“Yong Pal”: Teaser 3 + Joo Won Hides His Pretty Face Behind A Mask In New Stills

I’m just going to be absolutely superficial for just a sec and gush again over how hot Joo Won looks good in Yong Pal. I never got his physical appeal until he got this hair. It really makes a difference! 😉 It’s too bad he’ll be keeping that face hidden behind a surgical mask part of the time.

I don’t usually watch medical shows, but based on this teaser (and the previous ones), this one is hitting all the right spots for me—lots of action and high stakes for the hero and his leading girl—and I’m looking forward to Jo Hyun Jae being very bad here. Heehee.




Sources  |  Credit to uploader  |  Soompi, c/o mrdimples, Kaizen68, & Sarang21  |  Newsen



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