something you’d deal with as a norm. No wonder Yoon Ha behaves the way that she is. Her family isn’t the type you’d want to spend good conversations with. There’s no love found in their house so she seeks for it outside. Yoon Ha felt like a prisoner in her own home, she just wants to break free.

Week 3 is up next! See you all again.


  • paloma says:

    “I felt that their relationship was rushed and didn’t really had a foundation to merit a break-up that’s heart wrenching. It’s too early”

    That has been my biggest complaint so far with this drama. For some reason even the way they got together seemed rushed and a tad unrealistic, even for a Kdrama lol!

    I actually find myself much more invested in the 2nd leads but I am very curious as to JoonKi’s true character and how things will pan out once Yoonha finds out about it.

    • leila108 says:

      I have to agree Paloma, Ji Yi and Chang Soo has better foundation than the OTP. I feel more invested in them. I have to see how things will pan out from here..

      • kendz says:

        I think they are doing it because there are more to come in their relationship. They are building the conflict in the story. from simple problems to maybe a more complicated one.

    • Mina says:

      –> “I felt that their relationship was rushed and didn’t really had a foundation to merit a break-up that’s heart wrenching. It’s too early”

      A friend of mine that’s watching the drama with me feels the same way. Yoonha’s rapid fall into love makes sense because she’s desperate for love. Any nice action by JoonKi is seen as another reason to like him more. Her relationship with her family is so broken, her brother is close to her but she keeps everyone distant from her. Despite the loneliness around her, she wants to be loved and to love as well. The relationship may seem rushed, but for Yoonha, this is her make or break moment to get the love that she wants and needs. Just my two cents. 🙂

      • leila108 says:

        good point Mina! This will be a disadvantage for Yoon Ha because she fell for Joon Ki quickly. She doesn’t even know him well enough. In my comment I’m referring more when it comes to the transition in their relationship. It didn’t feel right, though what you have said could be the motive. I just wished the flow could have been executed better.

        You know, Joon Ki can make any woman fall in love with him in a second. Yoon Ha is in deep trouble for having a vulnerable heart. Right now, I doubt if Joon Ki feels the same as her. Too bad, she wouldn’t even notice it.

    • Meme says:

      I have only one complaint: why is Uee is so ugly? No, really? Couldn’t they find a better looking and more talented actress? Okay, she can’t help it, her parents (and her plastic surgeon) made her this way. However, can she at least try to act well? Her acting sucks. Sheer abomination!

      My only wish is that Uee gets married and has children. Like 20 of them. So she cannot work any more. I want to see some Uee-free dramas.

  • bmore says:

    I am actually enjoying the faster pace of the relationship building and the secrets baring that is happening in this drama. The thing that got me most interested in this drama is who it is written by. After watching Can We Get Married and One Warm Word, I learned that no presumptions should be made about any character nor their motivations because this writer, Ha Myung Hee, can take the characters to places you never expected. I HOPE she is given as free a hand with this drama as she was with Word, because we will be in for a bumpy ride and some big surprises. What has disappointed me so far is that the story line seems too kdrama cliche so far compared to her previous ones, but I am hoping that my faith in this writer will be rewarded. Her past 10 years of experience on Clinic for Married Couples: Love & War gave her a mountain of material on relationships and personalities to work with.

    The fact that so much has happened so quickly means there must be a ton of stuff ahead of us. Of course, the brother is no way dead. Even though Lee Sang Woo was only contracted for 3 episodes, his return in episode 15 or 16 could already be filmed and waiting. Right now Yoon Ha seems a little too pathetic and needy to me, so I am hoping for a major personality shift when she discovers that Joon Gi’s motivation for pursuing her in the first place has to do with money and upward mobility. Because you know that is going to come out. And there is definitely an inner core of strength in that girl. I have never been a fan of this actress and was seriously going to pass on this drama, but the writer and Sung Joon drug me back in. So far she seems to be doing okay.

