Choi Ji Woo’s “Second Time Twenty Years Old” Teaser

I’m in trouble. Biiiiiig trouble. Before reading the synopsis, I clicked on this teaser and unintentionally fell in love. See, prior to clicking on it, all I knew was that this drama would be inheriting the time slot currently occupied by Oh My Ghost. But then I clicked on the teaser and fell in love… with dimples. Yes, I saw Lee Sang Yoon’s adorable face and fell in love. Then I read the synopsis:

From AsianWiki:

38-year-old Ha No-Ra (Choi Ji-Woo) dreamed of becoming a dancer when she was younger. She met her future husband, Kim Woo-Cheol, when she was only 19-years-old and became a mother unexpectedly. Since then, she focused on her life as a wife and mother. Ha No-Ra then decides to attend the same university as her 20-year-old son Min-Soo and faces life a second time like a twenty year old.

Bummer. She’s got a husband? And it’s not Lee Sang Yoon? What da heck?

Researching further, I learned that he’ll be playing her first love who will become her professor (I’m guessing). So is he going to start shooting love bullets at her from the very beginning? If so, I’m so here for that.

I don’t like infidelity storylines but I’m all for people getting a second chance at love. So if it’s something similar to The Last Scandal Of My Life where it’s clear that she and her husband are not compatible and their problems are too big to work through, then I’m good.

Hot man aside, how cute is Choi Ji Woo? Ah… to be young again.

Anyway, I don’t want to jump the gun yet and will give this drama a shot with an open mind.

Credit: tvN


  • Ivoire says:

    Thank you for the update. Off to watch the teaser.

  • Amber kmuse says:

    In a different synopsis I read her husband is divorcing her because she is uneducated. That helps with my feelings

    • Rowanmdm says:

      I also have issues with adultery, so when I read about the divorce in a couple different places I felt much better. I would love to see her go back to school after/during her divorce and see her hubby realize what a mistake he made once she gets back with Lee Sang Yoon. Really, as long as the divorce was already on the table before she even meets LSY again I’ll be good.

  • leila108 says:

    Clock, I’m also in, for the love of Lee Sang Yoon ♥ looks like tVN has more interesting k-drama this coming season.

  • kia says:

    My audio doesn’t work on my phone when I am on couch kimchi

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