“Twenty Again”: Choi Ji Woo Is A Head-Turning College Freshman

Twenty Again (aka the mouthful Second Time Twenty Years Old) might be a great choice for one of K-drama’s queens, Choi Ji Woo. Her role in Temptation turned off a lot of people, and some have even vowed not to pick up another drama of hers, but this might change their minds. tvN also has a good reputation for coming out with strong and very addictive dramas, so, I’m actually hopeful for the actress, who definitely sees herself the rookie on the cable block.

The drama has come out with new stills (it looks like scenes from the teaser), showing a very bright Ji Woo, playing a 38-year-old college freshman. Despite entering university at a late age, this doesn’t seem to bother her, seeming to have a pep in her walk. In looks and figure, she’s going to give the young twenty-somethings on campus a run for their money!

While she takes on this new adventure, what kind of hurdles will she also be facing? Will she have the full support of her family, especially her son who attends the same school? Based on the teaser, it seems her choice might not play out well even outside of her family. And will she fall for another man—specifically her first love who’ll be her professor? We’ll see!

Twenty Again will premiere on August 28th!




Source  |  Newsen


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