“The Time We Were Not In Love” Episode 9 Video Preview + Translation (UPDATED)

Okay. I am flummoxed. Maybe I am wrong about Ha Na’s choice … Maybe she still hasn’t made up her mind. I thought I had a map (in the form of the original), but I keep forgetting that this show has got its detours. The preview isn’t much of a compass either, though. LOL. It’s not giving anything away, but it feels like it might still be the same ol’, same ol’ with Won and Ha Na and Seo Hoo and Ha Na. Okay, I’m all for this kinda undpredictability, but the story better not become dragging!



Episode 9 Video Preview Translation, c/o dawnshine from Soompi

Ha Na: Choi Won-a, are you not feeling well?

Noona to Won: You knew. I knew. But Hana is the only one who doesn’t know … shouldn’t be like this.

Seo Hoo at press conference: You always bring the best in me. 

Seo Hoo to Won: I will get closer to Ha Na. You will just remain at where you are.

Won: You, from the very beginning, are already not qualified to be with Ha Na.

Ha Na: Seo Hoo is not someone with whom I can choose to begin (a relationship) nor end it. 

Won: I’m sorry I couldn’t be on your side. I can’t be friends with you forever.

The translation puts things a bit more into perspective. Maybe it won’t be the same ol’ thing between Ha Na and Won. So, what does he mean that he can’t be friends with her forever? In any case, I’m glad he said that. There is a breaking point to this friends-with-secret-feelings-for-each-other situation they’ve been in. Am I getting ahead of myself again? 😉



Sources  |  Credit to uploader  |  Soompi, c/o minnie0103 & dawnshine



  • sa says:

    I like the chemistry between the two lead but please… it seems that the story a little bit dragged to fill the full eps…

  • afufu says:

    i was really looking forward to this drama. I loved the Tdrama. One of my top favourite. I love Ha Ji Won. I love Lee Jin Wook. With 3 things I love in a drama how can this drama end up being so boring and so uneventful *bawls*

    • Kdramas says:

      While this show had a lot of things going for it… the script was completely amiss. SBS just didn’t bother to work on that crucial aspect. I don’t see why they had to change writers after E4 when it was the best one yet.

      LJW is better sticking with cable… that’s where he’s improved his skills in recent years.

  • welovehajiwon says:

    I didn’t find the drama draggy at all. It is a romance story afterall, Just love to see the interactions between the two The pre schedule messages, fights etc all adds to the chemistry between them.

    • KAILANI says:

      I whole-heartedly agree with you! I don’t feel that this drama is draggy at all. I feel that the pacing is perfect because this allows us (the audience) time to catch up with all of the history between Ha Na and Won and there is still so much more light that needs to be shed on why Won consistently pushes Ha Na away starting from high school. It’s a slow reveal as it should be. Their relationship is based on 17 years of friendship – 17 YEARS – that, in and of itself, is a loooooong time to be friends with someone and an even longer time to be in love with someone. I feel that for whatever reason, Won decided to “friend-zone” himself way back when and although he wishes they could be more than just friends, he’s not willing to risk it all only to possible lose her friendship and make things awkward between them so he is just content with living in the status quo. If the storyline moved at a faster pace, like some of you hope, in my opinion it would completely detract from their friendship-to-love story and it would seem forced, rushed, and overall generally anti-climactic.

      Although I can’t stand the introduction of the antagonist character (Seo Hoo), he is serving his sole purpose and that is to drive the storyline foward and put pressure on Won to force him to deal with his pent up emotions before he loses Ha Na for good.

      I’m personally loving the changes from the Taiwanese version and I hope that they continue to do a slow reveal, especially for Won’s character because there seems to be a lot of hurt and pain from his past which needs to surface in due time.

  • camry says:

    Better hope not….. The dragging….
    I’m always looking forward for this drama but it should have moved up to the next level by now knowing that it’s half way through. Can’t wait for ep 9 with eng sub nd then we’ll be the judge of that .I also agree that with the continuous change of the writers is definitely putting us off . Please stick to one story n don’t bore us as we’ve been waiting for the drama for a longtime. HWAITING Ha Ji Won 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😘

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