“The Time We Were Not In Love” Press Conference Pics Galore + New Stills Of A Very Expressive Ha Ji Won


The leads of The Time We Were Not In Love took a break from filming and came together for an afternoon press conference for the drama on June 23rd. The event was held at the SBS building in Seoul’s Yangcheon District.

The fashion color scheme was black and white. Ha Ji Won and Yoon Kyun Sang wore black while Lee Jin Wook and Choo Soo Hyun were in white. So, I guess it’s opposites attract, then.

Ha Ji Won was noticeably in good spirits even before she and her co-stars stepped through the doors of the venue, and it doesn’t seem like she dropped her smile at any time during the conference, so, there really was no bad shot of her. In fact, there were millions from which to choose! To me, she seemed to beam the most when interacting with her leading man, Lee Jin Wook, who hammed it up a bit for the cameras. The chemistry between these two is killing me! And the way he was looking at her is making me ship so hard that I won’t even care if this drama ends up being crap … but I’m still hoping it won’t, so, I’m thinking positive things only!



Meanwhile, more stills of Ha Ji Won’s Oh Ha Na were released earlier. Ha Ji Won is truly a chameleon. It seems her range as an actress is being pushed through the role of Oh Ha Na as she transforms herself physically and as she turns on several different expressions, including aegyo.




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  • heartoppaya says:


    HJW and LJW look so adorable it seems as if they are BFFs already… I love their chemistry in the “measuring hearts” pic above. So cute! But then again, these two definitely sell the chemistry and the BFFness in boatloads.

    I just can’t wait for this drama to happen already! Don’t make me wait no more….

  • Janine Guy says:

    They both look like they’re too comfortable with each other. Lee Jin Wook seemed to be sooooo alive. Their stills are so bright and has a great power that it gives positive impact to the viewers and even during the press conference. I saw its video and all I can say is WOW! I am seriously amaze with how oozing the chemistry was. Ha Ji won together with Lee Jin Wook has a different chemistry with Ha Ji Won’s second lead Yoon Kyun Sang, but the viewer gets the same AWESOME feeling. I like it how Lee Jin Wook and Ha Ji Won acted LIKE best friends in real life. I like Yoon Kyun Sang too!! I cqn see already thier intimate chemistry together!!! Hahahahaha

  • kumon says:

    Wahhh the chemistry is off the roof!!! Can’t wait for this to air. Yoon Kyun Sang is so tall!

  • paloma says:

    Love love love the chemistry between the 2 leads already!!!! Waaahh my excitement for this show just keeps getting greater and greater!!

  • myra do says:

    Seen TEAMWORK in this picture. `HJW is truly an adorable woman, sophisticated and seductive. So adorable and very professional. Waiting for it’s release. Fighting

  • camry says:

    Ohhhh damn I’m so eagerly waiting for this drama. I just want to see Ha Ji Won that’s all. Don’t care for anything else but shipping these guys all the wayyyyy

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