Poll Time: What’s Your Favorite Currently Airing Drama?

I’m currently watching Mask, Oh My Ghost, I Remember You, I Order For You (web drama) and The Time We Were Not In Love.

I only began watching the just concluded I Order For You  a few days ago and got addicted despite its questionable acting and plot. But then they rushed through the romantic development and sent it into makjang territory for no reason. Why  oh why? I think it could have been fun without all this ex-wife/mama’s death drama. I’ll probably finish it but I’ve been definitively cured of this addiction.

Mask (which also just concluded) was also fun but as I mentioned in a previous post, went downhill somewhere in the middle. It got very repetitive in the last few episode; almost like the writer had a beginning and an end with no middle planned and as such, the drama was left spinning on its wheels till it was time to get to the finish.

I really enjoyed I Remember You but somewhat lost interest when it became clear that there was no major twist regarding the identities of the two main villains. I mean, there might be one later on but so far, there has been none. I put it on hold but heard it got really good in the past week so I watched the last two episodes and really like how the relationships between Lee Hyun and both Min and Ji An are being developed. I also like that the writer employed the case-of-the-week format that ties in to the larger story thus avoiding the usual dragginess that comes in this genre.

The Time We Were Not In Love. Well, this is a strange one. I loved the Taiwanese version and really liked this one at first but it began to lose its magic in the middle. Is it because they can’t keep their writers? What’s going on here? Anyway, it’s moving really slowly and I think Korean drama-izing it has taken a bit from it. Like, they aren’t letting Won even date someone else and all the passion between Hana and her ex has been eliminated. They are also not focusing much on the “I can’t love you” aspect that made us understand why the couple were at a standstill. I do like his Noona and her potential relationship with the pianist which wasn’t in the original.

Oh My Ghost. I’m really enjoying this one because it’s funny and quite creative. The only thing lacking is that the romance isn’t very convincing largely due to the lack of character development for Bong Sun. I love all the characters and the sheer craziness of the scenario… a morally questionable scenario that I can look past because it’s pure fiction that can’t take place in reality.

Of all these, Oh My Ghost is definitely my favorite. I love how we’re kind of going in blindly because we think we know what will happen but we’re not quite sure. I also love the chemistry between Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk. And in addition to loving the main characters, I really like the restaurant staff.

However, while Oh My Ghost wins, I Remember You gets the silver medal for great character development.

Over to you. What’s your favorite currently airing (or just concluded) drama?

What's your favorite currently airing drama?

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  • maddymappo says:

    I am watching My Beautiful Bride and I Remember You and My Ghostess. I like all three but have hangups on all three too. I
    My Beautiful Bride is on the top of the list by a whisker. I love the moodiness and intense passion of the lead. Although some of the violence is so over the top so I had to fast forward, but the show has a really strong grip on me and makes me care and feel more about the characters than I do in the other three shows.

    Kim Moo Yul as Kim Do-Hyeong is so superb that I recommend watching My Beautiful Bride just to see this beautiful guy at his peak and in a part that is full of super deep emotional action!

  • bmore says:

    too hard to pick ONE. The one I look forward to clicking on the most right now is Bluebird House (KBS YouTube channel). Never thought I would get this addicted. 2nd best 50 episode drama for me (and probably the 2nd one I have stuck with) after Glorious Day. Just terrific.

    Of those above My Beautiful Bride absolutely first (echo Maddy-KMY has the role of a Lifetime!!), despite a few wth? moments, it is a blockbuster action fest and I’m loving it to death.
    Hidden Identity is great, but starting to drag just a TINY bit, Mask-bleh ending
    I Order You-terrible writing, ott cliche, mediocre acting, ff through the last 4 eps.
    High Society I enjoyed-flat ending,
    Hwajung starting to skip episodes and don’t feel like I’m missing a thing (just cannot get into sageuks, but keep trying).
    Time is okay, love the cast, just coasting through though for me.
    Ghost-lovely and better for me now we are past the initial ‘get to know you eps’.
    Scholar-still hopeful, but so far, not thrilled. I have definite ideas where vamp shows are concerned and this one is too fanciful for me. I WISH Lee Joon Ki would do modern shows. I know his local fans love him in historicals, but I want another 2 Weeks from him.
    Remember is far more than I anticipated and far better.
    Assembly is AWESOME!!!! Don’t let the first episode chase you away. Totally engrossing and a terrifically written and acted. LOVING it!
    Woman Cry-could not get into the makjangyness of it.
    Last I will start when I finish up one more off my List on My Drama List. I get overwhelmed when it goes over 15.

  • Most of the currently-airing dramas bored me to tears. Only Oh My Ghost is FUN to watch. I am sooo happy YongPal will start next week. Can’t wait to watch it!

  • Aimee says:

    love love oh my ghost!

  • Rowanmdm says:

    Of the Korean shows I’m watching I Remember You is my favorite by far. Then Oh My Ghostess and Scholar Who Walks the Night straggle in together, followed very closely by Late Night Diner. Late Night Diner is a great one if you are looking for something a little different. It’s more of an episodic slice of life show, but I am really enjoying so far, though I am ready to get some develop of Master since he’s the only character we see every week.

    I, too, am very ready for Yong Pal to start next week 🙂

  • liz says:

    I remember you is my fav. OMG was good but now that they ignore BS plot and just with Chef and SA for 10 episodes, I’m sad because I can’t ship SA and Chef for clear reasons, and BS doesn’t deserve selfish SA. She let her use her body but the decisions SA does while using her body are selfish and I don’t agree with it. SA started to get annoying too since episode 8~

  • trotwood says:

    I LOVE My Beautiful Bride. As Maddymappo said, Kim Moo Yul is hitting it out of the park with this role and has even made me tear up over socks. This is one of the few dramas that has really surprised me with different twists and makes me want think about clues and such. It’s not perfect. Cops are kind of dumb, but I love the layers of villains and the real danger they pose. It is NOT good for the blood pressure; I often have to stop and take a break a five minute break; otherwise I try to fastforward to see if someone has really died, but then I miss something important and just have to go back again.

