“My Love Eun Dong”: Joo Jin Mo & Kim Sa Rang’s Rainy Night Kiss & Daytime Bike Ride


After Let’s Eat 2 ended, I reluctantly picked up My Love Eun Dong so that I would have something to contribute to our weekly top moments for Soompi. I avoid melodramas, but this utterly romantic and flashback-overload show has turned out to be a mild crack for me. Since I’ve been watching it, I should have been sharing updates on it, and after getting a request from CK reader Kübra, I’m gonna start showing that I care about this drama 😉

So, like many, I’ve been waiting for Jung Eun to reclaim her identity as Eun Dong and reunite with Hyun Soo, even if it’s wrong in the eyes of the law, and this week, they’re given that chance before the shitstorm hits. And with their reunion, maybe the show will lighten up on the memory medley.

Next episode, it looks like Jung Eun will be leaving Jae Ho (and taking their son, Ra Il, with her); otherwise, I don’t think she would be kissing Hyun Soo and reliving their childhood ice cream date with him.

Enjoy it while it lasts!




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  • paloma says:

    OMG I almost squealed when I saw this post!! haha That’s how excited I am that you guys have mentioned it now xD

    I haven’t made my way to the Soompi forums for this one despite my love for it simply because my time schedule simply won’t allow it right now but I am so glad to hear even a little of your input about it!

    I honestly did not have very high expectations for this show. My Falling For Innocence withdrawals kept me from even noticing it until 3 weeks after it started. Then I went on a Empress Ki marathon and simply NEEDED more of Joo Jin Mo in my life after finishing it and was so relieved to find it.

    I am in love with just about every aspect of this show, the writing, the directing, the acting, the cinematography, the music. Everything about it has made it such an enjoyable watch. JTBC made a place for itself on my must-watch channels list after Heartless City and I have not been disappointed since so I truly hope they keep up the quality of their dramas!

    I will say that as much as I loved JJM in Empress Ki, because of the writing/focus of that show I don’t think he was really able to show his full potential but I am just enamored with him here. He is such a detailed actor and every time his emotions show so clearly through even a glance I fall a little more lol

    Can hardly wait for tomorrow! 😀

    p.s. lovely music choice, as usual 😉

  • stuartjmz says:

    “Next episode, it looks like Jung Eun will be leaving Jae Ho (and taking ******their son*******, Ra Il, with her”)

    BZZZZT! ����:D 🙂

    Surely we all know Ra Il is not that nasty criminal gimp’s kid? Wheelchair hubby is a lying manipulative SOB, but happily it’s already been made obvious that Ra Il ain’t his

    • goodange says:

      LOL. Yeah I know. I had initially typed “her” instead of “their.”

      I hope the truth about the paternity comes out soon! The written preview said something about Hyun Soo’s parents feeling a connection with Ra Il.

  • Kübra says:

    I am so glad (and touched) to see your posting about My Love Eun-Dong T_T… Thank you thousand times for caring about my request!!!! :* <3

    Goodange and the Couch-Kimchi Team, you guys are the best :))

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