“The Time We Were Not In Love” Episode 10 Video Preview

I’m going to be a bit hyperbolic, but watching episode 9 is a bit of an ordeal, even without subs. Everyone is aching for Won 🙁 He’s a trooper, but how will the next episode be for him?




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  • welovehajiwon says:

    Episode 9 is the turning point in their relationship. Won is finally saying either me as a boyfriend or nothing else instead of insisting that he won’t love her., that they are only friends. So sad when he broke off the 1+1 BFF relationship at the park!! Things need to happen (jealousy) so that Oh ha na can start to think of him as a man again. (which she did so many times when they were young but was always turned down by him)

    Poor ha na is confused.she was constantly told by won that he wont love her. So She only dare thinks of him as a friend. Fell in love with sea heo whom she never really had a closure with. Her love for him was still there when he came back. What she needs to realise now is that won was more to her than just friends all these years.The only way is if won starts dating someone else. He was never away from her. Even when he is on longer flights, he would pre schedule messages for her. Sometimes it takes the other person to leave your life before you realise their importances.

    • KAILANI says:

      Wait I’m confused? Did Won actually confess at the park? With the little subs that I could read, I’m not certain that he actually confessed to Ha Na or if he was being extremely criptic and she’s supposed to assume that because he gave her the necklace, he wants something more from their relationship. If he actually did confess, her reaction didn’t seem to match the given situation. After all these years telling her that he would never love her and that he only saw her as a friend, he drops a bomb like this, shouldn’t she be stunned, confused, flabbergasted, and to some degree upset? News like should have been earth-shattering to her!

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