“Yong Pal” 2nd Teaser: Joo Won Is An Atheltic Doctor On The Go

Yong Pal might be a medical drama with a touch of Healer, and I think I’m all on board now.

The second teaser reveals the jam-packed action the black market doctor, Kim Tae Hyun, is in for and seems to be enjoying as shady businesses and people keep him busy with their medical needs.

Can’t wait! And Joo Won looks good here! 😉




Sources  |  SBSNOW  |  Soompi, c/o Kaizen68



  • paloma says:

    I’ve never had any particular interest in Joo Won or any of his dramas despite the good reviews some of them have gotten but wow this has me hooked from these teasers!

    After a couple of disappointing romcoms and melos recently, some action might just be what the doctor ordered. *pun intended ;)*

  • peter ruzige says:

    i really like you from your drama

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