“Scholar Who Walks The Night” First Teaser: Lee Jun Ki Bares His Vampire Fangs

The first teaser trailer for Scholar Who Walks The Night has dropped, and I’m taking that as a sign that all is finally well in the production world. No more injuries, right? Maybe …. since there’s sword wielding and shooting arrows in the woods …

I was afraid it would look hammy, and if the show actually does turn out to be one, then, this teaser has done a good job of suppressing it. And as usual, Lee Jun Ki has thrown himself into his role.




Sources  |  Credito to uploader  |  Soompi, c/o zacklazchapellez & briseis



  • Patoi says:

    Exciting teaser. Looking forward to the drama.

  • bmore says:

    crossing my fingers. It’s hard to do these “right”. I love vampire stuff, but to find one where they don’t go all hysterical and overact? I was a little put off by how overkill a couple of these scenes looked. But if Lee Joon Ki is in it, no matter what, I will be watching. Even if I end up fast forwarding through all the scenes he’s not in. “Good” vampire stuff treats the story like it’s every day life. The early True Blood shows tied in prejudice and the struggle to be normal and to assimilate into a ‘foreign’ culture into the story line. Moonlight showed a guy trying to live a normal life and hide who he was. I am anxiously awaiting Orange Marmalade to finish so I can start it…HATE once a week dramas with a passion! 🙂

    • goodange says:

      You’re totally correct. It’s difficult to do this kind of genre right, and I wasn’t sure about this one when I first heard about it, but the teaser doesn’t make it look too bad. Okay, I did kind of giggle when Lee Jun Ki showed his teeth. LOL.

      And aaah, I can’t believe you mentioned Moonlight. It’s too bad that show never took off. I’m not into these kinds of fantasies, but I tuned into that one (also out of loyalty to Sophia Myles).

      • bmore says:

        know how much I loved it? I own it! And have downloaded virtually every song played on it. That had the most awesome music! I’ve probably watched it 10 times! 😉 I signed the ‘petitions’ and all that hoping the series would come back. That Friday night slot was a killer though. Same with another series I absolutely adored, Wonderfalls. I own it too! 🙂

        • Orion says:

          Oh my God, so I can’t believe all the Moonlight and Wonderfalls mentions here, I loved both show. Too bad, they cancelled it early. Although with Wonderfalls and Bryan Fuller, its always the same. They cancelled Hannibal too and it is such a great show with a bunch of talented actors. Anyway, looking forward to this. Jun Ki is great as always. And Lee Yu Bi, she really looks good in her role, I knew she has it in her to pull it off, fingers crossed.

          • bmore says:

            I wondered if there would be anyone else who knew what those 2 shows are/were! So funny….truly, sometimes I wonder at us Kjunkies….were we cloned?

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