“The Time We Were Not In Love”: Lee Jin Wook Is Ha Ji Won’s Sexiest Pillow


Since they’ve been best friends forever, the level of skinship between Ha Na and Won is on a very comfortable one … too comfortable that after getting a bit tipsy from beer, as seen in these stills, I’m surprised their inhibitions aren’t diminished and get it on! As you can see, Ha Na uses Won’s tummy as her pillow… kinda resting that head a bit low, yeah? Sorry to be a perv! LOL.

Will they fall asleep like this and have a “WTF just happened” moment when they wake up next to each other and all sober? Hehe. Or is this a dream? I say, no chance!




Source  |  stoo.asiae.co.kr






  • heartoppaya says:

    Ohmygawd.. I can’t wait!!!!!!! I still didn’t watch the third ep, but I heard good things.. And I really love that both are wearing white… Really cute.. Argh! Can’t get over how HOT LJW is.. Hot! Hot! Major hottie!!!!!!!! ❤❤

  • jenm says:

    oMg!!!!! Seriously, oh my gosh!!! Ive been waiting for this scene.. That scene was breathtakingly amazing, I can’t wait.. And yeah, LJW oppa is really such a hottie! Flaming, smoking hot!! Kekeke 🙂

  • Jules says:

    Love, love, love this show right now. Strong characters and beautiful cinematography. I have not decided whether it is more lovable than the Taiwanese version, but they feel like different stories so I am not even interested in comparing the two.

    Thanks for all the goodies! I regularly check your site for all this stuff. Komawo:)

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