“Oh My Ghost” Week 4 Thoughts

Oh, Sun Woo, you’re in a mess!

I’ve read comments that our chef truly likes the real Bong Sun because he confessed to liking her when she wasn’t possessed but any way you slice or dice it, as far as I can see, this guy fell for SunSoon. On the plus side, he thinks she’s is over the top and probably can’t deal with her 24/7. And he said that he likes the neutral side that doesn’t apologize every time nor want to get into his pants so there’s hope for Bong Sun because I think he likes her more confident self. But who does he run to protect and kiss when she’s wet? SunSoon. It’s a drama so all will end well but in reality (if such a thing existed), he’d miss Soon Ae once she leaves for the afterlife and he and Bong Sun wouldn’t work out because regardless of how much he might complain or push her off him, part of his attraction to Bong Sun is SunSoon. But luckily for us, even this fantasy story can have a more fantastic ending.

But I have to give it to this show for the most creative love triangle ever. We’re not talking about 49 Days where a guy recognizes the love of his life in another woman’s body. Nope. We’re talking about a man falling for two women in the same body while thinking she’s bipolar and managing to kiss both in a single kiss… and we’re not talking college triple kisses here. I mean, how can he start a kiss with one woman and end with another? Brilliant.

And why did Soon Ae leave? Is she suddenly benevolent? I mean, this isn’t the first time he kissed her and she didn’t break away then. What’s changed? Their friendship? Or is it something else? What did she realize when he kissed her? Perhaps she’s figured out that losing her virginity isn’t the real reason she hasn’t crossed over. Or did it trigger a memory? I haven’t a clue but I do like that it meant that Bong Sun got to participate in the kiss as well. I just hope Soon Ae hasn’t fallen for him because she so doesn’t have time to waste on becoming her host’s love rival.

Speaking of Soon Ae’s true mission, we’ve now learned that ghosts turn evil when they outstay their welcome. Is that what happened to whomever is in the cop’s body? Our shaman is obviously not powerful enough, thus, I wish that little girl could meet him and tell us what’s what. We know he’s evil and that he’s connected to Sun Woo’s sister’s hit-and-run and despite being an evil bastard, gets upset when others say he needs to be punished. I hope a security camera caught him keying that car.

I also hope that his colleague starts to piece things together because the only person he told about the recovery of that videotape was none other than Sung Jae.

Does he hang around Soon Ae’s family because he thinks she might use the three-year window to settle some scores? Or that he wants to stay close to be first to hear if there’s a break in the case? It could be both. Regardless, I think they’ve teased us long enough and it’s time to speed things up on his end. Show your cards, Writer.

Speaking of teases, what is up with So Hyung? So I actually don’t think she was a tease with him but I’m really not into her sudden desperation and this is coming from someone who shipped them! Girl, you snooze, you lose. I don’t think she was uninterested in him but she’s suddenly going all out when she sees him interested in another woman. Like, did you expect him to never date?

Not that it excuses Sun Woo’s jerkish behavior. Bruh, I realize that your interest now lies elsewhere but is this really something you say to a woman? Dang.

And I don’t care if this was supposed to be him trying to make the best of the awkwardness, gentle rejection or whatever but just no.

But this was a week of jealousy, wasn’t it? Other than So Hyung’s crazy reaction to Sun Woo’s interest in Bong Sun, our dear chef definitely gets petty when he sees his love interest paying attention to another man. I’m sure everyone predicted that he wouldn’t let Cordon win the competition with SunSoon cheering so loudly for him.

Speaking of which, Cordon is still in his one-sided love and the only one that can see what’s going on between Chef and Bong Sun. Are those guys really that stupid? But I can somewhat understand it. It’s like hearing a rumor that Obama has dumped his wife for Ariana Grande. Even if you see some paparazzi photos, you’ll still convince yourself that there must be another explanation.

Soon Ae’s brother’s crush still cracks me the hell up. I can’t handle it and wonder how it will be resolved. lol. I missed that family this week but was grateful for the father-daughter walk. It was so cute.

I suppose they’ll get more screen time when Soon Ae recovers her memories.

