“The Time We Were Not In Love”: Ha Ji Won’s Mama Oh Shuts Out Yoon Kyun Sang + Episode 10 Text Preview


Won might no longer be getting in between him and Ha Na, but Mama Oh is stepping in as a barrier. Mama knows best, yeah?

It seems Soo Mi meets her daughter’s former fiance again when (it looks) he arrives with Ha Na back to her home. It doesn’t seem like a joyful reunion as Seo Hoo is forced to stand a distance away from mother and daughter. Heh. When Ha Na gets in their yard, Soo Mi seems to close the gate in a hurry while Seo Hoo just looks disappointed. Heh.

Soo Mi for Team Won! 😀



Episode 10 Written Preview, c/o minnie0103 from Soompi

At Chang Soo and Jung Mi’s wedding celebration, Ha Na and Won act differently from before, and their friends suspect [that something’s wrong with] the two of them. Meanwhile, So Eun, pretending to be a hoobae, sits next to Won, but Won draws the line [even more]. On the other hand, Soo Mi sees Ha Na and Seo Hoo together …

Sources  |  stoo.asiae.co.kr  |  Soompi, c/o minnie0103

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