“I Remember You” Episode 7 Preview + Very Quick Thoughts On Week 3

The case of Lee Hyun’s #1 continues and the sexual tension between the leads is heating up. We haven’t gotten that much romance yet but I like how their connection is being built up.

The shadier they make pretty boy Sun Ho look, the more inclined I’m to believe that they are taking us for a ride. I did enjoy Ji An shutting him down when he tried to make nice. He and our pathologist appear to have a history so are they really the characters they are being hinted to be?

Is our neutral police officer potentially shady? He kept himself off the list Lee Hyun requested.

Is it just me or did Team Leader Kang suddenly get sexy when he revealed his fighting skills?

This weeks’ episodes were about family. We had one who committed crimes to seek revenge and another who’s worried that psychopathy might be hereditary. It’s something personal to Lee Hyun and I hope we get more revelations about his character next week.

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  • Eva Lee says:

    I believe the lawyer really is the younger brother but not the murderer. I think he has the capability and personality for it but we are being taken for a ride. The pathologist I’m not so sure about. Honestly, it could be either, both, or neither at this point. The neutral police officer is yet another bone to throw us off. I liked Kang as the goofy nerd trying to win affection but I like him more as he shows his ability to lead with both words and deeds. There is some nice chemistry between Lee Hyun and Ji An and I look forward to watching it develop. Of course Seo In Guk (sp?) usually has fabulous chemistry. There’s just something about his eyes and mouth that draws people in.

  • Nelly says:

    Este drama me tiene encantada y enganchada, me encanta las actuaciones de todos.

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