“Oh My Ghost” Episode 5 Preview + Week 2 Thoughts

Yay! We were granted two more fun episodes of Oh My Ghost! We learned that Sung Jae was the man Soon Ae crushed on. And it appears that shortly after her death, he married Sun Woo’s sister. He appears perfectly nice but we’ve been given strange hints about him. First from the shaman who thinks that he shouldn’t have managed to get married and then there’s the incident where it was hinted he was involved in getting a dog beaten.

So what’s up with him? Did he cause Sun Woo’s death? Was he responsible for Eun Hee’s accident? The poor woman’s career as a ballerina was cut short. Is he a ghost inhabiting Sung Jae’s body (and if he is, wouldn’t SunSoon have known)? The shaman did say that Sun Woo has a lot of ghosts around him.

Well, even if he doesn’t have ghosts, he’s got death. The story of the romance that couldn’t be between him and So Hyung made me sad. I have to say that I’m rooting for them. I want them to get a second shot and with So Hyung calling him when she was in a bind, perhaps she’s interested in him too. But that kiss with Bong Sun seems to hint that his love line is with someone else unless it was written to keep Soon Ae tied to him.

But that was a good kiss, huh? Soon Ae has got some skills.

Speaking of which, her antics wouldn’t have been funny if the character were male. I mean, lying next to strangers, molesting and attacking Sun Woo… these really border on sexual harassment but I suppose it’s one of those things you enjoy in spirit without thinking of the real world implications, especially as she’s a ghost.

I like that she’s developing a relationship with her father and wonder when next she’ll be able to speak to him. I’m really glad that she’s exited Bong Sun’s body because we need development for the living character. I wonder if her grandma smelled a rat and will make an appearance.

All-in-all, I enjoyed these week’s episodes. Like last week, Min Soo’s scenes were a highlight – particularly the one at the car wash with Sun Woo. Bromance alert! I loved both Soon Ae’s and Sun Woo’s unrequited love flashbacks. Soon Ae’s dad talking to SunSoon about his daughter was touching and I have to admit that I laughed at her antics with Sun Woo even though they made me feel a little uncomfortable.

The preview:

Bong Sun is back and Sun Woo appears to be worried about her which in Kdramaland, often implies he’s fallen for her. But if he fell for anyone, it was SunSoon. Perhaps Soon Ae is their Cupid and the fact that she’s got perfect chemistry with both bodies might mean they are made for each other.

I would have loved for Bong Sun to remember everything that happened while she was possessed but that appears not to be the case.  The poor girl will be very confused.

If there’s to be a romance between her and Sun Woo, then he must fall for the real woman but how crazy will he think she is when she reverts to her old self? Especially when she publicly runs from Soon Ae who’s haunting her?

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  • maddymappo says:

    I think eventually Bong Su will bond with Sun Woo. He reads her recipes on-line and somehow his vitality is strong enough to withstand Soon Ae’s advances, but her advances were made in the body that had her frequency, Bong Su. Possibly Soon Ae did not die and is in a coma (shades of The Master’s Sun) – who knows? The old ghost witch who attacked Soon Ae, I think was Bong Su’s Grandma who is a shaman. When she was on the phone with her there was a long silence, because Grandma realized what happened. The police officer may have had something to do with the death of SA, is he an evil spirit or a psycho? or some say that Chef’s sister may have been the culprit. He sure seems guilty and I think he killed the dog. There are lots of possible ways this show can go.

  • Nac says:

    About the possible sexual harassment, what makes it OK-ish for me is the fact that, first, she asks him (well…begs him to be exact) , she doesn’t have a position superior to him so he wouldn’t feel pressured by that and more important, it didn’t fell like he was in danger or anything. Yes, she is persistent but if he really wanted, he could just tell her to stop in a serious way and I think she would stop. She doesn’t seem dangerous and he seems more amused and slightly annoyed.That is why I didn’t felt too uncomfortable. I have to say that I am more annoyed by the wrist-grabbing that happens way to often for me in dramas (the last ones were in “The time I loved you..or not…whatever the title is”. Multiple wrist -grabbing and supression of the right for the woman to do / express whatever she wants…arg..).
    And I really like this drama. it is fun and well played. And this kiss was hooooot!

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