“The Time We Were Not In Love”: Ha Ji Won Gives Lee Jin Wook A Most Ecstatic Hug (UPDATED)


We will be in for a lot more angst, and it’s [almost] too bad that this happy moment will be surrounded by it!

This scene has us deliriously high as Ha Na, who wears her ear buds and appears to have been waiting on the steps of her home, gives Won the warmest and happiest welcome embrace when he arrives. Her face has the brightest smile as she gives him a greeting, and Won, in his airline uniform, has an equally fetching ecstatic countenance.

So, this might be what married life will look like for these two … every time he returns home after days of being away because of his job, Ha Na will impatiently jump in his arms, but he won’t just get a hug but also a kiss! 😉 I want this drama to go on longer, but I can’t wait for that scenario to happen, too 🙂

At the end of epiosde 6, Won asked himself if it would be all right to start liking Ha Na, that is if it’s not too late. Well, will it be too late for him? Will we actually see him pursue his feelings for her next episode?




I think you can appreciate why I’m not all that excited to share these stills of Ha Na and Seo Hoo …


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