“My Love Eun Dong” Episode 16 Video & Written Previews

I’m relieved Jae Ho survived, but what does that mean for Eun Ho and Ra Il?

I don’t know what will happen in the finale, but I know what I want! I want Eun Ho and Eun Dong married and raise Ra Il together. I do not want this to be a drama I regret having watched. If the writers decide that Eun Ho will be a noble idiot and can’t be with his family or that he can wait another 10 years or more to be with them, then I’m going to find a way to get to Korea, hunt down everyone involved in this drama, and have them re-shoot the finale! Heeeh.

Much of their happiness also hinges on Jae Ho, and I hope that his near death experience exorcised the selfishness out of him that he will straighten the truth out with the media and Ra Il. Please, please please …



Episode 16 Video Preview Translation, c/o seungshin from Soompi

Ra Il: Please don’t take my father away from me

Eun Ho: Can I really be a good father?

Hyun Ah: People don’t believe you are really his father.

Eun Ho: Please think of it as a temporary madness … I ask for generous coverage

Jae Ho: I will let Jung Eun go …

Eun Dong: why are you like this? You are acting like you are leaving for a far away place

Seo Ryeong: If you didn’t have Eun Dong, then will you have given your heart to me?

Eun Ho: If she didn’t exist, then I wouldn’t have existed either.


Episode 16 Written Preview, c/o seungshin from Soompi

With Ra Il being happy when Jae Ho wakes up, Eun Ho realizes he has no place for him. 

A first break in Park Hyun Soo’s straightforward arrow to Eun Dong’s life!

For Eun Dong and the child whom he both loves, Hyun Soo makes a big decision, but/and …

Sources  |  Soompi, c/o seungshin  |  JTBC Drama


  • KAILANI says:

    I had a feeling this drama was going to piss me off which is why I stopped being emotionally invested in it from about the 3rd week and would only read the updates here from time to time. That whole ‘noble idiocy’ trope has definitely got to go! There is no logical reason why Jae Ho should end up getting EVERYTHING in the end and our two leads suffering. If it does end up like that, I’m definitely with you on the ‘hunting them down’ part!

  • paloma says:

    I am all for the “hunting” party if the preview is an accurate depiction of what’s to come in the finale because just nope that cannot be how it ends T-T

  • Seesaguek says:

    Will someone explain why it has not been openly declared that Jae Ho purposely turned the car into the oncoming truck to kill them both as he said words to the effect of, Let’s end it here? Why is he getting a free pass on such a significant point? Why have the writers not drawn on that after letting the audience know after Eun Dong s memory recall scene?
    All of the free pass cards to Jae Ho who’s character is unlivable in the extreme because of his selfishness and repeat of manipulative behavior is frustrating especially if it leads to a noble idiocy ending with the only happy ones a 10 year old and the main criminal.

  • Tommy says:

    best drama but like you said if eun dong and huyn so dont end up together then i wasted a lot of tie on this drama its so sad….

  • Beez says:

    Include me in the group air fare hunting party!

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