“The Time We Were Not In Love” Episode 13 Video Preview

I can’t help it. I have high expectations for the next two episodes, and I am hoping/wanting a lot of forward movement, especially now that Ha Na has read Won’s script.

Apparently, Seo Hoo will be asking her to marry him, but will she say yes now that she knows Won’s reason for saying he would never fall in love with her? I can see the writers making her say yes to give the story more bite, but really, that’ll just piss me off. LOL. I know she can’t just dump Seo Hoo; it’s not like her feelings can just switch off, but I also don’t want our OTP moments crammed in the final two episodes! LOL. I don’t know how the writers will make the story more intriguing if Ha Na and Won hook up before next week’s episodes, but dragging the love triangle out until the finale isn’t the way either. Maybe we’ll begin to see Ha Na start wavering for Won this week?

Meanwhile, Won continues to grow, and it seems he’ll be writing another script or patching up “Summer Days” with the concluding chapters 🙂 Is it when he writes that we’ll be treated to more flashbacks?



I guess this is Won feeling devastated and guilty at his friend’s Dae Yoon’s funeral.



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  • Marks says:

    I never got Ito this show and I’m so glad I haven’t. The original TW one was way better than this.
    I’ve just been skipping through and waiting for when she decides to accept him

    • goodange says:

      To be honest, I’m hanging on because of the leads. I’m willfully not overthinking this show’s many shortcomings and sudden solutions/epiphanies, and I’ve surrendered all disbelief and just enjoying what good moments the show gives and accepting things at face value; otherwise, I would have dropped this a long time ago. I hate to say that the writer changes (since episode 4) affected the direction of the remake … bad call by SBS. But I’ll chug along.

  • Milky says:

    I think the new script Won writes will be titled “The Time We Were Not In Love” or “The Time We Were In Love” hence the drama’s title. More likely saying that they were in love all the time without realizing it. I could understand Hana’s decision to go back with Seohoo, because there are things left unfinished between them. But I want Hana to end those things quickly, I need more fluffy OTP time and Won is just amazing (aside from the reason why he waits for yeaaarrrssss to finally said it out loud that he loves Hana).
    Anyway… Won ah hwaiting!

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