I enjoyed the ladies’ team up and more than getting together to win one man’s heart, I can’t wait till they team up to fight Soon Ae’s battle. I’m sure she’ll be the one to figure Sung Jae out and expose him… I hope. The two characters have chemistry and Soon Ae really brings out Bong Sun’s cute side. I loved the person she was on her date with Sun Woo with the vending machine and catching the thief but I also like how she was in her scenes with Soon Ae. It’s funny that love usually changes a person for the better but in this drama, it’s possession. LOL. I suppose it will end up being girlmance which is still a form of love.

It was a fun week with some significant advancements in the story. I doubt the romance will ever fully satisfy me because Bong Sun isn’t present for a lot of moments where Sun Woo is supposedly falling for her but it’s such a fun show that I can live with it. It might not become a romance for the ages but so far, this show is shaping up to be a drama worth rewatching.

Till next week.


  • leila108 says:

    clock, reading your thoughts make me want to watch this already! But I’d just rely on you until the drama ends. I will marathon this for sure. Looks like Park Bo Young is a fun actress to watch 🙂

  • maddymappo says:

    I do not think that SA taking over bodies in order to have random sex for the sake of not leaving this world a virgin is a good thing. People die without ever having love, sex, happiness, etc. That is how life and death is. Sex without love is not that great a deal. In fact it is pathetic. I was disappointed in Bong Sun asking SA to seduce SW for her. She has to let SW know how she feels herself. I was happy when SA popped out of her body as they kissed. I feel sorry for SA but she has to reconcile herself to her fate, as tragic as it is. Perhaps finding the evil spirit who caused her death, will bring her peace.

    • bmore says:

      took the words right out of my keyboard Maddy! I have been uncomfortable since the beginning of this show with the premise of someone using someone else’s unknowing body to have sex so they can pass on to the next world. Not only is it creepy, it is a pathetic reason in itself. It’s nice and all that Bong Sun likes him too, but I’ve never found anything funny about the idea that this ghost has been trying to take over women’s bodies so she can use them, without their knowledge or consent, to have sex. It’s just a little too close to rape to me. And I also agree…very disappointed in

      This was their first real kiss, with both of them fully participating and I saw a look of shock or surprise on our ghost’s face when she came out. Was she pushed out because of some spirit world rule? Or did she just realize something?

      And yes, please, more development and revelations re the mystery. I sincerely hope our cop is possessed by an evil spirit and will end up being a good guy, because I hate that thought that that poor girl is sleeping with and trying to have a baby with a bad guy. But if the evil spirit is the one who caused the accident. then possessed the innocent cop’s body, that means there is another dead person we don’t know about yet. So I am afraid for chef’s sister because I think she may be married to a killer. 🙁

      • bmore says:

        oops not sure where the rest of that sentence went, but I wanted to say I’m disappointed in Bong using SA also. I realize it’s so they can develop the relationship between the 2 though and by doing so Bong will become less afraid and a stronger person. I just don’t like using it for the love relationship. That is something built between 2 people…not 3.

      • maddymappo says:

        @bmore – Ah, hello there, my kindred spirit. I read some comments that speculate that chef’s sister might be the evil spirit. That would be quite a twist This show although morally dubious, still holds many interesting possibilities and even hopefully some spiritual redemption.

    • LALAlove says:

      She has no memories of her death. She doesn’t know anything about any evil spirit. Maybe if she meets him as Soon Ae and not Bong Sun. I agree with you. But that is what she thinks. That she is a virgin and she needs to find a man of vitality to resolve her grudge. Because she doesn’t want to end up as an evil spirit and being exorcised hurts. She is a person who died suddenly and doesn’t know the way to heaven.Her only way is the help of Bong Sun. I feel like Bong Sun is more at fault for agreeing with her to possess her.She should have known better.In general I feel like it’s getting complicated. All these people (Bong Sun, Sun Woo ,Min Soo,Dong Cheol,Seo Joon,Ji Woong ) are building a relationship with a ghost. Even Bong Sun became closer to her.But at least she knows about it. And I can see that Seo Joon liked Bong Sun for herself since the beginning. I kinda ship them more than the Bong Sun-Sun Woo couple.