    And I hope we get to see Sung Joon put to use his double sided coin of good and bad. We know, after his terrific but sadly underdeveloped part in Hyde, that he can do bad very well. So I want to see that side of him being used well here too. But, of course, his good side MUST win in the end!! 🙂

    Finally, the highlight of this show is definitely our second lead couple, for me. Absolutely adore them. I hope and pray they keep up this conflict for quite some time. I don’t want to see them break up nor get together too soon because the interplay between them is adorable and beyond sexy! I hope she finds a guy she thinks is ‘right’ and gives Chang Soo a run for his money.

    But Chang Soo is also a bit of a cipher. He has hidden depths and that little scene of him in Joon Gi’s apartment where his face changes and he makes the remark about ‘respecting one another’ was indicative of the fact that he is very aware that he is on a higher rung than Joon Gi. Joon Gi, of course, is already aware of this and it is obvious his resentment of Chang Soo is riding very close to the surface in that relationship. Their ‘friendship’ is teetering on a very thin edge that they both seem to be aware of, yet trying very hard not to bring out into the open. What their true feelings are about one another will, I’m sure, be exploding into view soon.

    • leila108 says:

      Agree Bmore, Oppa is alive. Lee Sang Woo better make his comeback!!

      I love Ji Yi and Chang Soo.. they are giving me the right amount of feels ♥

    • darkartemis says:

      “…so I am hoping for a major personality shift when she discovers that Joon Gi’s motivation for pursuing her in the first place has to do with money and upward mobility.”
      I am so hoping for this too. I think Kyung Joon has mentioned that if it he were their father, he would make Yoon Ha his heir/heiress. I wanna see Yoon Ha go and make her way up the company ladder.

  • hippooo says:

    Agree with everything you have written.
    Their is a lot layers and depths in their characters/personality that makes you want to see what will happen next.
    They are not the ‘cute’ 2nd couple, but they do make you fan girl when they are together.
    There’s a reason why he doesn’t smile much, because he is a serious ‘character’. but it is so cute when he does…Jong Ki that is.
    what is waiting for them in the future, what choices they will make, i can’t wait to see it all. although i will have to have the tissues ready.

    i wish it was 20 ep’s just so we could see more of them together. they look really good together, but it might be a bit to draggy.
    Uee <3 Sung Joon!!!!

    i've read a few times that people don't like how JK is using CS and that CS see's him as a good friend and family. But that's not true, because of his Chaebol status and upbringing he will never see JK as equal or just a friend, always somehow reminding JK or using him to run errands. You don't do that to friends. Plus if JK didn't have the skills he wouldn't be respected by others and be someone people would want on their side.

    JiYi is the only character that is as clear as water to me. what you see is what you get, no secrets there. you gotta have at least one lively honest character in the drama.

    overall i'm in love with this drama atm and all leads. More particularly Uee and Sung Joon!!!

    • tieuyeunu says:

      You’re not the only one that sees the distance between cs and jk.

      Cs is wealthy so he has this ‘entitled’ attitude towards jk. He see’s jk as a friend but when things don’t go he’s way he puts jk in his place. I can remember two instances in the episode so far already.

      The problem is cs doesn’t realize what he is doing is wrong if you’re really friends because he’s simply ignorant of the fact.

      While jk is more world my and has known for a while at least on how to give way to his friend. Maybe at the start they were truly friends but somewhere along the line, cs tactless words would have axed that friendship for jk.

      Because they are not equals they are not friends.

      For someone as proud and as ambitious as jk, having to pretend to lose and constantly having to bow he’s head would have built resentments towards the rich, especially cs wh from his point of view has no talent or care for his occupation.

  • ACC says:

    I actually think they will get married quiet soon.That’s why the drama is moving so fast.They want us to see the leads developing themselves in the marriage not the dating process.She will find out about the real him while they will be married.He will fall in love with her and everything will fall apart when she finds out about him.Well these are only my thoughts.I have seen so many dramas that sometimes it feels like I can predict what will happen in it.

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