“The Time We Were Not In Love”: Lee Jin Wook & Yoon Kyun Sang Get Into It + Ha Ji Won Gets A Hug From Her Bestie


Won and Seo Hoo will be stepping up their rivalry when they somehow end up jogging together. Will their confrontation actually reveal anything about the other or Ha Na, or will this just be another one of those rounds of “who’s the better man”? If that’s the case, then, I might not care about it, especially if it won’t lend itself to any progress in the story and because the decision about which guy is for her will still come down to Ha Na. On the one hand, this face-off could be another needed push for Won to be clear with Ha Na about his feelings for her.

Maybe he’ll get that chance when he and Ha Na have a nighttime talk in the park, where Won seems to have been playing basketball. As Ha Na sits on the bench, she looks at him with melancholy and moist eyes. She appears a tad distressed while Won gives her his attention as he squats down on his knee. Soon, thereafter, he gives her a hug … Might there be an unexpected confession in this scene or some time next episode? Will Won finally be able to give his necklace to her? Might they become a couple before this weekend is over? Or can we at least get them to kiss? 😉

UPDATE: This article has been stolen by Zkpop, one of many it has swiped from us. Grrr!!! Not even labeling our images deters them. Again, although our sites might look alike, we are not and will never will be affiliated with them.




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  • Notice says:

    ZKPOP continue copying your article here

    • goodange says:

      Expletive coming up … It’s fucking ridiculous! No matter what measures we employ to protect ourselves, it continues to be a jackhole!

      Thanks for the heads up!

  • katsukyo says:

    I’m pretty sure you can submit a request to have the content removed from Google search. There’s a post about it here, if you haven’t tried it yet: http://www.ecreativeim.com/blog/2011/12/report-stolen-content-to-google/

    • goodange says:

      Thank you for that! 🙂 There also other options we’re exploring, and we’ll definitely look into your suggestion 🙂 Behind the scenes of the K-drama blogging community, we’ve been pretty busy along with other bloggers, and what’s great is that people are coming up with ideas. And we are grateful that you and other readers are coming forward with ideas to help us, too 🙂

  • camry says:

    Some people definitely ran out of ideas or have forgotten to use English. How dare they copy your blog.. Buffffffff keep up the good work .Goodange I’ll definitely keep in mind of this

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