  • LALAlove says:

    I really don’t know what to feel about this drama anymore.I like the fact that it is funny.Both actresses have good chemistry with the lead actor.I have to say here that Park Bo Young is a very good actress. She had to play a very quite girl at the beginning.She switched to a very loud and cheerful one and now she is just herself , but confident and determined.But not a good idea to actually let Soon Ae possess her. I feel like both of them are playing with fire. Soon Ae just want to resolve her grudge,because that is what she thinks the issue is here. And Bo Young is not in love with him. She has a simple crush on him. She should have been sincere with him. But come on.He fell for the ghost. He had a crush for PD lee. But neither of them would do anything.Because he needed a woman to take the lead.So this is what Soon Ae did. She was aggresive and she showed him that he wanted him. LOL.He never liked Bo Young.He was just feeling sorry for her ,because he used to be bullied in school,too.So now what happened? Did Soon Ae realize that she fell for him? Or that he fell for her? Or did she remembered something? I feel like this drama is a bit weird. We have two leading actresses ,which we all like ,but one leading actor. If you remember in the 1st or 2nd episode when Soon Ae tried to possess a lady among a crowd ,Chef was passing by and the body rejected her ,because of him. Like pushing her aside.That shows that they are connected somehow.I don’t think it is just to show that he is the man of vitality. I like the ghost so much that I want her in a coma or something.Since they never found her.

    • bmore says:

      oooh…sharp eye! I don’t remember him walking by. But she has been trying to jump in bodies for 3 years and being constantly rejected, so I don’t think it really has to do with him. Bong Soo is the only one she is compatible with for possession, according to the shaman anyway. I’m sure we are going to find out why…just want them to at least start giving us some hints! I don’t want this all wrapped up in the last 1/2 hour of ep 16!! 🙁 It just feels like there is SO much yet to be revealed and half the show is gone and they have barely started! Give us some hints already!!! Also, I think that shaman needs to start explaining some of the “rules” of this particular idea of spirits and the hows and whats and whys. At least then we could lay the coma/dead issue to rest. I’m like you…not sure what to think, but liking everyone in it and totally not liking the fact that I like everyone because, the way things are going, it’s not going to be a happy ending for at least one of our 2 girls. I like them both for themselves and want them to stay separate. I don’t like BS turning into SA She needs to be herself and chef needs to make his ‘choice’ based on if he likes who SHE is.Otherwise, the whole relationship is a lie. (Kdrama lesson: be yourself with the one you love…don’t become someone else or it won’t be you he loves). 🙂 <3

      • LALALOVE says:

        She was trying to possess a body while the shaman was chasing her.At the same time the Chef who she didn’t know yet was passing by near that woman and the body rejected Soon Ae because of him.If you think about it again it is a little weird. Even if he is the man of vitality why did it happen? On the other hand it could be a trick where we (the audience ) can see that they are connected.So it could be nothing at all.But this drama is a bit confusing. We have know idea what will happen next and we grew affection for the characters. If the ghost was bad we would have ship Bong Sun and Chef but initially he fell for the ghost which is so petty. I want to see how the writers will continue this story. Because I know Bong Sun is the actual lead actress. But what happen with the chef who fell for the right girl in the wrong body? I think the problem is that the scenes where are supposed to bond Bong Sun with the Chef are weaker in compare with Soon Ae’s scenes. I don’t think him liking her blog and exercising together is enough. Because he kissed the girl who ”attacked” him.I feel so sorry for the chef right now.What will happen when he finds out?And I am a little annoyed with Bong Sun because she is using a VERY wrong way of approaching her crush. But I like how Soon Ae is changing everyone especially Bong Sun.Maybe she just needed a friend like her.Someone who can help her being more confident.Why did I start watching this drama?It is so frustrating. 😛

        • bmore says:

          you are really seeing so many things in this drama! You are very observant! This is one of the things I love about coming here is hearing all these thoughts about what is going on and asking lots of questions to each other and wondering together. Doesn’t it make it all so much more fun and make the dramas so much more enjoyable when we get ourselves involved in the stories like this? It’s one of the best things about kdrama…that they involve the watchers like this…emotionally and intellectually too. I think a lot of us are very worried about how they are going to handle this love triangle. And you are so right about the chef. It is going to be very hard for him. It’s hard enough giving yourself to someone when you start falling in love. Then for him to find out the person he loves isn’t who he thinks she is and is 2 people, it’s going to be a lot for him to deal with and I’m betting he won’t deal very well. I think that’s why it is important that SA step out now…whatever reason they come up with. He needs to decide his feeling for BS based on who she is…one way or another. And SA needs to find resolution for whatever reason it is that she has not been able to pass over. And quickly. We should be at the turning point now with the half way point…things should really start to happen soon. I’m so looking forward to it.

