“I Remember You” Ep 11 Preview w/ English Subs

I haven’t been able to watch the last two episodes but I know that there was a kiss scene! Normally, that would excite me – and I’m kinda looking forward to seeing it – but the pace and style of this drama don’t really demand the usual romance tropes, in my opinion. I wouldn’t mind if there’s no actual romance explored but instead, it ends with the promise of one down the road. Kind of it being made clear that there’s mutual attraction and something will most likely blossom later on.

Romance aside, we’ve still got psychos on the loose!


I’d be lying if I pretended that I’m not disappointed that things are shaping up exactly as was telegraphed in the very first week. Le sigh. But I still want to see how it all ends and how the psychos are stopped. And most of all, how Hyun reacts when everything is revealed.

Credit: TeamEngGuk; KBS

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  • liz says:

    I don’t understand when people don’t want romance to happen in x drama. Like, if it is possible and it won’t change the plot or the other scenes time, why not? Some people get soo angry when romance might happen. Happened in school 2013, the poor girl had her character time cut because her couple with main guy was cut, because fans complained, instead everybody loved the ‘ bromance” scenes that the drama had, and they were not a bit but a lot.

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