“Oh My Ghost” Episode 9 Preview w/ English Subs

If this preview isn’t misleading, it seems our dear ghost fell for Sun Woo? Gosh, why does my worst nightmare always come true with Korean dramas? Weeeeeeeee?!?!?

And it looks like we’re still having fun with Sun Woo and SunSoon (Drama, you need to get away from this if we’re supposed to root for Sun Woo with Bong Sun! Kill it with fire ASAP).

The only way to salvage this would be for Soon Ae to be in a coma and for her to wake up in the finale. Sun Woo ends up with no one then in the final scene, Sun Woo and Soon Ae bump into each other or something. But it’s practically impossible in Korean dramas for the lead actress (especially the one pulling all the weight) to not end up with the male lead.  But I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ll just wait to see what this writer has up her sleeve.

Credit: tvN, Drama MV@YT


  • Anv says:

    Worst nightmare, indeed. Itt was already in murky water and now it’s gonna be bad if she really falls for him. Ugh.. Show!

  • Aigooyobo says:

    If soon ae falls for chef, i am afraid that is what will.provoke her to become evil of she doesn’t get rid of the jeaulous that will bound to happen btw chef and bong soon

  • LALALOVE says:

    NO.NO.NO.NO.NO.NO.Why? If she falls for him what is gonna happen with Bong Sun? I don’t want them to rush everything at the end! If really Bong Sun ends up with Cordon at least give them some time to spend together BEFORE the finale for gods sake. After all this laugh are we gonna cry at the end?

  • minihaha says:

    Hi everyone I have a feeling that Soon As is not falling for Chef, the reason she is sitting on the swing saying out loud that she is not An Bong Sun, is to remind herself that Chef is in love with the person in front of him and that is Bong and not soon ae. Soon Ae is realistic enough to know and understand that as a ghost she has no rights to mess with the living persons relationship.
    Soon As is feeling dejected because she knows that she can’t sleep with Chef just to rid her grudge because she isn’t Bong. Its not fair to both of them if they carry on with the possession plan, as Bong will not have the pleasures of Sun woos cuteness in their daily interaction, while Sunn woo has no clue Bong isn’t bipolar, so when he finds out that the manic sexed crazed Person is not Bong but a ghost he’d have felt tricked! I,’m sure chef and bong plus soon ae will try and solve the gruge, which will help bring closure to so many affected by her death, resolving her death. Shud be the next pinned yp

  • Addicted to the Paramoral says:

    I started out this drama with an open mind even though I knew the risk that the writers could mess up the ending and make it a cliche-type, and leave many sad – including me. This whole time, I’ve been a little uncomfortable with the whole idea of a ghost taking control of a person’s body without their consent. But I still went through with it because the ghost in this case is really fun to watch, and she doesn’t have any malevolent agenda or anything of the sort. When I watched episode 8, however, I got this really bad feeling that Soon Ae is falling for the chef. No matter how many of the SW/BS supporters say that Chef really loves Bong-Sun, the truth is, the entire time the interactions have been between Soon Ae and Chef. All the cute, memorable, and moving memories have mostly been between Soon Ae and Chef. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been rooting for SW/BS since the very beginning because at the end of the story, it’s Bong Sun’s body, not Soon Ae’s. She’s merely borrowing it for her goal. Unless the writers show some solid storyline or scene(s) from the past between Bong Sun and Chef that shows his feelings have been there from the beginning for BONG SUN, only then will I say Soon Ae has just been a catalyst for SW/BS’s relationship, not his actual love being in another woman’s body. And if not scenes from the past, more scenes between the two from now on, while also unraveling the story behind the Soon Ae’s death so you can also show scenes of her. I know Soon Ae’s personality is so cute and lovable, but if the writers want this to be a somewhat realistic drama without venturing into the typical korean drama plot, they need to show relationship growth between SW/BS. As bad it sounds, the truth is, Soon Ae is dead, and the person living is Bong Sun. I don’t want this drama to end with a feeling that Sun Woo missed out on his true love. I hope Bong Sun ends up being his true love because no matter how I think of other ways that SW/SA could be together, that would require some extreme supernatural event, and it seems like this story is trying to stay somewhat realistic.

  • iLOveLOve KDramaz n_n says:

    I just love “Oh My Ghost”…the chemistry between the leads were superb…I do enjoy all it’s glorious moments…I am wishing for the next episodes but kinda dreading it at the same time…I stay late at night to watch “raw” eps and wake up early in the morning to wait for the sub eps…so please please dearest writers don’t mess this beautiful drama…i wanna know how this story will end for Soon Ae, Na Bong and Chef….please make everything for them a happy ending….please…


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