Warm and Cozy: One Last Try

I almost gave up with this show. I’m glad I stepped back and watched it again, with a renewed mind. Sometimes it helps to take your time and embrace another side that will bring you a new perspective. Flaws are flaws. I’m not blinded by it. I guess we have to experience a crazy love, once in a while. Warm and Cozy surely gave me that! Gun Woo and Jung Joo are insanely in love with each other. So if you’re not crazy enough to believe this kind of love exist, then this Hong Sister’s drama is not for you.

Finale Highlights (Episodes 13 to 16):

Jung Joo: If you want to hang on to me, tell me properly now. Will you just confuse me and make my heart waver?

Well said! It feels like Gun Woo is just toying on her feelings and he keeps on beating around the bush. Running around in circles only makes me dizzy. Separation was roaming around, in fact I was waiting for Gun Woo to finally leave. However Jung Joo held on to him, hoping Gun Woo will finally choose to love her.

Whenever Gun Woo plays a trick Jung Joo easily get caught, allowing herself to be dragged by him. But instead of getting mad, Jung Joo showed sincere concern seeing how despondent Gun Woo feels. Its frustrating to see her this way, however you don’t put out the fire by adding more fuel. Jung Joo always responded well whenever Gun Woo is going bonkers. Gun Woo chose not to tell Jung Joo the truth about his biological father including the fear he felt that his father might ruin his family. Personally, I think Dad is not so much of a threat, but Gun Woo thinks otherwise. Gun Woo hates his father but things could have been better if he asked him first.

Gun Woo always mentioned that he’s a bad guy. I always thought he really isn’t that bad just that he chose to be one. Playing prank on Jung Joo is just part of his twisted mind to make things difficult when in fact he could just love her. I mean, Jung Joo is even reaching out to him already. But Gun Woo is inhibited by personal judgement even if he loves Jung Joo too. Moreover, he’s also sacrificing for the sake of his brother. It’s a bit frustrating how all of these transpired. I was hoping that Gun Woo would be honest to Jung Joo before he left. Instead, he created more confusion  allowing her heart to remain open for him.

Mayor Hwang: In that spot he’s left behind, I’m going to stand there beside you. Not by your side just yet, I’ll stand behind you. That’s a safe enough place for me to avoid being rejected by you.

Dude, being behind anyone is not really a good place to be. How can she see you from there?? Mayor Hwang is not the type who would force Jung Joo to do what he wanted. He isn’t much of a risk taker either, he preferred to be on the safe side. We know what this means. He’ll never have her heart.

Leaving is sometimes better than staying. In this case, Gun Woo’s absence made Jung Joo miss him more especially since they didn’t have a proper closure.

There are things that has to be resolved first. After one year, Gun Woo went back to Jeju island to meet his Father. He didn’t plan on meeting anyone else. Fate The story has a different plan, he saw Jung Joo at the hotel lobby carrying a baby. She recognised him and they revert back to who they are, Mr and Mrs misunderstood. LOL.  Of course we know that Jung Joo couldn’t possibly marry anyone and have a baby in one year, only Gun Woo would think so. After some thought, Jung Joo went out to look for Gun Woo. They talked for awhile. Jung Joo gave him the impression that she’s still waiting for him.


The text messages was a nice touch. Jung Joo sent Gun Woo some messages on the day that he left but he didn’t receive any of it. After one year, is it possible to restore the messages? Of course, any telecommunication company can’t do that. What is the best way to have it then? The sender should forward the messages again. It’s a play on Jung Joo’s feelings represented by the messages. Since Jung Joo’s ballon-filled heart is still floating, this signifies that her heart still beats for Gun Woo. The messages are important because it revealed Jung Joo’s love for Gun Woo. However, can he have her back?? How??

It’s time for Gun Woo to step up! Good thing there are minions to help him, like Poong San, he’s there to push Gun Woo forward. Poong San aside, Mayor Hwang’s presence worked better. The one-on-one drinking session provided enough liquid courage helping Gun Woo confess what he feels for Jung Joo. The men should have done this earlier!!

Gun Woo: Jung Joo, I miss you. I think about you all the time.. I love you..

Okay, you are forgiven.

This has to be one of my favourite scene. I know Gun Woo is drunk, but he couldn’t have said his feelings better. Soju is proven to be useful after all. LOL. I mean, Gun Woo is crazier when he’s wide awake. When he woke up the next day, he thought of leaving again. See, I hope he just drowns himself in soju so that he’d never think of leaving. Heh.

Gun Woo went to the restaurant to properly say good bye to Jung Joo this time. While waiting for her, he saw the band-aid on the counter that looked the same as the one on his hand. He thought only of Jung Joo, who took care of him while he’s drunk. Later that night, Jung Joo resent the text messages to Gun Woo. She was surprised to read his reply. Seconds later he sat beside her. OMO, he didn’t leave! He told Jung Joo to forget what a drunk man said to her and listen to him say it again in a sober state. At last, our Gun Woo confessed his love truthfully.

Slowly all loose ends are tied. Hae Sil found out the truth about her ex-husband’s death. Oppa and Hae Sil remained together, so I won’t put much emphasis on Gun Woo’s father here. Past is better left where it should be. Moving on from it and choosing to live in the present is much better.

And the kiss. Need I say more about it??

And that’s it! We have to thank the dramagods for giving us worthy kiss scene to watch. Heh. The show is forgiven. Kidding aside, everything just fell into place for every character. The closure was neat enough. Even Ji Won got what she deserves. Gun Woo and Jung Joo can happily live in Jeju island fulfilling their promise for each other. There’s nothing more to ask after that.

Gun Woo: I already gave you everything long time ago. I’m yours till death.

Personal Thoughts:

I shouldn’t have expected a lot. But for the love of Yoo Yeon Suk, I continued watching and endured every episode. My love for Gun Woo can’t surpass the frustration I’ve felt most of the time, but Yeon Suk’s acting was superb. The drama brought warmth through Gun Woo’s pain and Jung Joo’s happiness. I have to commend Yoo Yeon Suk. He acts in every given scene just feeling the moment with all he has and doesn’t care about anything else. I’m driven by his struggles, jealousy and heartache.

I love Gun Woo’s relationship with his siblings. Even though they have different Father they’re relationship is solid. They all love and respect one another, no half siblings treatment. Instead of creating conflict among them, they live harmoniously having no half siblings rivalry. Even if Gun Woo is being disciplined by his brother, Gun Woo doesn’t fight back ala-makjang spoiled brat. He even left for his brother’s sake giving Oppa and Hae Sil time to bind together so that they can face any trials for later.

Oppa and Hae Sil are the best adult pairing in a Hong Sister’s drama. They are just the sweetest. Hae Sil found a treasure more valuable than a black pearl. Aww. Nothing can beat a man who is so in love with his wife. Hae Sil deserves a man like Oppa. They gave us something real. The kind of love that can be shared by two.

On the other hand, Gun Woo and Jung Joo gave us the fairy tale. Their love is warm and cozy.. or more like wacky and crazy most of the time. Love is love. You either allow it to grow as time pass or forget to nurture it. Jung Joo and Gun Woo stayed together after every heartache they’ve been through. Sometimes that is all we need to know.

Until next time!!

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