“Oh My Ghost” Episode 3 Preview + Quick Thoughts On Week 1

There have only been two episodes but I love what we’ve gotten so far. The characters are great – familiar but still unique.

I’ve seen Jo Jung Suk in a few dramas here and there but none that I’ve completed. But if the show maintains this quality, I might finally end that streak. His character is rude and brash but still lovable and I don’t even mind if the writer manipulates our feelings by making him feed stray dogs. Heck, I even enjoy how he’s working through his Mommy issues. I don’t know if it’s the actor or the character but there’s a pleasant quality that seeps through even when he’s being mean. He’s hard on his hoobaes but looks out for them but it’s no surprise as he was bullied as a kid.

It’s too bad his restaurant doesn’t have CCTV installed but I hope that blogger bitch gets what’s coming to her.

I know Park Bo Young primarily as a movie actress but as I don’t watch a lot of Korean movies, I haven’t really seen her in much. From this drama, I can see why she’s very respected as she’s a versatile actress. She’s playing Bong Sun and Soon Ae as very distinct characters.

I don’t think we got to see much of Bong Sun but we know that she sees ghosts and has low self esteem. How awesome would it be for her to learn that her idol, Sun Woo, visits her blog? She appears to be gone during the possession but I hope that later on, both souls can exist in one body. Or that Soon Ae can learn to exit and enter at will.

I find the Sun Woo/Possessed Bong Sun tandem hilarious. The chemistry is great and they are very entertaining together. Plus now we learn that she can even save his ass in the kitchen. I can’t wait to see what the writer has in store for us with them.

I do wonder what the romance here will be, though. Will he fall for the real or possessed Bong Sun? As it stands, I wouldn’t mind if he and SunSoon are BrOTP while he ends up with his friend, So Hyung. But I say this as I’m not clear on what the endgame is. Regardless, I’m sure I’ll like whatever we get. I think a romance between Sun Woo and SunSoon will be hilarious. lol. I’m cracking up imagining it.

I love the other kitchen staff and his frenemy, Min Soo, is the funniest with his bitterness and inappropriate statements. I’m curious about how he’ll treat SunSoon from now on, given that she’s ‘taken’ his TV spot.


I’m glad that Soon Ae has recovered her memories and look forward to her family’s story. I fully expect her to leave when everyone’s hearts have healed which is why I’m intrigued by the role Bong Sun will play outside of being her host body.

Sun Woo’s brother-in-law is loyal to Soon Ae’s family. Is it because he’s a sweetheart or does he feel guilty for something?

The only parts I’m not really digging are his mom’s scenes with the shaman. I hope they aren’t a constant.

Anyway, these were two great episodes and I need MOAR!

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  • Ivoire says:

    Hi! Thank you for your thoughts. What is a “brOTP,” please? (Brother-sister OTP?)

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Like best friend OTP kind of thing. So a pair you love as friends but don’t want it to be romantic. Kinda like “bromance” but it’s not limited to only males.

  • CHERRYBOMB says:

    I’m loving this drama… thanks for the update! ^^~

  • maddymappo says:

    Jung Suk was in You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin, he also played the part of a restaurateur (and talent agency owner), he seemed to blend many of the same qualities, and he also was nursing a broken heart. His x girl friend wanted him back. He played a complex assassin type in the saguek movie Fatal Encounter.

    I am interested to see how they are going to resolve the personalities of Bong Sun and Soon Ae. This is perplexing. She is searching to make love with a man who will not be frozen out by the attempt. Such a one exists, but it is a one in the million shot. Will it be Sun Woo? And, then what?

    I am also wondering about Officer Choi. His relationship to Soon Ae’s family does seem to go far back. Was she perhaps in love with him? Did he murder her? How did she die? (Did they mention that?). He is so good, so pleasant and understanding and patient with his wife. Too good to be true? Hmm, There is some mystery here.

    It seems that Sun Woo was once insecure like Bong Sun ( has that flashback), so there is some resonance between him and her personality as well.

    We have not yet met Bong Sun’s grandmother who is also supposed to a shaman. Is she still alive? She will know immediately what happened.

    I will be very sad to see Soon Ae go back to the universe. I hope she can resolve her yearnings but how will she do that without hurting her lover?

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Yeah, the cop is a mystery for now. It could be something like he’s Soon Ae’s first love or maybe that he’s somehow involved in her death. Perhaps the accident that put his wife in a wheelchair also caused Soon Ae’s death? He’s the second lead so I’m sure there’s a big story there.

  • Ndah says:

    Yup finnaly i attached again with romcom drama, after watching the mask with complicated story and conflict, i cant relax my brain with this drama.
    Jo jung sok, i fall first with him at king of 2 heart, he is a loyal lee sunggi (Le Jae Ha) royal family bodyguard. He falling in love with the princess (Le Jae Ha’s sister). Their love story is not like Romeo & Juliet or something like that. Jo Jung suk was die when he protect his king (Lee Sunggi), and his love make a princess stronger pacing the world . His acting was impressive. But i don’t like his movie with shin min ah, maybe bcz the story.
    Hopefully, this drama are great untill the ending.

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