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So many dramas, so little time!! These past months just proved one thing, some productions are worth watching even on repeats. I watch K-dramas almost everyday yet I failed to write recaps and this spelled trouble to me. LOL. Let me get back on track here.

I’m still in love with the SooJi couple. But I think another couple stole my heart, Chang-Joon. I know, bromance wins! While we all wait for subs, enjoy Episodes 9 to 12 highlights.

Highlights and Personal Thoughts:


Joon Ki and Yoon Ha is finally out dating in the open with both their family and friends knowing it. I was quite surprised and at the same time pleased at how everything turned out. Ji Yi didn’t took it lightly at first but friendship wins! And love.

Ji Yi: It must have been really hard for you. If you live a life that others envy, it’s hard to live honestly. Getting people to understand your pain is difficult.

Aww. Ji Yi has the right words to say at the right time. Ji Yi’s words were so piercing that triggered Yoon Ha to confess everything. A bottle of soju was all she needed to have the courage to say she was emotionally abused by her mother. She even preferred to be lonely alone than lonely with her family. What a miserable life. Good thing she has Ji Yi, her heavy world becomes lighter.

Oppa Kyung Joon left all his inheritance to his only child and made his mother the legal guardian. Yoon Ha’s plan to leave her family was put on hold and she decided to work for their company instead. The inheritance issue only makes my head ache. It’s best not to focus on Yoon Ha’s family drama. I’d rather narrate the bromance happening in this show.


Joon Ki: You only saw what you wanted to see.

I think Joon Ki and Chang Soo have more chemistry than Joon Ki with Yoon Ha sometimes. They like each other and it shows. I have to highlight the fight scene because Chang Soo is slowly uncovering Joon Ki’s layers. Just a little throwback. The boys went to the same school when they were young. Joon Ki prevented Chang Soo from getting bullied by their classmate and this left a beautiful mark on Chang Soo’s heart. See, the boys even have the high school backstory meant for a good romance! I mean bromance. After the fight, Ji Yi and Yoon Ha responded differently when they confronted their boyfriends. As always the SooJi couple does things better, Ji Yi knows how to ease Chang Soo’s pain.

Ji Yi: Don’t be like this. Then what does Deputy Choi who works under his friend become? Is that what you thought of Deputy Choi? “Even if you’re my friend, you’re lower than me”. That makes one feel really bad.

Loved every word! Now having heard that from Ji Yi, this explains why Joon Ki feels more belittled whenever he’s with Chang Soo. Joon Ki threw a heavy punch on Chang Soo, and I think he deserves it. But more importantly, I’m so happy that Ji Yi made Chang Soo realise his at fault too. These words are better to come out from her because Chang Soo never listens to anyone. Ji Yi’s sincerity is piercing. Also I like how Ji Yi balances her relationship with Chang Soo. Despite of the social standing, Ji Yi makes sure they are equal. No matter the difference in opinion or taste, when it comes to love nobody is higher than the other. I’m glad they are learning to adjust and respect each other’s decision. At least Chang Soo is trying his best to understand where Ji Yi is coming from. I love how their relationship is presented whenever they have conflicts. This is the reason why I find them more endearing.


Yoon Ha: Father, please respect me. I’m happy. You fed me, clothed me, and raised me. Usually you don’t bite the hands that feed you. Of course I have courtesy towards you. I’m not afraid.

Nicely said. Yoon Ha and her Dad are a good combo compared to her Mum. Although Yoon Ha doesn’t succumb to her Father’s will easily, she carefully does what is honourable to him. I see the good side of Dad whenever he is with Yoon Ha. I feel like I’m seeing two different Dad when he is with Ye Won compared to when he’s with Yoon Ha. Maybe it has something to do with their upbringing that has resulted to how differently the siblings handle a situation. Ye Won is too greedy of power, I don’t think Dad will pick her as a successor. I think Dad is a better man than what meets the eye. Yes, even Mother knows that. Dad just lost his heart in the process of attaining his wealth to provide a living for his family. It’s ironic.

Kyung Joon: You have to live the life you’ve been given.

I miss Oppa every flashback we get. Sometimes we want to live a different life without realising the importance of what we currently have. This immediately came to mind when I heard the quote above. Kyung Joon’s Mum wondered if they lived in a simpler household, things could have been different. Then Kyung Joon suddenly remembered his responsibility to all the employees and their family. The higher the position, the bigger the responsibilities. Sometimes we wish life is simple, but it isn’t! At the end of the day, we deal with what life offers us even if we don’t want it.


Ji Yi: There is no such thing as pride when it comes to love. My desire to see him comes first.

