“Oh My Ghost” Week 5 Thoughts

We got two more great episodes. But unfortunately for us, as we delve deeper into the story and the emotional attachments strengthen, that elephant in the room only grows, rendering it almost impossible to ignore. But I’ll do that for a moment.

Sung Jae. Sung Jae. Sung Jae. We got confirmation that there’s an evil spirit hanging around him however, in the past, the shaman’s reactions and words seemed to imply that he’d been possessed recently (in the past three years, perhaps) but from the flashback, that evil spirit has been with him since his teen years. Also, the shaman implied that evil spirits usually stick to shady people which makes sense, seeing as how the real Sung Jae (that was him, right?) wanted to murder a baby out of jealousy. That orphanage must have been like a house of horrors to him but that’s still no excuse.

We also got a hint that Soon Ae was killed because she witnessed his crime. He is an irredeemable evil person with no remorse and only anger at those who are rightfully pissed at what he did to Sun Woo’s sister. I love that the cop didn’t die and that from his watch, he’s connected him to the attack. I just hope that the evil spirit won’t be able to depart Sung Jae’s body once he’s caught. He must pay in some way.  But isn’t it funny how these villains never destroy incriminating evidence? What’s he keeping this stuff around for?

But for now, I fear for Bong Sun’s safety because while Sung Jae gets more evidence of the possession, Soon Ae is blissfully unaware of the danger she’s put the poor girl in.

Speaking of poor girls, how pitiful is So Hyung? We learned this week that their feelings were mutual at the beginning but she didn’t think he was interested in her and dated his friend instead. Time passes and those feelings resurface when he’s moved on. So in a nutshell, the one thing he needed to do to force her to reexamine her feelings for him was lose his. On the plus side, the shaman foresees love and happiness in her future.

I still don’t like Sun Woo’s attitude about the whole thing but he claims to be happy now that he’s no longer in love with her. And after suffering through over a decade of unrequited love, he deserves this release. I mean, it was his own damn fault but he still deserves to be happy on his own terms. I just hope you don’t live to regret it, Chef.

I really enjoyed the relationship between SunSoon and Chef this week. Soon Ae died a virgin so she and Chef would probably have been on the same page regarding physical intimacy without her grudge. Regardless, I found their subsequent fight hilarious as I have a thing for bickering couples. Then her conversation with Joon (who was adorable this week) and the fight resolution too. I really dug it. I mean, I see how it could be annoying because she’s so extra but that’s also what’s charmed our Chef no matter how exasperated he gets.

I loved how Sun Woo freaked out when he learned that she was at a motel with the guys. LOL. Most people wouldn’t be okay with their significant other spending the night with members of the opposite sex but it’s particularly bad when that significant other is always in heat.

But here comes the hard-to-ignore elephant. It would have been great if the possession provided Soon Ae with a means to avenge her death and leave peacefully, knowing that her killer won’t go scot-free. But that’s not what’s happening. Instead, it’s become an opportunity for her to experience reciprocated love for the first time. There are several movies where a dying person (usually a girl) gets to experience love before leaving but the guy is often in the know and agrees to the tragic love.

This drama continues to give us split screens and blogs to remind us of the connection between Bong Sun and Chef. But could it be backfiring? Because instead of settling our feelings it just reminds us that their story isn’t being developed. Soon Ae’s story is beautiful and sad but it’s almost begun to feel like a drama which places too much emphasis on the second lead’s feelings. Normally, that leads to shipper wars and anger but here, I suppose it’s just anger from those who want to see Bong Sun’s and Chef’s love blossom.

Perhaps if it were something like Soon Ae returning in a different body (i.e. Bong Sun was dead and thus not missing out on chunks of her life), or that both she and Bong Sun were present at the same time, or Bong Sun had no interest in Chef in reality etc etc, it might be easier for Bong Sun’s fans to not feel like she was being shafted.

But what about chef? Both women have colluded to manipulate him into falling for them. So this really feels unfair to him. If someone were going to choose this type of painful love, they should at least be given the chance to reject it. But he isn’t. He’s unknowingly given up a decade-long love for a ghost-human combo and it’s really shitty.

Anyway, Soon Ae who was all gung ho about having sex and ending her grudge began to have second thoughts upon falling for Chef. The shaman warned her that having human feelings was dangerous and in addition to that, once she resolves her grudge, she’ll have to leave which is something she isn’t ready to do. This  –  in addition to Bong Sun’s mannerisms like touching Sun Woo’s face in a previous scene – is why I think Soon Ae exited Bong Sun’s body and the real Bong Sun was with Chef in the final scene in the tent.

