“Mask” Episode 20 (Finale) Preview

I haven’t said much about this drama lately but I’ve been following and enjoying it. At first, it was rather intriguing then it became an unintentional comedy. So when these characters do strange things like Ji Sook overdosing on stupid pills for plotty reasons or Mi Yeon “accidentally” killing people or irrationally hating someone, I can’t help but laugh. I don’t know if that’s the reaction the writers want but all that matters is that I’m entertained, right?

I like the romance but how I wish they’d expand more on Seok Hoon’s motivation considering he’s the big bad of the show. With only one episode left, I wonder if everything will be wrapped up satisfactorily. And this might not be a popular opinion but while wishing the villains jail time is a given, I also think Ji Sook should be punished for fraud.

Credit: SBS, HanJuFirst@YT


  • houstontwin says:

    Too bad about all the lapses in logic, the plot gaps, etc. But I also found Mask highly entertaining thanks to very charismatic actors. I am with you on Ji Sook being prosecuted.I really feel sorry for the Senator and his wife.

  • Ivoire says:

    + 1. I too feel that JS should be punished for committing fraud. Even JS herself thought so. The politician and his wife were duped, and right should be done by them, though I appreciated that JS tried to make him feel better about his daughter, and reconcile them in a way.

  • Realistically, JS has to be but MW will be waiting for her with the customary tofu and proposal! Now that would be my ending!

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