“My Love Eun Dong” Episode 14 Video Preview

Will Eun Ho really give up being an actor? I don’t think our antagonists ever counted on Eun Ho to do this. It would make sense if he did since his purpose of becoming an actor was to find Eun Dong, and he has, along with their child. It might not be easy to remove Ra Il from Jae Ho, though, and sad as that might be, Jae Ho also stole the child’s time from his real father. How will Eun Ho, Eun Dong, and Ra Il become a family? I can’t wait to watch how the final three episodes will tackle this.



Episode 14 Video Preview Translation, c/o seungshin from Soompi

Eun Ho: Since you and Ra Il came into my life, my mind has become totally clear.  

Eun Ho: My woman, my son … you took them all.  

Jae Ho: Please do not take them from me. I will give up anything and everything.

Eun Ho: Just watch me.

Hyun Ah: Jae Ho-ssi! Jae Ho-ssi!

Eun Ho: I will reclaim my fiancee and my son. I am retiring from my life as an actor.



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