“The Time We Were Not In Love”: Ha Ji Won & L Meet Shin Eun Kyung + Go On A Pleasurable Business Trip


Shin Eun Kyung will be making a special appearance in The Time We Were Not In Love, and I’m guessing she’ll be playing the evasive actress that Oh Ha Na has been tracking down to discuss the line of shoes she was supposed to endorse. Accompanying Ha Na will be Ki Sung Jae, the flower boy intern who’s been flirting with our lead. He turns it up a notch when Ha Na invites him to go on a business trip with her. While on this trip, they enjoy their day together, and I’m assuming Sung Jae is the one to cross the professional lines as he holds her hand.

Despite the age gap, there is chemistry between Ha Na and Sung Jae, but is the kid a certifiably good guy or is he a scheming pig with an ulterior motive?



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