What a courageous woman! I’m forming a cheering squad especially for Ji Yi. We have watched it many times before that a Chaebol son can not marry the woman he loves especially when she comes from the poverty line. Here, we saw another way to confront the future-mother-in-law courtesy of Ji Yi. Surely Mother saw why his son loves Ji Yi. I’m hoping this angle will not go on the cliche route. I mean, Ji Yi’s love for Chang Soo is remarkably genuine. It’s rare to find a daughter-in-law with Ji Yi’s personality.

Ji Yi’s character remained grounded until now. Everyone else are in crazyville.

The fun times was cut short. Eventually, Chang Soo has to part ways with his best buddy. I am glad to hear that Joon Ki confessed to him everything, even fairly winning over the bicycle marathon. I thought Ji Yi would be next but they were saved by the rain. We learned three valuable lessons thanks to the SooJi couple. First, never break up when it’s raining. Second, kiss first, break-up later. Third, enjoy now, suffer tomorrow.


This is my personal opinion. It’s really hard to connect to Joon Ki’s character because there’s not enough room for me to hold on to. It’s a bit late when he realised that he truly loves Yoon Ha. The damage has been done. He seem sincere about his love now, but honestly I’m not emotionally attached to them. Their relationship started fast that’s why it ended soon. The sweetest couple scene didn’t suffice for me to feel their love because I’ve felt something missing. Joon Ki and Yoon Ha can kiss all day while Chang Soo and Ji Yi hugs, and I’d be happier seeing the latter more. They just have more passion, IMO.

After Yoon Ha discovered the truth, she planned to avenge the love she genuinely gave Joon Ki. I understand that she wants Joon Ki to suffer, but is it really necessary to hurt him? I don’t think it’d bring her happiness. If she hurts him, she’s just hurting herself more. I thought Yoon Ha thinks differently, I’m starting to doubt it now. Their break up didn’t affect me as much as when Joon Ki left Chang Soo to work for Taejon Group. Bromance is done better here.


I really want to love Sung Joon with UEE, but I don’t know why I can’t see the right spark. Maybe something is wrong with me!! LOL.

Now that everyone is single, its the right time to begin again. Perhaps the separation will teach Joon Ki what to value in his life. I can see that he still have the potential to be the man Yoon Ha wants. I just hope that in the coming episodes, Joon Ki will be able to show us he is deserving of Yoon Ha. Now that he is working at the Taejin Group, I hope he’d be smart enough not to play dumb under Unni Ye Won just to climb the wrong ladder to success. Oppa Kyung Joon said it best, there’s more to life than that.


  • bmore says:

    I knew when I saw who the writer was that this show would have more to it than meets the eye where the character development is concerned and that the typical chaebol/Cinderella/Cinderfella romance would only be a cover. The characters would have facets to them that would be hinted at but not revealed until half or more of the show was presented. Yoon Ha has said eye for an eye too many times. While her relationship with her family is abusive, she still is allowed far more freedom in her life than we usually see in these dramas and she never really cringes nor really backs down. Her sisters seem to treat her somewhat cautiously and seem to worry she will take over the company, yet she is an outcast in the family so that seemed odd to me. I think we will see our font of wisdom Ji Yi bring her up short when she points out to Yoon Ha that she has turned into the very person she was trying so hard not to be…so what does her current behavior say about who she really is after all and how deep was her supposed commitment to a normal life go if she is so willing to go to the Dark Side immediately when faced with a reality that doesn’t go with the fantasy life she has been building.

    I think, for me, the reason the relationship between Yoon Ha and Joon Ki is so offputting and cold is Uee’s acting for one, and of course her character. The character is so pathetic in her pursuit of this supposed perfect guy who loves her for ‘who she is’….. so blinded, and so needy. That relationship developed with no truth on either side and way too quickly. Both of them lying to each other about who they really were and both of them pursuing false lives that were not true to themselves either. It was uncomfortable to say the least. We were allowed glimpses into who they really were only when they were with other people, never when they were with each other.

    If this drama wants to really be true, I think Yoon Ha and Joon Ki will eventually end up together because they will both pursue the power of the family business together and both have the temperment to live that kind of life. Sadly, the truth is, Ji Yi, irl, will be the one hurt…as well as Chang Soo. Those 2 will be damaged forever if they don’t have one another and the reality is, Ji Yi will struggle being the wife of a chaebol, will constantly have to battle because she ‘doesn’t belong’ and that will damage her and Chang Soo too as he watches the person he loves be hurt over and over. Which way will this drama go?

  • Rowanmdm says:

    One of the reasons I like reading recaps and reviews on different sites is to see where people agree and disagree. This is one case where everyone agrees: Ji Yi and Chang Soo are so much more compelling/interesting/better in every way than Yoon Ha and Joon Ki.

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