Regardless of who it is, I hope they don’t get it on. Because if it’s SunSoon, Bong Sun isn’t present the first time her body experiences sex (not that it would be less icky if it were the 2nd, 30th, 400th time) and if it’s the real Bong Sun, I don’t think Chef wants to sleep with someone he doesn’t have that emotional connection with. Soon Ae may be greedy but so is Bong Sun.

Even in Cyrano-like stories, the love interest eventually ends up with the heart/soul and not the body. So till these two can maintain a relationship without Soon Ae’s presence or interference, I don’t think she can really be satisfied with him looking at her the way she’d always wished especially as she can’t pinpoint many moments where their hearts truly connected. Because when it comes to romances, falling in love is just as important as being in love and dear Bong Sun, so far, you’ve missed out on that.

The restaurant staff…. I know lots of people dislike Min Soo but I find him so entertaining. He’s just someone with no friends who needs validation. He’s our comic relief but I hope he gets more character development. I love how when he couldn’t find anything wrong with Joon, he began criticizing him for being too perfect.

Our too perfect Joon. After a few glimpses of jealousy, it looks like our boy supports Bong Sun with Chef. He really is content as long as she’s happy, isn’t he? Adorable. Girl, why not give up on your crush and look his way? I would if I were you.

I’m generally irritated by Sun Woo’s mom but I loved how she rightfully warned him that messing with one’s employee can lead to sexual harassment claims and reminded him to use a condom. lol.

Eun Hee… girl, it’s not your fault. You did the typical romance thing and fell for your white knight but this guy is evil personified so get out of there stat! I don’t know how but you need to escape because this demon will not hesitate to kill you once you discover that with him, what you see is nothing like what you get.

As someone who doesn’t ship Bong Sun and Sun Woo, I’m not that annoyed with the writers. I don’t necessarily want the SunSoon/Chef relationship to end because it entertains me so but I also don’t want them to keep it going if it’s not supposed to be the main romance. But if it is – which I don’t mind – they have to make it less duplicitous especially as I’ve begun to contrast it with Sung Jae and Eun Hee. Yes, Soon Ae isn’t an evil spirit yet but does that other relationship foreshadow what could take place if things went awry?

Not that Chef has gained nothing from the shenanigans. He was able to deal with his childhood issues and he’s finally able to confess his feelings and go for what he wants. But it isn’t enough. He doesn’t mind dating a bipolar woman but he didn’t sign up for a paranormal romance. Plus I think any normal person would find it hard to forgive anyone who willfully allowed a ghost to possess them for the sole purpose of winning their heart.

Anyway, what’s going to happen now that Soon Ae isn’t ready to let go of life? I just hope her greed doesn’t lead to much darker things.


  • bmore says:

    yeah…I have to say I’m deeply disappointed the writers are going this way. I sincerely hoped and thought they would have a revelation for SA this week that the virginity thing was a bugaboo and not why she was still here. For me, just that concept alone really dumbs down this show. I wonder how this whole scenario would play if this was a guy jumping in other guys bodies and attacking women the way SA attacks chef….putting his hands all over the unwilling girl, kissing her by force, going into her bedroom and climbing into bed with her. I bet it wouldn’t be so cute then. I’m finding it hard to click on the next episode now. Not a good sign for me. 🙁 I will keep going…and keep hoping. There is so much to like, and some really good acting and characters in this…for the most part! UGH! frustrated 🙁 I just don’t know what to think at this point.

    • maddymappo says:

      Bmore, This show has struck the same moral “dischord” with me. It was painful. I am very very sorry for SW. He deserves much better, than falling in love with a dead person. I read a book several years ago (just a vague memory now) I think it was The Lovely Bones or Beautiful Bones about the spirit of a 15 year old girl who is killed by a psycho. A very small part of the book has her entering someone ( I think it might be her friend or sister) just at the moment of union, and it is with a man she loved when she was alive, but it was just so brief and fleeting as I recall, not a full blown possession with the guy falling for a real persona.

      • bmore says:

        Lovely Bones! Heartbreaking and beautiful book. I vaguely remember that part too…very different from here. I am going to continue to hope they choose a different direction. I HATE that I have these feelings about this show. I want very badly to look at this with a lighter heart and less critically and try to see it through comedic eyes like so many others do. But, I cannot seem to and it frustrates me. Because I very must like this cast and the characters of our 3 main leads. I just do not understand the writers choosing such a scenario….so I continue to hope for them to say she is wrong about why she is still here and get back into the business of investigating the cause of her death and resolve the real issues that are keeping her here. But these 2 episodes really pushed over a boundary they should not have…she should not be having feelings for chef. I see nothing but disaster in that. She is dead! What possible good does this do? And I see too much irreparable harm to herself, BS, and chef? 🙁

      • heartoppaya says:

        Yes, “Lovely Bones”. That Salmon girl, right? She possessed her wallflower friend and made love to her crush, Ray, I s’pose? Thinking about it now, she did a very bad thing.