          • LALALOVE says:

            I love discussing with others viewers about kdramas ,too. I think it is the most entertaining part of the process. 😀

        • Minihaha says:

          Hi Lalalove to answer your question about why when Chef walked passed Soon Ae got ejected its because he had a hidden talisman in his pockect that his mummy got for him, because she found out that thus year is no good for him with the likely hood of being drown in water and lots of ghost bad auora about him. If he listened to his mum, then he would never interact with possessed Bong Sun, as Soon Ae would never be able to approach him if he kept the talisman to ward of spirits etc.

          • maddymappo says:

            @Minihaha That’s right! I forgot the mother planted a talisman on him. That explains it. I guess my theory they had been fated in this lifetime is not going anywhere. We will see what’s in store.

    • maddymappo says:

      @LALALOVE “I really don’t know what to feel about this drama anymore.I like the fact that it is funny”. Agree. That is an interesting point about her being rejected when the Chef is walking by. I will replay that part. Despite my scruples I am enjoying this drama on many levels. I noticed that Bong Sun does not seem to be visited anymore by other ghosts. I am wondering if that is something the writers forgot about, or part of the scheme. We still have not seen Bong Sun’s shaman grandma. I am also enjoying the relationship between the shaman and Chef’s mother. And I hope cordon chef finds love (he is very attractive). Lots of fun in this drama, so I will just sit back and enjoy the ride.

      • bmore says:

        Yes! So nice to see you here too! I too am really enjoying this drama. Well written, filmed, and acted. Terrific cast. Very interesting story but, like I said, I wish they would hurry and give more info. In order to become an evil spirit, I presume the person must be dead? Otherwise, everyone in extended 3+ year comas have sent their evil spirits out into the world to possess people? And I wondered about the other ghosts too? Did they run out of budget for CG characters? It’s questions like this I wish they would use the shaman for to explain things. I too have wondered about her gramma. I wish that character was present and I wonder if something happened that they planned to have her and then had to change the plan? Because she should already be in the drama by now I would think. SO many thoughts and questions about this drama and the rules that make up this spirit world.

        I haven’t seen Shin Eun-Kyung (chef’s mom) since Scandal so it’s great to see her again and she is so adorable in this.

        • maddymappo says:

          Yes, as you say, perhaps something happened to the grandma character, and so they just have her speak on the phone with her. When SA first entered the kitchen I thought the ghost that attacked her was Bong Sun’s grandma’s astral persona, but perhaps not. Bong Sun had been burning incense and so afraid of the ghosts that I am surprised they are not there anymore. As LALALOVE said, it is not like The Master’s Sun, the other ghosts are not involved in the same way. Although SA hangs out with a friend at those funeral meals – so funny, But the haunting ghosts just went away. Maybe there is a reason we are not aware of yet. There are a lot of unanswered questions.

      • LALALOVE says:

        It is episode 1.You can watch it from 19:00. 🙂 I just found it weird and I take these things like clues. I think I have watched too many kdramas , that’s why.Maybe it doesn’t mean anything. But I just want everyone to be happy in the end. Yes , I have observed this too (about not seeing other ghosts) .And it kinda doesn’t make sense,since Bong Sun can see ghosts and Soon Ae is a ghost.But I guess that the drama is not about ghosts ,but just a particular one. It is not like ”The master’s sun”.If they would have put too much energy there, they would have had to drag the story too much. The shaman is funny too. And even though she went all the way only for money she grew affection of her new friend. In general everyone is so nice.I like them all and I want a good end.I will be really disappointed if they ruin this drama.

        • maddymappo says:

          I went back and watched how SA abruptly popped out of the girl she was hiding in when Chef walked by in episode 1. That was definitely not a coincidence. I am thinking now that perhaps they were fated to be together. They were supposed to meet but whatever killed her ended their destiny together. Perhaps it was SA’s mission to find Bong Su, t(hey have the same frequency or similar spirit vibe (sure not personality), and to bring her together with Chef because she cannot be with him in this lifetime? Question mark, because that is sort of far fetched, but you are correct, there must be some connection!

