“My Love Eun Dong” Episode 12 Video Preview

I read that there’s a lot to be very happy about with today’s episode. Will the streak continue in episode 12?

I’m just glad Eun Dong has extricated herself from Jae Ho. Now, let’s get on to finding the truth about Ra Il’s real father 😉



Episode 12 Video Preview Translation, c/o seungshin

someone (JH’s mother?) slaps Eun Dong

Jae Ho:  I feel nothing but being tired

Eun Dong’s father:  This is all a lie

Eun Ho: If you hurt her once more I will kill you

Eun Dong: I’ve never loved you I’ve only loved Park Hyun Soo

(Eun Ho shows ED his house describing every part)

Eun Ho: I’ve built it waiting for you

Eun Dong: I have nothing to be hurt anymore I don’t want to see you hurt

Eun Ho: I don’t care if I get hurt, then I am going to speed things up

Sources  |  Soompi, c/o seungshin & valsava  |  Credit to uploader

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