“I Remember You” Episode 9 + Week 4 Thoughts

This week, we got confirmation that Min is indeed an egotistical psycho. I suppose that it’s often a waste of time expecting a twist in dramas. He got abducted by Joon Young and was left thinking that his hyung handed him to him. Now he’s heavily involved in serial killing. He’s most likely the killer but even if he isn’t, he definitely disposes of the bodies. It seems that Joon Young taught him well.

Despite being a cop, Ji An fell for his ruse and now trusts him. Anyway, it looks like Lee Hyun might be on to him and will crack the case soon. I just can’t imagine how heartbroken he will be when he figures out who he really is.

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  • stuartjmz says:

    I gave up on this after barely making it through episode 4, but since I’ll be downloading it for a friend, it’s fun to see that everything I predicted way back then has panned out exactly as right.

    To be fair, making that prediction wasn’t a tough call. You say “Despite being a cop, Ji An fell for his ruse” but it’s not “DESPITE being a cop”, it’s “BECAUSE she’s a cop” – Dramaland cops are so stupid they can barely spell their own names. Throw in the fact that she’s the female lead, a species famous for being incapable of functioning at all without a genius male lead to guide them, and she never stood a chance. Female + Cop = Dumb and Dumber in 99/100 K Dramas.

    • Academycute101 says:

      Actually if you watched recent episodes you would see everyone is smart but in their own way. Did you see the last episode? She was a beast, she was beating, the man who was trying to kill her,up. The reason she trust him maybe a little dumb but if you were in the situation she was in and not a person just looking on the outside you would probably be the same. I think this is the first drama where everyone is not completely dumb expecially the cops.

    • nahaluk says:

      Don’t forget that we, as viewers see much more than the characters, so they react based on the information they have.

    • joycb says:

      female lead detective in the drama “girl who can see smells” was a smart one. i guess there’s always an exception to the rule =)

      i actually like “I Remember You” so far. how each crime is intertwined with Hyeon’s story makes the transition between episodes nice to follow.

      • stuartjmz says:

        You’re right. The lieutenant in Smelly Girl was an exception. She was actually who I was thinking of when I decided to write “99/100” 😀

  • Reon says:

    @stuartz..whattt..Since u barely making it to ep4 but u r downloadibg for a friend..yeah right..such an excuses..hmmm..

    • stuartjmz says:

      Sorry to disappoint you, @REON, but it happens to be the literal truth. I’m a big Jang Na Ra fan, so tried to watch, but couldn’t stand more than 4, barely made it through that many. But when the series is done, I’ll be downloading it in its entirety for a friend who likes Seo In Guk. She has patchy internet, so I download her Dramas and she makes me delicious cakes and muffins. A fair trade, I think, although it does see my hard drives filling up with stuff I’d NEVER watch. I am FAR too old to bother hiding my Drama preferences – if I am watching something, I will cheerfully admit it. I wouldn’t waste my time pretending. 🙂

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