        I hope Soon Ae will be more considerate of her “dongsaeng”‘s feelings.

        And why did the writers have to make it more complicated by making Soon Ae fall for Sun Woo? For what reasons? She just wanted to jump his bones (or any other red blooded male for that matter until she got obsessed over Chef) and now she has developed feelings?

  • heartoppaya says:

    Hi clocky, wow, you sound mad.

    I love their relationship, well one side of it really, because these two episodes gave Sun Woo to smile. So much. It might be shit because Chef doesn’t know about the whole paranormal-two souls sharing “Bong Sun” and as far as he knows the person he has fallen for are not one person, but two, a combo. Like buy one and get free. Along with a lot of heartache. He will be rightfully pissed once he knows about the hijinks, and might even go to the extent of shooing her off.

    I also don’t know what might happen once Soon Ae leaves. As far as I’ve seen, Sun Woo has fallen for Soon Ae, and a little bit of Bong Sun too. And although Bong Sun is in love with Sun Woo, I feel as if her character is being underused. She woke up mid-kiss and although she thanks her “unnie” for that, I’m mad that she thanked her for nought. She wasn’t there for the ride. She didn’t see how Sun Woo fell for her. It’s like using somebody else to commit a murder and taking the credit to yourself.

    I can’t say how sad it would be for Chef. He could’ve just dated his best friend and saved all the future heartache. He fell into a pit and that’s why I feel for him. He might be happy now, but baby, enjoy it while it lasts. You might get the biggest heart attack in the near future.

    And Soon Ae….. Love this girl like nothing, but I’m sure her grudge is not not having sex. She might think it is, but I think she’s there to catch her killer and to say her final goodbyes to her family of two. I hope she would succeed in the latter two, and not have sex. Please. Let Bong Sun experience that feeling with her own body.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      “Hi clocky, wow, you sound mad.”

      Really? I’m not mad at all. I still like the drama regardless of how it turns out and I’m cool if the love is between Chef and Soon Ae. I just want Chef to know what he’s involved in.

  • maddymappo says:

    I don’t know where they are going with this show. It was goofy and hopefully meant to develop into something a bit more profound, but for SW to fall in love with a dead person is so plain awful. I do not feel sorry for SA at all. I do feel for her family and hope the guy who killed her gets retribution, but why are they having her fall in love while she is dead? Her entire manic need to mate was just obnoxious.

    It was pointed out that SA popped out of a girl she possessed in the first episode, just when SW passed by. It is possible that was a sign they were supposed to have met each other in life and fallen in love, and the killer destroyed that. I think perhaps this is what happened. But, still, how does SW get over this when SA disappears?

    Some of have speculated that SA is still alive in a coma somewhere. She will come back to life and meet up with SW again. I am not that feeling that right now. Don’t know what to think. This is just crazy.

  • heartoppaya says:

    BTW, clocky, a bit OT, we have made a Line group for our narekians, initiated by thegirlwho. If you soompi me your number we’ll be able to join you into the group. We’ll love to have you there.

  • Lyls says:

    I’m also quite disappointed with the direction this drama is taking… Soon Ae falling in love with Chef has nothing to do in this story, in my opinion, she already has a big place in this drama as to discover how she lived and died seems interesting.
    Bong Sun really seemed like the lead at first and it was funny to see her act differently than her gloomy side, having to adjust when she came back to her real self and gaining the opportunity to act more confidently (and I almost forgot that she was seeing ghosts every nights before, the reason why she was so absent-minded during the day… seems like suddenly it isn’t the case anymore, she only sees Soon Ae even in the street. And wouldn’t she be able to sense/see anything strange about Sung Jae with her ability ?), but she has so little time with her crush to finally only open her eyes the moment he is kissing her without having even participated in the process. I didn’t understand it would be a love story between the ghost and the lead when I first read the synopsis ! Even with the cooking, Soon Ae is pushed forward…
    It seems like Sun Woo appreciates Bong Sun when she is “awake” in front of him (he only pats her head when it’s really her), but we don’t see that love grow for her but instead for the lively and omnipresent Soon Ae.

    Well, I’ve got the feeling that the girl at the end of the episode won’t let the sex happen and it’s better like that because either way it seems bad.
    I read somewhere that Soon Ae could be in a coma somewhere unknown but I’m not sure if the shaman wouldn’t sense that kind of thing. If that’s really the case and that she would in fact be able to be with Chef at the end of the drama, the writers need to do something significant for Bong Sun love story like Joon being able to tell when she is really here and be jealous when it’s the case or something like that…

    And for Soon Ae popping out of the girl when touching Sun Woo in the first epidode, I remember that his mother had put a talisman in his pocket without him knowing it and that he found out later when discussing with his first love, so I think it was the effect of the talisman protecting him from the ghosts.

