“The Time We Were Not In Love” Episode 12 Video Preview

It seems like episode 11 partly focused on Seo Hoo’s attempts to try to get into Ha Na’s circle, but it didn’t look like it went that well. I can understand his need to reach out to her friends and family, but he’s blazing through without any regard for the burden it places on Ha Na. So, yeah, he’s selfish as he tends to forget she’s not the same person from three years ago. Meanwhile, it feels like Won’s dancing to the same old sad song. Over all, I’m not sure can hug this episode. At best, I can give it a pat on the back for trying, though; the writers seem kind of stuck even with the introduction of that woman who seems to be threatening to complicate Ha Na’s love life and project.

I hope we’ll have a much better episode tomorrow. Otherwise, it’s like The La’s There She Goes. It’s a sweet catchy tune but with repetitive lyrics. I like the show for the leads and some other lovable elements, but there needs to be more compelling narrative progress and better character development.



Source  |  SBS


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