“The Time We Were Not In Love”: TV Spots With Ha Ji Won & Lee Jin Wook + An Extra Poster + Boatloads More Character Stills (UPDATED)

I’m super late for work, so, I’m making this short. 😉

Enjoy the slew of new promos for The Time We Were Not In Love!


TV Spots


Poster + Character Shots



Sources  |  SBSNOW  |  Soompi, c/o ferlycious  |  The Time We Were Not In Love Official Site




  • Lili says:

    This blog should rename itself “The time we were not in love official blog” haha. But I LOVE this great influx of TTWWNIL posts and I’m 100% LJW is smitten with HJW. Honestly, I hate sounding like a airheaded fangirl but either he’s an oscar-worthy actor with all this flirty, cheeky attitude or he’s hitting hard on her and don’t even care if there are cameras around.

  • jenni says:

    Oh my God! I am dying to see this drama. and I too love each and every TTWWNIL posts here. thanks a lot 🙂

  • heartoppaya says:

    Lol. So cute!

    I’m wondering why LJW always cradles his face, but seriously, the promos are too cute!

    BTW, is there a shorter name for this drama? Its taking all my breath to say the name in full. Lol

    I officially cannot wait. We should name ourselves, The Time We Could Not Wait!!

    • goodange says:

      You can just call it “The Time I Loved You.” I wanted to just continue calling that, but the show is officially marketing it The Time We Were Not In Love in English.

      I cannot wait either!!!

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