“Yong Pal” Episode 3 Preview

I have the faintest clue about what happened in Episode 2 but I saw the pilot last night and really liked it. There’s the usual cliche of a good-guys-gone-criminal due to a loved one’s medical bills; evil, greedy and incompetent doctors (I loved that the best excuse he could come up with for leaving in the middle of his surgery was a lunch appointment LOL); evil siblings, chaebols and what not.

We didn’t get to see a lot of Kim Tae Hee’s character but I’m looking forward to learning more about her. I didn’t watch it thinking it was the most brilliant thing I’d ever seen but I feel that if it doesn’t devolve in future episodes, it could be entertaining. I was certainly entertained for a full hour without the urge to pause and surf the internet (which happens far too often).

Evil bro is a far cry from Han Kang but I haven’t seen Jo Hyun Jae in anything since 49 Days so I was happy to see him. He’s still looking as foine as ever.

Well, our princess will soon get rescued by her prince. That’s probably when the games will begin.

Credit: SBS. Uploader

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  • Cheri Teleri says:

    Joo Won is looking FINE – great action sequences – funny – love the way it’s filmed – so I’M hooked LOL
    & Joo Won ~sigh~

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