“The Time We Were Not In Love”: Ha Ji Won’s Airport Kiss + Lee Jin Wook’s Tandem Bike Ride


Sorry for posting this late. It’s not like we haven’t seen these yet … the preview anyone? ūüėČ Maybe part of the dampened excitement to share these is because they feature certain third parties horning in on our OTP’s time together. Blergh. I guess, if they will help them push Won and Ha Na towards each other even if it might not look like it’ll play out that way, then, I guess I can put up with these … but I sympathize, Won. LOL. Might he be seeing Ha Na¬†kissing her ex? Could this be an out-of-control imagination or an ugly memory of Won’s?

And anyone else think So Eun will be the one ultimately feeling like the third wheel even though she’s the one sharing a tandem bike with Won? While taking a break from their biking, Ha Na and Won get into their usual teasing,¬†stretching out her leg to kick his bum. Heh. Because I am petty, I want to see a twinge of jealousy¬†burn the fake innocence¬†off So Eun’s¬†face.




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  • trotwood says:

    You said. “Fake Innocence.” For some reason, she bothers me the most. Even though the intern was more obviously deceptive. I knew that he’d get exposed; everyone was suspicious of that relationship. However, So-Eun just bothers me. She is like this panther inside a meek lamb outfit. She has zeroed in on Won from the beginning, and he seems easy prey. She has declared that she is in a relationship with him. She invites herself over to meet his sister. She invites herself to go with him on dates. Then she has the nerve to act like a victim here. I actually wish I could like her because it would make the drama stakes higher. Hana should have real competition, and Won should really have to choose who is better for him. However, the way So-Eun is now, it seems like he is just going along for the ride because he has nothing better to do and she likes him and is nice and there is no real reason for him not to go out with her as opposed to him choosing her.

    • goodange says:

      Ugh, thank you! I feel the same way. She manipulates his kindness, and her demands of him are extreme, expecting him to give her the same treatment Ha Na gets from him, but I guess that’s not above someone who imposed herself to be his girlfriend. And while I understand why Won would be so tolerant of her, I also wanna kick him. LOL.

  • ErandeniHyun says:

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