  • Lola says:

    I Remember You aka Hello Monster is the best kdrama right now

  • poohang says:

    I agree with how sloppy Mask became on its last 4 episodes. It’s like the writers only had the story until ep. 16! IMHO Mi Yeon’s character had the perfect character development until the end (the suicide included).

    Oh My Ghostess is fun but I hope the writers do something with Bong Sun’s character already. We only have 6 more episodes, hello!!!

  • Kdramaloverdee says:

    Love love I remember you. The writing is so refreshing, none of the usual kdrama tropes..no misunderstandings,no secrets stretched out for too long n an otp who feel so real n relatable. Every single thread is woven perfectly knit the backstory.
    The actors are doing a brilliant job n my most favorite female lead ever!!

  • Hoa Dang says:

    I remember you is the best drama now !!!

  • Emily says:

    I’m watching I Remember You and The Time We Were Not In Love. I voted for IRY because it gets better and better with each episode, and I love the storyline and everything about it. Seo In Guk, Park Bo Gum and Jang Nara did a fantastic acting in the drama.

    I agree with you that The Time We Were Not In Love loses its magic in the middle. I enjoyed it very much at the beginning, but somehow, I’ve lost interest now.

  • mona says:

    Im watching mask, remember you, oh my ghost, the time when…, scholar but, remember you is the best. Everything about this drama is perfect, I cant wait for Ep 13

  • Raven says:

    I totally agree with yout choices. And yes, (sorry, Seo In Guk, I love you❤) but Oh, My Ghost is really so much fun.
    Best OTP JJS and Park Bo young.
    1st runner up OTP- Min Woo and Byun Ji sook (MASK)
    2nd lead syndrome: Cordon Bleu Chef With Na Bong Soo

  • CEC says:

    I’m soo into Oh My Ghost! Love the plot, the chemistry between the leads, Park Bo Young’s acting, and those men kitchen squad surrounding Bong. And i’m Ok with Chef-nim and Soon Ae plot, since the twist to Chef-Bong Sun will be BANG. Well, it’d better be!

  • K-D-Q says:

    I’m not watching OMG though I really wanted to. I’m interested so hopefully I’ll be able to watch it this upcoming long public holidays in September. So if I will rank the dramas that I’ve been watching/watched it would be as follows:

    1. I Remember You (I love the story because it has touch of rom-com, mystery and thriller.)
    2. My Beautiful Bride (Maybe because I’m a sucker of action thriller 🙂 )
    3. The Time We Were Not In Love (Simply because I love the Taiwanese version as well as the main leads and I love the cast of Korean version)
    4. Scholar Who Walks The Night (Vampire during Joseon era… it’s new to me)
    5. High Society (Just because… heheh)
    6. Hidden Identity (Because it’s action thriller)

  • Sandy says:

    Ofcourse Remember you is the best. Gives me the American series ‘criminal minds’ & ‘bones’ feel.

  • Casper ciyo says:

    I am so into I REMEMBER YOU! good plot.. ost.. character and script.. i am agree with sandy. It gives a feeling if hollywood style series like “criminal minds” “bones” “csi”.. arghh.. just can’t get enough.. n not to mentiom.. my fav female -lead character so far.. not stereotype female character in korean drama. Tough lady Ji-an!i adore her much!(^^)

  • Miras says:

    I’m so surprised at HS drama has less votes among the netizens but high rating in korean (SBS) tv..and IRY low rating in KBS2tv but has the highest votes n internet viewers frm netizens

  • Milky says:

    My vote for I Remember You, thanks to Park Bogum. He manage to wows me in every episodes. And now that we’re on the last two weeks I’m finding the drama is the one I anticipated the most, and keep me guessing about this and that.
    Second place goes to OMG. I don’t really like with Soonae crushing on Sunwoo unless there’s someway for them to ended up together then nope please don’t let Soonae goes vengeful over a crush. 😀

  • Cheri Teleri says:

    I would have said I Remember You (Hello Monster) like everybody else, but OMG Lee Jun Ki!!!!! Can I JUST say…
    I am also loving Oh My Ghostess, My Beautiful Bride, Hidden Identity. I watched & enjoyed High Society. Can’t watch Last – just tooo much of a downer 🙁 As for The Time We Were in Love – you’ve managed to articulate what I’ve been feeling about it. I’m behind 4 episodes and am REALLY having a hard time deciding to finish it or not.
    I’m on the 3rd episode of I Order You – only 30 minute episodes so I may muddle thru, or may not. Cute so far.

  • oanh to says:

    I am totally fallen into I Remember You of Plot, Script, Cast,… Entire IRY’S Team is great, Jang Nara, Seo In Suk, Park Bo Gum,.. are perfectly acted into their cast, I cried, laughed, shared with their passion in every role’s moment.
    My best drama of 2015, hope to see them back in another project.
    Wish the best to KBS2, The team of IRY. Fighting.

  • Tarie says:

    I’m watching I Remember you, Scholar who walks the night, High Society, and The Time We Were In Love… To me I Remember you is best of the best… Excelent script… Amazing casts and great directing…. I don’t care about the rating… 😍😘 Daebak!…. Nara Guk is so amazing ..

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