High Society: Finale Send off

Another drama ends! I will be sharing personal thoughts that I’ve gathered watching the whole series. The finale was able to wrap up loose ends but it wasn’t as neat as I would hope for. Well, it’s still a happy ending for our main characters!

Love in pairs:

Joon Ki: In love you need a lot of different feelings to know that love is deep.

The premise of Joon Ki and Yoon Ha’s love story is something that draw me into rooting for them. A princess willingly pretended to live like a commoner to find her true love. Will she succeed in finding her Prince?? This fairy tale sounds intriguing at first.


Yoon Ha’s goal was to find a man who could love her not because of her social status as a chaebol’s daughter. Joon Ki was a perfect candidate for her. However, his hidden agenda made things worse that stopped my heart to fully bloom for him. But since I’m not Yoon Ha, she surrendered and loved Joon Ki wholeheartedly without hesitation. She had a fast approach going into the relationship, Joon Ki just hopped on to take advantage of the ride. Little did he know, the more that he gets to know Yoon Ha, his initial plans started to change. He is no longer the ambitious man who wants to marry a chaebol to live his dream of becoming rich.

Joon Ki and Yoon Ha are living each others dream, one wants a grand life with all the things money can buy while the other yearns for a simple life with her own family and children. Well, life doesn’t give us what we want all the time. Both of them knew that and decided to just love each other despite of what they’ve been through at first. They took their second chance to love again. Now, Joon Ki learned to be content like his parents while Yoon Ha strived harder working for her family. They continued to live the life that was given to them while loving each other on the side.

IMO, I wish that their story could have been executed better than we’ve seen. I wasn’t emotionally invested because I felt there was something missing. The love that they’ve felt for each other wasn’t something that made me swoon, even if I was watching Sung Joon. How I wish they could have shown more than just two people falling for each other because of status or good looks. I felt it was that superficial. Let’s face it, Joon Ki was hot and having a boyfriend like him, I wouldn’t mind kissing him all day. But then after that, what’s next? I was looking for something deep because I know Joon Ki has more to offer than be nailed on his dreams. We saw Joon Ki change in the end and eventually loved Yoon Ha for the right reasons. If only the story focused on them and developed their love line better, I would have felt differently.

Yoon Ha was able to establish a better relationship with Joon Ki’s Eomma. I was emotionally gripped seeing them together and because of this I felt sad for Yoon Ha when she broke up with Joon Ki. She was able to receive a mother’s love through Mama Choi, and to leave Joon Ki means she wouldn’t taste Eomma’s food and the warmth of her care anymore. They had great moments together filled with love that a mother gives to a daughter.

Sometimes it takes more than a kiss to feel the love. I think if only Joon Ki and Yoon Ha felt more in love, not just because they have to [I have to blame the actors, too] I think it will naturally resonate. Sadly for me, this isn’t the case. But I’m not complaining after seeing all the kisses coming from Sung Joon. I mean.. let it rain!

Joon Ki: I’m slowly growing to like you, more than before.

The bromance surely stirred my heart and I’m glad they’ve maintained their relationship. Joon Ki and Chang Soo has a lot in common. I think the only thing that separated them is their social standing. They met during High School and they became like brothers since then. Mama Choi treated Chang Soo like her son, and I think this is one of the factors why they’ve been friends for such a long time. They needed each other, badly. Chang Soo used Joon Ki’s abilities to run his company while Joon Ki stayed to build his connections. It’s a win-win situation. It may appear like they’ve used each other for their own personal gain and there are mishaps along the way. But I believe all of these are the foundation of their bromance, I mean, friendship.

Naturally, friends help each other. Just that Joon Ki and Chang Soo’s relationship was tainted by personal pride and status. But like any other relationship, the one they have isn’t perfect. In the long run, they’ve accepted all the flaws, all the negativity and maintained the friendship. They care about each other and they genuinely want the best thing to happen. I think this bromance was built for the long haul, no woman can break them.

Chang Soo: Let’s live today. No one knows about tomorrow. Let’s live together. I want to live with you.

Ji Yi and Chang Soo made me a happy camper just by looking at them. It’s fan service to some, but for me they’ve brought the butterflies that happily flattered in my heart. The SooJi couple felt what they were truly feeling in every moment they are together. I’m smiling like a loony most of the time. I’ve felt the love when they separated and the longing they had to be together again.

The chaebol issue was something I enjoyed seeing them handle. Ji Yi is a refreshing character to see, and I think that persona was the same thing that Chang Soo loved about her. She surprises him with her wit and how she views life differently from what Chang Soo is used to. She’s strong-willed, independent, honest and real as can be. Ji Yi is also practical, it’s just black or white for her. It is her heart that wins over anything else. To receive the kind of love Ji Yi offers is something Chang Soo can never have anywhere else. No wonder he was eager to have her back in his life, for good this time. It was never Ji Yi’s intention to change Chang Soo, she even accepted him for who he is. If there is a man who strived to be better because of a woman, it’s Chang Soo. He became responsible and deserved Ji Yi’s love.

I have said more than I could with regard to the SooJi couple in my past posts. I think most viewers enjoyed watching them as much as I did. They have shown more than just a love that is worth fighting for but more importantly a love that is worth for keeps.

More thoughts:

High Society attracted me with its premise, but failed to execute some aspect of it.

Sung Joon is pure hotness on-screen, but then he didn’t have that much fireworks with UEE at some parts. I tell you, even if we are showered with the best back drop, or they are in the most romantic set-up ever built, chemistry has to be there to make the scenario work. I hate to compare but I’m gonna do it anyway. Park Hyun Sik and Lim Ji Yeon are such a treat, I enjoyed seeing them do whatever! They can just stand and look at each other and I will have a thousand ways to describe what they are feeling. It helps that both actors adored working with each other. They just exploded with so much love and fun on-screen. I can’t help but cheer for them until they are happily together once again.

This drama presented us the best and worse of both worlds. Nothing compares when you are content knowing where you are, and what you have. When we ask for more, we miss out on the real blessing life is already giving us.

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