    With all that said, I continue to watch this drama because I want to know the final word of this story and that the actors are doing a great job !

  • kalel says:

    OK, this thing is a biiiiit blowing out of proportion. The whole “universe” built around supernatural creatures and/or phenomena has no strict rules whatsoever. The only things known globally are:
    1) Vampires are fed on blood, and
    2) Ghosts are dead people (or rarely comatose patients)
    Every project embraces the writer’s imagination about everything else. Casper is a good ghost, Edward and his family are “friendly” vampires; in the film Ghost, Patrick Swayze bids his wife the final “adieu” and enters into the light heading to internity, in the film Just Like Heaven the ghost comes back to life. Lot’s of books, theatrical plays and movies follow particular and peculiar routes in terms of plot.
    So, I don’t quite comprehent the complains about this drama. If the writers can find or invent a “grey area” between the world of the living and the afterworld, it’s fine by me. Let SA have her life back. If there is a cultural “faut-pas” about ghosts in Asia, hence SA needs to depart to the afterlife, let her be in peace. The drama is pure fun, the acting is by far one of the best we’ve seen for a long time (maybe, KMHM had the last superb acting) and with our screens full of dark series, this one is such a jolly little thing. Let’s all enjoy ourselves in a lazy “summer mode” 🙂

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      They make it seem like SA is dead but if she’s in a coma, I think it would be great if she woke with no memory of this romance and she and Chef have an open ending. Or, it’s even cool if she died. And if she dies, I would like Chef to figure out who she is before that happens. What I think would be strange (going by what we have so far) would be for Bong Sun to end up with Chef. Unless this story is getting a major overhaul in the last 6 episodes.

  • Crystar16 says:

    I love the show, although I am tad annoyed that Bong Sun isn’t able to enjoy the ride since she see parts of it. It would be nice to see her herself in one episode instead of just small part of it and at same time building confidence in herself. For example, when she bit the thief. I loved that episode because I was able to see Bong Sun more than Soon Ae. I hope I’ll be seeing more of Bong Sun now from on.

  • TinaArena says:

    I just wanna know what’s wrong with dramas these days! The thing is I really luv this drama i mean the chemistry is Amazing and the story is soo much fun but they always focus on the second lead and it annoys me! there’s nothing wrong with Soon Ae actually she’s the most dynamic character in the drama but i don’t think it’s right for her to fall in love with chef!! it only brings harm for her ,for the chef and for BS….
    and for BS I would really want to see her build some confidence and enjoy her relationship with the chef without any ghosts around cuz in that scene with her and the chef at night in the last ep i can see that they are happy and that they like each other soo i hope that the writers know what they r doing and disappoint us since it’s a good story.

  • LALALOVE says:

    I really want a satisfying end.I want BS to be happy , Chef and SA.But how is it gonna happen if SA falls for Chef , since BS had a crush for him since the beginning? Great casting, great acting, but the developing of the drama really crappy. Seriously it is my favorite drama and it disappointed me so much to see that BS doesn’t get as much time as SA with Chef. I am really confused. When does SA gonna learn about the evil ghost? When does Chef gonna learn that BS was possessed so many times by another girl? When does BS gonna learn that what she does is totally wrong? She can’t be 3 years now in a coma.Is it even possible? I can’t blame SA for falling for him, since they spent so much time together. She just saw it as a task. But Chef fell for her. He thinks that he fell for a bipolar girl.But let’s all be honest they became close because of SA.And he started liking BS because she is SA.This is so confusing for us and I don’t want to know what will happen when he finds out.That’s why I will stop watching it. I think the drama failed. Because they made us fond with the second lead. So we literally like both characters and we want the best for them. But messing with the same lead…Ugrrr. Which character can we ship best?BS or SA? I like both for different reasons.And I want their happy ending.Even if they change the course of the story.SA finding her way to heaven etc.It will still won’t seem right to me.Why? Because she fell with someone for the first time, while she is experiencing it as well. She will have to accept the fact that she is dead. But we, as an audience will feel like not everything is in it place. Because, they let us experience a ghost as a person too many episodes. And she is not a bad character, but a good one here.

  • Momo says:

    Oh thank goodness I’m not the only one who is annoyed at the direction of this show. SA is over the top and just too much sometimes. I had to pause and walk away from my screen a couple of times watching the last two episodes. I wish BS had more time with chef and more time to experience all the cooking experience. What’s SA going to do with that knowledge?! She’s dead! It’s not like she’s teaching BS!

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