“I Remember You” Episode 5 Preview + Week 2 Thoughts

I have to say that this drama just keeps getting better. I’m glad that there will be some romance but I hope that it’s something that stays in the background because I think the serial killer case might be interesting without it.

As I expected, the guy they caught isn’t the big bad but a pawn. Which means that the thrill for the psycho isn’t really in the kill itself. He’s probably some egomaniac who gets off on outsmarting everyone.

In Week 2, we are either getting more red herrings or hints that Min is the killer and is probably Lawyer Jung Sun Ho while Doctor Lee Joon Ho is most likely Lee Joon Young.

The lawyer is clearly involved in something even if this turns out to be a long con. He seems completely up his ass like he gets off outsmarting everyone and I doubt he became a lawyer because he believes in the law. He probably became one just so that he could feed his ego by winning cases. The show seemed to imply that he killed his best friend when they were kids but I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t the guy in the story the old dude told.

Why do I somehow think that we’ll get some twist at the end and learn that Joon Young didn’t really kill Hyun’s father? But then again, he’s coming across creepy with his forced meet-cute. I mean, he first gets Hyun wet, then naked, then talks about how he’s lonely. I wonder if our genius thinks this guy has a crush on him.

Then we have this other guy who seems to be killing people against his will.

The other question is who other than Ji An is watching Hyun? Even if his house isn’t bugged, his phone has to be for the killer to be sent to the cop’s place. And will Hyun ever find the book with all his research?

I’m not in a rush for a romance but I like the hijinks that may ensue from their probably brief cohabitation.

This show has some funny lines like how Hyun tries not to kill if he can help it so as to rebel against his father. I wonder if he snooped around Ji An’s place and saw the photos and files she attempted to hide from him.

I continue to find the drama interesting and look forward to the next episode. I agree with others who think Seo In Guk is doing really well in this role. I have to admit that his mysterious character is what gets me most glued to my screen. I’m enjoying his chemistry with Jang Nara but I would like a bit more from her character who – four episodes in – is the typical Kdrama heroine. Something different would be nice for a change. I would like her to stand out like her male counterpart.

Will Ji An and Hyun be caught in the closet? And will Hyun assist the cops in clearing his name? I guess we’ll find out next week. And after watching the preview, how in the world can Hyun not conclude that the good doctor is trying to get into his pants?

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  • dramacf says:

    I kinda like how this writer put a new spin in that old co-habitation trope and move the story along with a new psycho baddie tagging along…

    – Have some psycho kill someone
    – Make Hyun a murder suspect
    – Hyun “hides” at female cop’s house
    – “Murder suspect” and female cop play house!

  • stuartjmz says:

    Dongsaeng dunnit

    Female lead clueless, helpless, hopeless (even more than the other cops)

    Male lead gorgeous and a genius, who has to fix everything for the single-celled organisms wearing police badges, while insulting, demeaning and belittling the female lead at every chance. When he’s not busy taking his shirt off, of course.

    Did I miss anything?

    • kitai says:

      I don’t think the female lead’s worse than the other cops. Despite the characterisations I’d argue that this show is one of the best of the currently airing ones anyway.

    • Wildfly says:

      I think the cops in general forgot how to cop in this drama 😀
      Which is – I hope – an unrealistic display of the korean investigation process

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