“Oh My Ghost” Episode 7 Preview + Week 3 Thoughts

This week’s episodes made me feel sorry for Sun Woo.  The first girl he fell for ended up with his best friend. Over a decade later, just when he manages to fall for someone else, it happens to be a ghost. Poor thing. The show hints that Bong Sun and Sun Woo are OTP with the split screens and all that great stuff but for now, Sun Woo has fallen for Soon Ae in Bong Sun’s body. While he may like Bong Sun’s blog, Soon Ae is the one who makes him smile, the one who gives him great advice, the one he wants to protect  His doctor told him that Bong Sun is bipolar and as a result, he’s mistaken her real personality for depression… although it’s possible that Bong Sun is depressed.

It’s crazy how we’ve gotten two kissing scenes (real or imagined) and neither involve the real Bong Sun.

But they are hot together, aren’t they?

As a viewer, I find Sun Woo’s scenes with SunSoon most entertaining. Their chemistry is great but shipping them is even more pointless than having Second Lead Syndrome. If we’re supposed to root for Bong Sun/Sun Woo, they are doing it all wrong. While Soon Ae was the reason Bong Sun burned the pantry and messed up during the broadcast, SunSoon is still the more dynamic character. She’s the hilarious one and the person whose confidence and quick thinking help Sun Woo become a better man So again, why do we root for Bong Sun? I hope the writers begin to flesh out her character soon because so far, all that we know is that she’s timid.

Sung Jae, oh evil Sung Jae. They’ve dropped more hints that the real Sung Jae has been possessed by an evil spirit but it’s no surprise because someone who’s always smiling has to be hiding a deep, dark secret. We learned this week that he doesn’t hang around Soon Ae’s dad for altruistic reasons. If anything, he’s keeping an eye on him and would prefer he dies. We also got a major hint that he has Soon Ae’s missing phone, hence, I think it’s fair to deduce that he’s somehow involved in her death. Soon Ae’s father’s refusal to touch her things seems to imply that she may be missing and thus presumed death but her brother acts like she’s really dead.  Who knows? What we do know is that evil Sung Jae is getting suspicious and might have put two and two together. I feel really bad for the real Sung Jae and wonder where his soul has been in like three years. Bong Sun didn’t remember a thing so I suppose it’s like being in a coma.

Something that cracked me up this week was SunSoon’s weird love line with Soon Ae’s brother. It could be icky but I find it hilarious and he’s another guy I feel bad for. He’s so reading the situation wrong and slowly falling for his sister. Poor thing.

We didn’t get to see much of So Hyung in this episode but we learned that while Soon Ae has 100% synergy with Bong Sun’s body, she’s got absolutely none with So Hyung. What does that mean?

There was some exploration into Sun Woo’s pain and he was being a childish jerk with his former bullies. It’s crazy because while I fully understood it and feel that bullies should be called out on their behavior, I didn’t like how he dealt with it. But regardless, his reaction was human. I suppose I have mixed feelings about it. Being the bigger person often means that there are often no consequences to bad behavior but on the other hand, I don’t think pettiness is the answer. I liked how it was resolved, though, with Sun Woo choosing to let bygones be bygones and the bully respecting himself and refusing his help.

The guys at the restaurant have begun to notice the chemistry between Chef and SunSoon and why do I kinda ship Bong Sun with Cordon? He might not say much but he’s the most attentive to her and didn’t need a ghost’s help to notice her. That would count for something if it weren’t the very definition of a second lead in a typical romance.

The preview:

Bong Sun has a crush on Sun Woo so she must be thrilled by the date. But how will he fall for her when he’s more attracted to SunSoon? I don’t want her to change her personality for their relationship to work but on the other hand, I do think that she needs to deal with her ability to see ghosts better.

From the looks of it, Bong Sun gets possessed again but I wonder if she’ll be more open to Soon Ae using her body given that it comes with benefits like getting her a new place to stay and a date with her crush. I do wonder who Sun Woo is teaching to ride a bike, though. These things need to be done with Bong Sun if they will eventually end up together.

I guess I’m just waiting to be entertained by Bong Sun like I am by SunSoon. Writer, make it happen.

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  • maddymappo says:

    Evil possessed SJ has something to do with SA’s death/disappearance. He is keeping her cellphone. That is creepy. Her father keeps paying the cell service, so maybe her body was never found. Cellphones and ghosts have some connection. When SW pulled the electric wire from the cell phone SA popped out of BS’s body (sick with temperature at the time).

    SJ seems to be in love with his wife. The way he speaks to her does not seem evil. Yet, he let SA’s father lie there, dying and he seemed disappointed that he didn’t die. Why?

    There must be some connection with the accident that left SW’s sister crippled and SA’s death. Could there have been some soul swapping, demonic possession at that time? There are a lot of questions.

    I life the cordon chef. Will he end up with BS? I wish the writers developed BS’s personality more. All she does is stutter, and stumble around .

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