“My Love Eun Dong” Episode 15 Video & Written Previews

My Love Eun Dong enters its final weekend of broadcast! Based on the video and written previews for episode 15, the denouement of our OTP’s love story will be just as much of an emotional ride as the earlier chapters; it just doesn’t look good for Eun Ho, Eun Dong, and their son, Ra Il. Waaah! Damn Jae Ho! I hope he lives and tells Ra Il the truth about his real father.



Episode 15 Video Preview Translation, c/o Jade Cloud

Seo Ryeong: The love between the two of you … Let’s take a look at how noble and grand this love will become.

Eun Ho: Why do Eun Dong and I have to suffer so much pain?

Eun Dong: When you are having a hard time and feeling exhausted … In that hapless moment, a certain someone will appear in your mind.

Eun Ho: Listen carefully to what I’m saying …

Eun Ho: I will save that man’s life.

Eun Dong: Now, I seem to know who that person really is.

Seo Ryyeong: Park Hyun Soo …

Eun Ho: What can I play with with a 10-year-old boy?

Eun Ho: I will teach you what a Superman is!

Ra Il: I’m sleeping. You have done a tiring (good) job.

Eun Ho: Aren’t you the one behind the scene directing the moves of Rep Hwang?

Seo Ryeong: It sounds like it is that way?

Eun Ho: How can it be possible?

Eun Ho: Now, I will only think of how to protect my woman and my son.

Reporter: The child is Ji Eun Ho-ssi’s son …

Reporter: Or is he Choi Jae Ho-ssi’s son?

Eun Ho: He’s that person’s son.


Episode 15 Written Preview, c/o meelis from Soompi

‘I will save him myself’

Due to Jae Ho’s attempted suicide Eun Ho and Eun Dong wake up from their dream and come face to face with reality.

With a complicated feeling of resentment and sympathy for Jae Ho, Jung Eun looks after him. Eun Ho, as well, trusts Jung Eun and waits for her.  

At Jung Eun’s place, inexperienced father Eun Ho looks after Ra il! He is starting to feel like a father …

Hyun Ah discovers something strange about Jae Ho’s (medical) situation. Meanwhile, Ra il disappears!

While searching for Ra il, Eun Ho makes another decision!

The endurance of a 20-year-love that shines is in crisis!

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  • Ivoire says:

    Wow!!!! Now I’m curious about the ending. So neat that they are keeping the suspense till the very end.
    Based on the translation of the video preview, I can’t help but wonder if Eun ho will give up his fiancee and his son. I think there will be a happy ending, so I’m mostly curious about how it will happen.
    Thank you for the preview, and for the translations.

  • paloma says:

    Nooooooo! I knew that Eun Ho’s suicide attempt would have an impact on their immediate progress as a couple but seeing his mother shake EunDong like that and seeing her having to take anything more from him or his family makes me grit my teeth!!

    And I sincerely hope that his lie about who is Ra Il’s father doesn’t make it to the publisher bc I will be completely heartbroken otherwise.

    No matter what, Jae Ho took away his son and wife for 10 years merely because of selfishness and obsession. I can see the writers trying to make us feel sorry for him but in the end I don’t think he deserves to be acknowledged as Ra Il’s biological father to the world T-T

    Can’t wait for it to air!!

    • damnit! says:

      yeah I don’t feel any sympathy for him at all..
      heck, he already has taken 10 years..not DAY NOR MONTHS..BUT YEARS!
      and they just had to make ra il so attached to his “fake father”..like seriously just get on with it!
      if you had seen ep16 my goodness…the previEw..u knw what ra il said? he said:”please don’ t take my father away from me…” to EUNHO!

      • paloma says:

        OMG I am honestly just so upset right now and I haven’t even watched with subs yet but I had to know and at the end of ep 15 where his dad tells him to let Ra Il go, I almost lost it!!

        Just Noooooo, why do this to us writer-nims???!!? TT-TT

        Are they really gonna turn this just into a pity party for JaeHo?

        Up until now this has become one of my all-time favorite Kdramas and I’m just so upset that this is where the writers are taking it. The only way I can see JaeHo redeeming himself is if he clarifies things with the media and Ra Il and then promptly exits stage left.

        Of course Ra Il will be hurt but it’s better than him living a LIE his whole life, especially when he has an adoring biological father who was never even given the chance to raise him!!

        My reaction would not be so strong if JaeHo had raised him under different circumstances/pretenses but he only did it to have something connecting him to Eundong.

        I will patiently wait for tomorrow and hope that the writers won’t disappoint us ;-;

  • damnit! says:

    I’ve watched ep15 and seen ep16 preview..
    I went to search on9 to see there r only a total of 16eps..
    ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!? I don’t like that preview at all!! I want to punch the fricking writers

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