          • LALALOVE says:

            Oh I didn’t think about that. It kinda make sense. But with those writers we never know.Especially because this drama is unpredictable.It leaves so many questions. Let’s wait and see what happens !! 🙂

  • Elena says:

    I think that Soon Ae realized something in the middle of the kiss and left Bong Sun’s body. She is intensely looking at Sun Woo in the last scene, with sadness in her eyes. So I would say that whatever it is, it has to do with the kiss and Sun Woo. Maybe she realized she liked him or he liked her and was scared of the crazy situation. Or maybe she realized the grudge she holds has nothing to do with sex.

  • ALETH says:

    hmmmm.. I’m also wondering why all of a sudden Soon Ae get out of Bong Sun’s Body during that kiss.. I wonder if she is having feelings for the Chef already.. Since his the man of Vitality.. i mean there must be some reason why he is compared to the other Guys Soon Ae tried to hook up with.. SOmething that she might felt that is unpredictable..XD BTW that Cop is quite scary.. it seems like Soon Ae will take part in discovering the crime he had done in the past..

  • Minihaha says:

    I know everyone keeps mentioning that Chef likes possessed BongSun, but in all honesty Chef likes the Bipolar Bong Sun he is able to see , be touched by, work with,that to, from the sexed manic,the apologetic person and the real sweet easy going loveable true to herself Bong Sun, as far as he knows, this makes up Bong Sun, her personalities.

    Sun Woo accepts all sides of Bong Sun personality and also he doesn’t mind that she is suffering from a disorder. He has that caring nature which wants to help her, protect her and also build up Bongsun weakness into strength.

    I’m not worried about possessed BongSun ever sleeping with Chef, because I am sure it will never happen, it will only ever be with the real living Bong. I understand everyone’s issue of rape, but the drama is showing us that it will never go there, that’s why Soon Ae was ejected out of Bong Sun body. Chef finally acting on his feelings, not letting the moment pass by. So as not regret like him and the PD friend. That shipped passed by like the wind so basically too late for that relationship to go anywhere without it being awarkward! The PD will be a good friend never any more than Chef’s passed crush.

    Bong sun is real, is now, the bipolar her, makes Chef laugh, care, worry, jealous, act petty, show off, feels special, feels manly, Bong Sun gets to see the real man not the facade he puts on for the world.

    To pass over to the after life, Soon Ae need to remember how, why, by whom did she die.
    Before going Soon Ae will have helped a lot of people, the Shaman finding a friend, Bong Sun being her true self, Chef finding true love, her father able to accepts her death and Cordon from being passive aggressive and coming out more to achieve want he wants. Chef’s sister getting closure on her hit and run and her real husband back.
    This drama is definitely under using Cordon! Needs lots of Cordon making Chef jealous.

    • bmore says:

      Excellent!!!! I think you hit every nail on the head with this! I also don’t think there was ever any chance of sex happening while SA was in BS. I think everyone was just creeped out by the idea that the writers would create a character who would think it’s okay to do that and were unhappy because SA is a character we like and we don’t want her thinking that way. whatever the reason is she left the body for that first real kiss, we finally have the resolution for that issue and are thankful to put that behind us. Now we can enjoy SA more since she will finally start moving towards the real reason she has not passed on. Since BS was present and aware for their first kiss (thankfully) she should hopefully also now realize that she cannot use SA as a conduit to build a relationship. Her decision to do that was also something a lot of us didn’t like. For such a light fun rom com, we are all very worried about the characters in it! They don’t call us KAddicts for no reason!!!! 🙂 And…Cordon (Kwak Shi Yang) just got the lead in a KBS daily drama… My Love Enemy… according to Dramabeans.

    • LALALOVE says:

      I really love your opinion !!Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You are completely right.But I have to say here that chef may have had ended up with PD if Soon Ae didn’t possess Bong Sun.Because Chef started to notice Bong Sun more when she started being Soon Ae.I don’t know if that makes sense.But ,yes I noticed,actually he said it that he likes Bong Sun as she is now. Not aggressive but not apologetic all the time,either. Something in the middle? 😛 My only issue no matter what happens is Soon Ae. Because she is too involved in their lives I see her as a person not a ghost. I like her too much. I really don’t want her out of their lives. :/

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